Duelist Hall

The Duelist Hall is the standard hall for ACC activity. Members engage in 1v1 conflicts, going head-to-head in a duel for supremacy. The terms of the encounter are generally established in the first post. This is hall used in Open Challenges.

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Battle Last Posted
Master Kamjin "Maverick" Lap'lamiz vs. Champion Rajhin Cindertail Champion Rajhin Cindertail's turn 2 days
Creon Neverse vs. Lontra Boglach Creon Neverse's turn 4 days
Primarch Yuki Suoh vs. Corsair Dag Duh Dug Primarch Yuki Suoh's turn 5 days
Master Aiden Lee Deshra vs. Lontra Boglach Master Aiden Lee Deshra's turn 11 days