Competition Hall

The Competition Hall is a container hall used to collect and house halls specific to competitions run by the Combat Master or Dark Council.

Attached Halls

    Open Beta Ladder

    Final bracket of the tournament held during the Open Beta of the ACC 1 battle

    Fading Light

    Fading Light is an ongoing series of Vendetta competitions, as the Brotherhood regroups and continues the Crusade against the One Sith. Now, the Brotherhood has descended on Begeren, where tensions flare between rivals and allies alike. 80 battles


    Home for the Singular Ending matches that make up the Brotherhood wide ACC competition: "Rivalries". 73 battles

    Grand Master's Invitational Tournament [2015]

    Home for matches for the GMIT. 18 battles

    Journeyman Tourney [2016]

    The Journeyman Tourney is an introductory event into the ACC for DJB members with a rank of Journeyman 4 or less at the time of the announcement of the event. It allows for Journeymen members of the Brotherhood to get their feet wet in the ACC with the opportunity to the strengths of our newer membership. All Journeymen, regardless of ACC experience, are encouraged to participate. 16 battles

    'Guests' of the Matron [2016]

    This is the hall for the November 2016 ACC Event: 'Guests' of the Matron. 51 battles

    Phase I: Winds of Change [GJWXII]

    This hall contains matches for the Winds of Change ACC event Phase I in Great Jedi War 12. 171 battles

    Phase II: Retribution [GJWXII]

    This hall contains matches for the Retribution ACC event Phase II in Great Jedi War 12. 8 battles

    Coach's Corner [2018]

    This is the hall for the 2018 ACC Event: Coach's Corner. 13 battles

    Operation: Tempered Iron [2018]

    This is the hall for the 2018 ACC Event: Operation: Tempered Iron. 48 battles

    Spring 2019 ACC Championship

    Home of the Spring 2019 ACC Championship. 31 battles

    SARLACC [2021]

    Matches for the [SARLACC 2021 Competition] 50 battles