Battle Team Zirael

  • The First Step Into a Larger World
  • Battle Team Zirael, home of new members and our advancing journeyman in Clan Odan-Urr. We will be residing in what is called the Village, on the Planet Kiast. We have many resources in the Kiast System at our fingertips, and a large clan of experienced warriors and sages standing by. Welcome all newcomers, and don't be afraid to ask any questions along the way. The whole clan is here to help!
  • 10
  • TBA
  • Assigned Subunits
PIN Rank Name
14180 Padawan Ceballa LightBringer
14567 Acolyte Tyraal Bitshiver
14918 Proselyte Corvo Dantes
14726 Trainee Dathkar
14829 Novice Leia
14956 Novice Xhsosa
14963 Apprentice Ajax Harris
14981 Apprentice Solomon
14955 Apprentice RasLuka
14932 Apprentice Zodwick