Battle Team Zirael

  • The First Step Into a Larger World
  • Battle Team Zirael, home of new members and our advancing journeyman in Clan Odan-Urr. We will be residing in what is called the Village, on the Planet Kiast. We have many resources in the Kiast System at our fingertips, and a large clan of experienced warriors and sages standing by. Welcome all newcomers, and don't be afraid to ask any questions along the way. The whole clan is here to help!
  • 6
  • TBA
  • Assigned Subunits
PIN Rank Name
15030 Novice Aethra-Siderea Polus
15011 Apprentice Alandro Sul
15019 Apprentice Zer-Al Kosta
14981 Apprentice Solomon
15034 Apprentice Zanal
15016 Apprentice Bendak's blaster