Clan Vizsla

Clan of the Dark Brotherhood
Credits not Words
About Clan Vizsla

Clan Vizsla was formed by a band of outsiders with a goal of earning money, fame, and glory. The clan is allegiant to credits, and by proxy the Iron Throne. Clan Vizsla isn’t tied to the dogma of the Jedi or Sith, anyone is capable of excelling to the highest levels within it. Members are not judged based on force sensitivity, but by their ability to bring credits into the Clan’s coffers… and their own pockets.

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PIN Rank Name
15903 Apprentice Jacen dala
16012 Apprentice Jolee
16057 Apprentice Droxx Zirach
15966 Apprentice Kenmos stalev
15845 Apprentice LuciferE666
15871 Apprentice Racso tim
15821 Apprentice Sol314
15911 Apprentice ree
15940 Apprentice Owain montrovant
16030 Apprentice Mar-kev Ans
15936 Apprentice Kanto kallus
15926 Apprentice Zain
15972 Apprentice Ar’Ron Tuoa
15882 Apprentice Melrax Kresana
15707 Apprentice Earlywood
16026 Apprentice Xntro
15986 Apprentice Fouxtrois
15849 Novice Julian Key
15937 Novice Valous Jurith
15979 Neophyte Katropolis
15847 Neophyte Geralt Ri'via
15683 Neophyte Ku'lok Vao
15709 Hunter Kade Ra
15825 Padawan Trenkyp Zkig
3938 Captain Jabis Ravenhawk
14784 Professional Fenris Skagg
15134 Major Hector Ricmore
14458 Privateer Dral Falgorth
12097 Privateer Camden Jericho
15685 Mystic Appius Wight
14167 Commander Wagglehorn
13796 Raider Aiden Dru
10639 Raider Kano Tor Tydex
13728 Raider Zed
13548 Battlemaster Ra'gnar
13944 Corsair Kanal O'neill
10484 Seer Constantine
13820 Colonel Kenath Zoron
13927 Reaver Mauro Wynter
307 Augur Nathan Deciarus
3463 Augur Amira Lux
10013 Augur Farrin Xies Tarentae
4024 Warden Raiju Kang
13830 Warlord Rajhin
7640 Warlord Mako Henymory
14025 Warlord Rulvak Qurroc
8650 Eminent Val Cole
13802 Eminent Kalan Amak
13369 Adept Montresor
1120 Grand Master Declan Roark