Clan Vizsla

Clan of the Brotherhood
Credits not Words
About Clan Vizsla

Clan Vizsla was formed by a band of outsiders with a goal of earning money, fame, and glory. The clan is allegiant to credits, and by proxy the Iron Throne. Clan Vizsla isn’t tied to the dogma of the Jedi or Sith, anyone is capable of excelling to the highest levels within it. Members are not judged based on force sensitivity, but by their ability to bring credits into the Clan’s coffers… and their own pockets.

Eminent Ikarri Itinen
Grand Master Declan Roark
Magistrate to the Consul
Vynn Salm
Magistrate to the Consul
Tribune Kanal O'neill
Magistrate to the Consul
High Inquisitor Hector Von Ricmore