Competition: This Is My Jam! (Make Your Own Playlist)

This Is My Jam! (Make Your Own Playlist)


To celebrate the release of Star Wars: The Force Awaken, someone decided to go ahead and make playlists on Spotify for each of the main characters. Kylo Ren’s playlist featured a lot of nu-metal, hard rock, and emo influence. BB-8’s featured the most appropriate track with Chamillionaire's hit single - “Ridin’ Dirty”. If you have Spotify (it’s Free) you can see the BB-8 Playlist here as an example.

Create A Playlist

In the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, members can get invested in their characters to varying degrees. Your task is to create a music playlist for your Dark Jedi Brotherhood character. The songs you pick should have some kind of meaning to your character, and touch on their personality, combat, or general Aspects that would be found on a Character Sheet or Wikipedia article. You can be as detailed, or simple as you want. You can simply list the songs your character would have on their playlist, or you can go into more detail and tell me more about why you think the songs are fitting to them.

How To Submit

In order to be valid, any entries must include/meet the following requirements:

  • Link to the Character Sheet/Wiki.
  • Contain a minimum of 7 songs.
  • There is no limit to how many songs you can list, but spamming songs for the sake of length will result in a lesser grade.
  • Linking to Youtube ( for song references is not required, but it will help your chances of placement to include them.

And should be submitted in the following formats:

  • PDF Formated Document
  • The Text-Field of the competition itself using Markdown formatting.

We will not accept Google Docs links or shares: you can use the File -> ‘Download As’ option to generate a PDF for submission.

For anyone looking to take advantage of a template, you can copy the Markdown code below in the white text-box.

**[Character Name]**(Link To Character Sheet/Wiki)

(Optional) [Youtube Playlist](Link-to-youtube-playlist)

1. [*Song*](link to Youtube)* - **Artist** -- Optional Text/Explanation
2. [*Song*](link to Youtube)* - **Artist** -- Optional Text/Explanation
3. [*Song*](link to Youtube)* - **Artist** -- Optional Text/Explanation
4. [*Song*](link to Youtube)* - **Artist** -- Optional Text/Explanation
5. [*Song*](link to Youtube)* - **Artist** -- Optional Text/Explanation
8. [*Song*](link to Youtube)* - **Artist** -- Optional Text/Explanation
7. [*Song*](link to Youtube)* - **Artist** -- Optional Text/Explanation

Example Entry 1

Marick Arconae’s Playlist

Youtube Playlist

1. Monster - Imagine Dragons

Marick has always had a fear of becoming a heartless machine like his mentor, Timeros. An assassin trained to be the perfect weapon for taking life, Marick often struggles with walking the thin line between dark and light, lending merit to his beliefs as a Gray Jedi.

2. Survivor's Guilt - Rise Against

Carry on, don’t mind me/
All I gave was everything/
Yet still you ask me for more?

Marick devoted his life to Arcona, spending all of his time from Jedi Hunter to Elder as a leader. He preserved through the end until he accomplished what he set out to do, and then passed the reigns to the next generation.

“Faught your fight/
Bought your lies/
And in return I lost my life/
What purpose does this serve?”

The other part of this song touches on how Marick spent most of his career fighting wars for other people. The Dark Crusades, Fading Light, and Great Jedi War XI all built up but similarly broke him down at their finale. With the revelation that they had been deceived all along by the alleged One Sith threat, Marick questions whether or not the betrayal of his most trusted friend and the subsequent murder of his Cythraul, Kira, was all worth it.

(And so on.)

Example Entry 2 (For lazy people)

Marick Arconae

  • Monster - Imagine Dragon
  • Linkin Park - What I’ve Done
  • This Is War - 30 Seconds To Mars
  • Headstrong - Trapt
  • Radioactive- Imagine Dragons
  • Fractals - Sevon Lions
  • Survivor’s Guilt - Rise Against

Wally: ...For the last time...that’s not on Marick’s playlist, Xeipha.
Xeipha: IT IS NOW!


Character Playlist entries will be graded on the following criteria:

  • The two judges--Wally and Xeipha aka Miya (that’s me!)--will break down and analyze the relevance of the songs to your Character’s Aspects (Combat, Personality, or even just in General) and how well the playlist paints an overall picture of your character.
  • While a Character Sheet is not required to participate, you will need an approved Character Sheet to place.
  • Level of detail used to explain song choices that have been selected.
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Master Marick Tyris Arconae, Privateer Xeipha
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2016-02-18 until 2016-03-02 (14 days)
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Third Level Crescents
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Adept Aurora "Aura" Ta'var
File submission
Textual submission

Have fun!

1st place
Raider Magness Dritch
File submission
2nd place
Adept Rajhin Cindertail
File submission
3rd place
Mystic Kryy Vitaan
Textual submission

[**Kryy Vitaan's Character Sheet**](
[**Kryy Vitaan's Wiki**](

[Kryy's Youtube Playlist](

1. [*I am the best*]( - **2NE1**
Although sung in Korean, the words can be analyzed and interpreted a litle differently than the artists intended to give insight to Kryy's headstrong and arrogant persona. Believing himself to be "the best"

***"Nuga bwado naega jom jugyeojujanha
***Duljjaegaramyeon I momi seoreobjanha

Translates simply into *"Whoever looks at me can see I'm kind of a killer. This body is second to no-one"* The cocky Journeymen believing himself to be the epitome of strength and power on the battlefield, his body is second to no-one else.

2. [*Kick Me*]( - **Sleeping With Sirens**
Another song that symbolizes the undying determination Kryy holds and his willingness to never give into a fight. He'd quite often pick fights he knew he couldn't win to strike fear into others and inspire bravery and courage, whilst also being foolishly stupid. The lyrics:

***"Keep looking down on me,
I am more than you’ll ever be
Cut me deep but I won’t bleed..."***
***"By all means
Put me through hell
And I’ll make you see
I’ll be your worst enemy"***

Are a challenge to anyone who dare to face the young Sith in battle, telling those who think less of him or things such as his build, his rank and his past that he is the better man and that they cannot hurt him.

3. [*Animal City*]( - **Shakira**
Animal City by Shakira, is a reference to way of the Sith. In the chorus she goes on to say that people only look out for themselves and for ways to get ahead even if it means stepping on others. That's what she means by "Some are ready to bite you" Saying it's a cannibal world. In the past Sith have always never hesitated to kill for power and to step on others to achieve whatever they wanted. Kryy is no exception, often using and exploting people to get to where he wants. The way of the Sith is betrayal.

4. [*Roar*]( - **Katy Perry**
How could I not? Roar is a powerful song, to me it's about finding your inner voice, finding who you are and not being afraid to speak/act out. This is probably the most relatable to Kryy, speaking out and renouncing the Jedi Order, turning himself over to the Dark Side. It was here Kryy unlocked his true potential and was able to discover just who he was and how powerful he could be withouth being afraid.

5. [*King And Lionheart*]( - **Of Monsters and Men**

***"Im a lionheart"***

I am brave, I am strong, I hold faith and I will remain couragous without you. Whether you hear a love song, a story of love and loss or something entirely different, for Kryy, the lyrics and the song foretell an aching heart, one who grieves and mourns the loss of someone close. As time passes, Kryy must muster his courage back up, have a "lionheart" and keep moving on. This stems from the loss of his best friend, Rykus Thorn, more of which can be found in the wiki

8. [*Where Are You Now?*]( - **Skrillex and Diplo w/ Justin Bieber**
An ode to a fallen master. Kryy's first Master, [Callus Bo-Amar]('Amar), was slain before the young Acolyte has returned from Wild Space a Rogue. The words.

***"Lift me up off the ground
Teach me right from wrong
Help me to stay strong"***

A plea to his Master, the one who had taken him in, picked him up and taught him the ways of the Dark Side, teaching him everything he now knows and advancing as far as he has, was all thanks to his masters tuition. Whilst the second set of lyrics that detail,

***"Now that I'm half grown
Why are we far apart
I feel so alone"***

Having only made it halfway through his training, the absence of such a figure has left Kryy drawing more on his emotions, turning his sorrow and anger into dedication and hard work to make his Master proud and carry on his legacy

7. [*Welcome Home*]( - **Dave Dobbyn**
Probably one of the most moving patriotic songs to ever come out of New Zealand, and sung by a true Kiwi legend. Dave Dobbyn's welcome home is a welcome home to all our soldiers who had gone off to war and were now returning. In likeness, Kryy had gone off to war, left his family and the Empire behind. Heading out into Wild Space and waging his own war, with himself. Welcome home embodies the end of the story up to this point for Kryy, with his warm welcome back into Clan Plagueis after being transferred to the Rogues for some many months. There are many songs I'm sure that detail ones character but I thought it'd be nice to finish on this song, and have it serve as a constant reminder than Kryy is, and always will be home.

5th place
General Alethia Archenksova
Textual submission

**[Alethia Archenksova](**

[Youtube Playlist](
[Spotify Playlist](

1. [*Under the Iron Sky*]( - **Laibach**

>Now that you have gone away
I feel so cold, why did I stay?
Remember, I'll remember your face so pale
when you left me on that gloomy day
Time goes by, memories are mine
Still waiting for the moment I'll see you again
Times are changing, memories are fading
I'm waiting for another chance
to tell you belong to me
One day
I know we'll meet again
Under the Iron Sky

I chose this song more for general feeling and metatextual reasons rather than the lyrics specifically. The overall sound is jarringly anachronistic; you've got an old-fashioned chantreuse singing over an industrial bassline while everything sounds slightly distorted. This was the theme music for *Iron Sky*, and I think there are several parallels between Alethia and *Iron Sky*'s heroine, Renate Richter. They're both women who were raised by space Nazis, who've enthusiastically bought into the regime's propaganda, but who've found themselves fighting on the opposite side of where you'd expect to find them. Renate was mostly just naive and ignorant of the whole world conquest and genocide thing, while Alethia's just doubled-down since the Empire screwed her over. The problem wasn't the New Order fostered oppression and corruption, it's that the scumbags at the top weren't sticking to the ideology.

2. [*Utopia*]( - **Brendan Perry**

>I feel greater than the sum of all my parts
A space jockey from a distant star
Marooned upon dystopia
I've found my tastes are somewhat underground
Between the shadows and the cracks
I'm building my utopia

Alethia isn't a villain, but she does some really heinous things. One thing I have to keep in mind with her is that she's an extremist because she's an *idealist*. Her ideal probably doesn't look much like those of her filthy lightie friends, but she's still working to ultimately make the galaxy a better place.

>In our utopia
You will be queen
And I will be king
In our utopia
You will be free
To be whoever you want to be

And that better place is going to be authoritarian. A society where everyone knows their place is, by implication, a society where everyone has a place. Just because Palpatine couldn't pull it off doesn't mean that A'lora or someone else can't - Palps wasn't ideologically pure enough, anyway.

3. [*Eye to Eye*]( - **Surveillance**

>A life examined can be unkind
The light of conscience far too harsh
When truth stares back in the reflection
We wish again to have the dark
Face to face and eye to eye
We kill the truth and live the lie
Reality, a spiteful beast
Integrity long since deceased

Alethia’s seen how the sausage is made. She’s seen corruption in the Empire, she’s seen good people killed by the Rebellion, she’s seen Alderaanian opportunism and hypocrisy. She’s spent her entire adult life hunting for treason, finding traitors, and trying to shield herself from accusations of treachery. So it’s a bit of an understatement to say that it’s hard to get her to lower her guard enough to build a meaningful relationship with. If she likes you, she *doesn’t want* to get to know you. Experience has taught her that she’s not going to find anything good behind the face you present to the world.

4. [*The Partisan*]( - **Mick Gordon / Leonard Cohen**

>When they poured across the border
I was cautioned to surrender,
this I could not do;
I took my gun and vanished.
I have changed my name so often,
I've lost my wife and children
but I have many friends,
and some of them are with me.

In the first song, she was a Space Nazi, and now she’s a Space Partisan. Pravus has that effect on people. I chose this (post-war) take on the *Chant des Partisans* because it balances the obligatory glorification of the French resistance fighters with the very real consequences that resistance had on the people involved. “My wife’s dead, my kids are dead, some of my friends are still alive, the old lady who let me hide in her basement is dead, oh, now my friends are all dead, too.” The road laid out before the Odanites is long and brutal, and that’s as important to their story as their nobility or righteousness. The original trilogy understood this, and too often the EU didn’t: victory is only sweet when it was hard won.

5. [*Invincible*]( - **Ayria / Pat Benetar**

>Won't anybody help us?
What are we running for?
When there's nowhere, nowhere we can run to anymore
We can't afford to be innocent
Stand up and face the enemy
It's a do or die situation
We will be Invincible
And with the power of conviction
There is no sacrifice

“We can’t afford to be innocent” is probably going to show up in a fic sooner or later. Alethia made peace with using questionable methods to achieve her aims a long time ago. If she objects to torture, it’s more likely to be because she thinks it’s impractical than because she’s squeamish. While she’s not naive enough to think she’s invincible, and too practical to stand her ground when there’s nothing to be gained, she avoid passivity, compromise, and surrender as nothing but weakness.

6. [*Retaliate*]( - **VNV Nation**

>Justice never wavers
It is my single purpose
Relentless the pursuit
I will find you where you hide
Counting on your indecision
Deciding when to strike
Calculating movement
The senses of the chase

>One of us the hunter, one of us the prey
One of us the victor, one to walk away
One who's left remaining, one of us who stands
One who lies defeated beneath the other's hands
When the dust is settled only one of us will see
Which of us was worthy, which of us was weak
And when this fight is over, only one of us will say
Which of us the victor, and which of us the prey

Look, Combat Aspects! Alethia doesn’t fight for the joy of it. She doesn’t fight for glory. She fights to kill the enemy.

7. [*We Will Kill Them All*]( - **Rotersand**

>Your fathers died, so you may live
We can't forget and we won't forgive
Now I must go, do you hear the drums
We will prevail, whatever comes
>Don't worry child,
Don't you fear at all,
Don't worry child,
We will kill them all

Alethia wasn't ever the kind of character likely to get a happy ending. That said, the destruction of New Tython and Odan-Urr's transition from vigilant peace to constant war settled it. She's already a creature of violence and paranoia, and most extreme than the rest of the Clan in her methods if not her aims. Every fallen comrade and Sith atrocity from here on out is just another reason why peace is intolerable. In the unlikely event she lives to see the end of the war between the Odanite Jedi and the Brotherhood, she'll most likely just reject it and find another war to die in.

6th place
Warden Alexsandyr "Celevon" Samael Blackwölfe
Warden Alexsandyr "Celevon" Samael Blackwölfe opted out of publishing his submission.
7th place
Colonel Arcia Cortel
Textual submission

**[Arcia Cortel](**

[Arcia Playlist](

1. *[Centuries](* - **Fall Out Boy** -- This song represents Arcia’s drive to be the best at anything she does. She was born “unremarkable.” Her parents were Force Users that resented her. This caused Arcia to work her hardest to make the biggest impact in the galaxy that she could possibly achieve. Through her hard work and efforts, good or bad, she will be remembered...for centuries.
2. *[Lost in the Echo](* - **Linkin Park** -- This song encompasses several points of Arcia’s life. Jericho was Arcia’s, rather Destri’s, ‘foundation.’ He was everything to her and vice versa. When he was called away from her, though both in the military, and was K.I.A., or so she believed, she felt betrayed by him. His promise of returning to her was not completed and she could not help but feel betrayed. Moving forward, it shows Destri as Arcia, rising through the ranks of the Arconan military, not letting anything hold her back. Showing that she is the best at what she does and she has gained the respect of those around her, something she did not have growing up. Finally, the “solo” quote sequence starting with “No, you can tell ‘em all now…” would be Arcia at her pinnacle. She is super confident in herself, her abilities and will not be dissuaded or stopped.
3. *[Indestructible](* - **Disturbed** -- This song is simple. Arcia is a soldier, often called away from home to serve her Clan in the Navy. When she is called, however, she is such an excellent strategist and warrior, that she could be considered, by her fellow NFUs, as a legend; a force of nature that cannot be stopped. By following her command, the fleets she oversees become an “immortal” force that will leave all their enemies wondering how they failed so quickly. Arcia, or at least her service record and stories, are indestructible.
4. *[Missing](* - **Evanescence** -- Having been born the unremarkable child of two Force Users, Arcia, rather Destri, was neglected and viewed with disdain. This caused her, all her life, to try her best to live up to the expectations she had to place upon herself, since no one else would. It finally came to a point, where Destri found a way “out,” and took on the identity of Arcia Cortel, a lower ranking soldier in the Arconan military. Years pass, and no one had ever come looking for her, no matter the resemblances she still holds of her former self. This song would be close to something Destri would have sang to or told herself as she was preparing to finally run away and leave everything behind. This could also be something close to a letter she could have left her family and those that knew her.
5. *[And We Run](* - **Within Temptation (ft. Xzibit)** -- This song is another about Destri’s choice to run away from her former life, becoming Arcia Cortel. Destri had to rise up, step out of her old life and encompass something new and true to herself. When she finally cemented herself into the Arconan military, she grew and flourished, breaking free of every former view she felt about herself and creating something new. She was recognized and praised. She became something important and immovable. Her love for her own work and image became a driving force behind who she became and no one can take that from her.
6. *[Gotta Knock a Little Harder](* - **The Seatbelts** -- This song covers just about everything regarding Arcia’s isolation from everyone around her. She’s always locking herself, and emotions, away and won’t let anyone in, no matter how hard they try. Recently, however, she has started realizing that keeping herself so distant from everyone around her could be detrimental to herself and starts trying to break free of the chains she’s wrapped around herself, though being unable to do so after being used to pushing away for so long.
7. *[You Always Believed](* - **In This Moment** -- This song covers a very important and emotional time of Arcia, rather Destri’s, life. When she was in the K.U.D.F., Destri met a man named Jericho. He was her mentor and taught her everything she knows about military strategy and how to survive. They quickly fell in love and were together for years. He was always there to protect her, always there to instruct her. This song relates to their relationship and how Jericho was basically Destri’s hero and savior, helping her through the hardest points of her life.

8th place
Warlord Shadow Palpatine Nighthunter
Textual submission

1. [*I Will Not Bow*](* - **Breaking Benjamin** -- Shadow isn't one to back down so easily.
2. [*Until the End*](* - **Breaking Benjamin** -- Shadow faces many trials in her life, most of them from memories of the past when she lost the one she loved. However, she continues on, fighting her way through life to achieve her goals.
3. [*Good Intentions*](* - **Bad Wolf** -- Shadow as a Sith believes that her actions, no matter what they are, are out of good intentions. Even if these actions are prompted by the dark side, she will do whatever she must if she thinks it's for the better good...even if it means harming innocents.
4. [*Get off of my back*](* - **Bryan Adams** -- Shadow isn't one to mess with, and she normally tends to be by herself. However, were someone to try and insult her or question her, she'd let them know in a fight if needs be.
5. [*You Can't Take Me*](* - **Bryan Adams** -- Shadow considers herself free thanks to the dark side, and she'd rather die than be taken back by the Jedi under their binding ways. Try and take a cornered wolf, and you may just lose a hand if not your life.
6. [*Far Away*](* - **Jose Gonzalez** -- Shadow does now and then have her struggles as she journeys through life, and though her ultimate goals may be far away, she'll continue on until she reaches them.
7. [*Stray*](* - **Yoko Kanno** -- Optional Having left the 'corrupt' Jedi, Shadow has a sense of pride for being a Sith and a follower of the Dark side. She also has pride for her clan and House, and will fight to protect her new home among her brethren. However, she is also a loner, and tends to work on her own when it comes to carrying out missions. Therefore, she is sometimes like a "stray"

9th place
Battlelord Qor Kith
Textual submission

**[Lexiconus Qor]**(

1. [*Boom*](* - **iBenji** -- Lexiconus Qor is at heart an uncaring and cold person, to him it is all about the hunt for knowledge and power. The tribal instruments are reminders of his past and origins, while the modern effects are animistic in nature. The female wailing and the whispering are symbols of doom and the horror he uses as his methods. As a major part of the song, the BOOM represents he eternal pressures on himself and the enemies alike. Nothing can stop the passage of time and destruction, but Qor likes to help it.
2. [*Centuries*](* - **Fall Out Boy** -- Qor above all else has the end goal of leaving a legacy behind, a permanent reminder of his existance through the acts he performs, with little room for failure. This unfortunately takes its toll on Qor, as he also fears the passage of time on himself through getting older and possibly weaker. By believing he is an elitist in his own right, Qor enforces his legacy onto others.
3. [*Jet Pack Blue*](* - **Fall Out Boy** -- Qor has known for the longest of times that he is in this Brotherhood for himself, and it ultimately alone in his plot. But that didn't stop him from trying to become a companion. He feels at odds with himself because of his exotic appearance, and because of his actions this sometimes enforces a racist view from others onto him.

*I got those jet pack blues,*
*Just like Judy,*
*The kind that make June feel like September,*
*I'm the last one that you'll ever remember.*

Above everything, Qor feels lonely. He feels he is missing a part of himself in someone else, which may seem like a weakness by others. Which is why he keeps a cold and uncaring demeanor, but this only builds up like a shaken bottle.

*And I’m trying to find my peace of mind,*
*Behind these two white highway lines,*
*When the city goes silent,*
*The ringing in my ears gets violent.*

One time in particular, he spent a lot of time with a particular Zeltron named **Scarlet** who become more than friends with the Quarren, and the two spent more and more time together. But all of this was in isolation, in the fear of revealing this to the Clan, she would be snatched away or someone would take an advantage from this. So when Qor was leaving the Clan, Scarlet grieved in silence.

*She’s in a long black coat tonight,*
*Waiting for me in the downpour outside,*
*She’s singing “Baby come home” in a melody of tears,*
*While the rhythm of the rain keeps time.*

Afterwards, all Qor remembers is her final words, *Baby, come home* and his regrets.

*Did you ever love her? Do you know?*
*Or did you never want to be alone?*
*And she was singing “Baby, come home”*
*I remember "Baby, come home"*
4. [*Enjoy The Silence*](* - **Bell X1** -- Qor has been from this moment on wards a very lonely and restricted person. He doesn't believe in the words of others anymore, in the fear of them being untrue or false. This has lead to the pure hatred of all entities, whether close or strangers. This fuels his power as a Sith as he becomes more and more isolated.
5. [*Ten Tonne Skeleton*](* - **Royal Blood** -- Now that Qor feels restricted by others into his hatred, his anger becomes more volatile and animistic. He is growing impatient and has blamed Scarlet for his isolation from others. The joyful experience has permeated into his memory but he feels that the relationship is lost to time. Now, all he wants to do is be free from it.
6. [*Bad Blood*](* - **Taylor Swift** -- With his feelings and memories finally out of the way from his past relationships, he feels free to be the leader he has become. As a loyalist to Emperor Xen'Mordin and Scholae Palatinae. He can laugh it off, despite the battle scars from himself. Qor now feels he can take on his problems and aspirations head on.
7. [*Let It Die*](* - **Ozzy Ozbourne** -- *I'm a rockstar, I'm a dealer,*
*I'm a servant, I'm a leader,*
*I'm a saviour, i'm a sinner, i'm a killer,*
*I'll be anything you want me to be.*

Standing powerful, dominant, a rising-star and making legacies of his own, Qor's devotion to the Sith and the Clan is unfaltering. It's oddly inspiring to see from the other members of the clan, the stretches Qor goes in order to achieve success. Whether to silence a foe halfway across the galaxy, to fighting impossible odds, to rallying doubtful troops into the Emperor's cause, Qor has become known as a War Hero in Scholae Palatinae.

Conclusively, Qor is adapts to any situation, through any means necessary. He will be your greatest ally, or he will let you die.

10th place
Savant Jason Hunter
File submission
No placement
Professional Debric Santhe
Textual submission

Debric Santhe

1. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road -- -- Elton John -- Debric is a man who left a life most would kill for behind. He spent a lot of time trying to figure out where he belonged, and questioned whether he made the right choice.

2. Common People- - -- Pulp -- This song is a representation of Debric's change of social class. He started out as the son of a wealthy and privileged family. He's been disinherited and is now stuck as one of the titular "Common People"

3. A Man I'll Never Be -- -- Boston -- Debric never lived up to the expectations of his family, which is why he was disinherited.

4. What Comes Next? (from Hamilton) -- -- Lin-Manuel Miranda -- In the musical Hamilton, the King of England has a song where he shrugs off the colonies, basically saying, "You rebelled against me. That's fine, now you're screwed. When you realize just how f***ed you are, you'll come crawling back." I imagine this is how the relationship between Debric and his father ended. Debric's father was an extremely wealthy and influential man, and when Debric went off on his own, his father never thought his son would ever make it out there.

5. Here I Go Again --
-- Whitesnake -- Another song about being on your own and doing your own thing.

6. If I Were a Jolly Blacksmith (from Galavant) -- -- Composed by Alan Menkin and Glenn Slater. Performed by Timothy Omundson -- When a man is lost and no longer knows what his place is in the world, he ponders....

7. X Gon' Give It To Ya -- -- DMX -- Debric has become a badass gun-for-hire, and this song is all about being a giant f***ing badass.

No placement
Master Thane "Atra" Skotos
Textual submission

**[Atra "Xue Long" Ventus]**(

[Expanded History](

1. [*End of Me*](* - **Ashes Remain**
2. [*From the Inside*](* - **Hollow Point Heroes**
3. [*It Has Begun*](* - **Starset**
4. [*A New Hope*](* - **Broken Iris**
5. [*Save Yourself*](* - **My Darkest Days**
6. [*Battle Born*](* - **Five Finger Death Punch**
7. [*Carnivore*](* - **Starset**
8. [*Dead Inside*](* - **The Taking**

No placement
Augur Edgar Drachen
Textual submission

**[Edgar Drachen]**(

1. [*A Warrior's Call*](* - **Volbeat**
2. [*Undead*](* - **Hollywood Undead*
3. [*Du Hast*](* - **Rammstein**
4. [*Here to Stay*](* - **Korn**
5. [*Into the Fire*](* - **Sabaton**
8. [*One*](* - **Mettallica**
7. [*Through the Fire and the Flames*](* - **Dragonforce**

No placement
Savant Lilith Alema'rha Versea-Stormwind
Textual submission

**[Lilith Stormwind]** (

1. [*Witchy Woman*](* - **Eagles** -- When I’m feeling my witchy side
2. [*Bring Me To Life*](* - **Evanescence** -- When I’m feeling my witchy side
3. [*My Immortal*](* - **Evanescence** -- When I’m feeling my witchy side
4. [*As Good As I Once Was*](* - **Toby Keith** -- When I’m feeling my age
5. [*Gravity Is a Bitch*](* - **Miranda Lambert** -- When I’m feeling my age
6. [*Somethin’ Bad*](* - **Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood** -- When I’m feeling naughty and feel like causing a little be trouble
7. [*Bad Girl Friend*](* - **Theory of A Deadman** -- When I’m feeling naughty
8. [*Rum*](* - **Brothers Osborne** -- Song to drink to
9. [*Raise Your Glass*](* - **Pink** -- Song to drink to
10. [*Get The Party Started*](* - **Pink** -- Song to drink to
11. [*Like a Wrecking Ball*](* - **Eric Church** -- When I’m on a mission and am ready to come home to my husband
12. [*Need You Now*](* - **Lady Antebellum** -- When I’m thinking of my husband
13. [*Keep Them Kisses Comin’*](* - **Craig Campbell** -- When I’m thinking of my husband
14. [*Burn It To The Ground*](* - **Nickelback** -- Fighting/sparring music
15. [*Fuel*](* - **Metallica** -- Fighting/sparring music
16. [*Small Town Throwdown*](* - **Brantley Gilbert** -- Fighting/sparring music
17 [*Scotland The Brave*](* - **Pipes and Drums** -- When I want to relax and lose myself
18. [*Exile*](* - **Enya** -- Relaxation and meditation
19. [*Epona*](* - **Enya** -- Relaxation and meditation
20. [*On Your Shore*](* - **Enya** -- Relaxation and meditation
21. [*Loch Lomond*](* - **Peter Hollens** -- Relaxation and meditation

No placement
Vanguard Benn Nevis
Textual submission

[*Janos Stormwind*]( (

1. [*Cadence to Arms*](* - **Dropkick Murphies** -- Music to slaughter by. When it fires up I see myself, lightsbaer in hand, ripping and slashing through my enemies. Blood and gore galore!
2. [*Scotland the Brave*](* - **Pipes Drums Royal Scots Dragoon Guards~Muckin O' Geordie's** -- Music that stirs my corroded soul. The sound of the pipes makes something deep in my DNA sing
3. [*Caledonia*](* - **Celtic Thunder** -- There are many versions of this song out there, this is my favorite. It's a sad song for me because I can never go home again, but I long to. I sob like a lost child when I hear this.
4. [*Thru Metamorphic Rocks*](* - **Tangerine Dream** -- This is my "dark" song, it takes me into a warped and twisted world of sadness and depression. It makes me think of rain, Fae creatures and death. On of my favorites
5. [*Irish Drinking Songs - Album 1 - Rousing Irish Drinking Songs*](* - **Various** -- One of my few pleasures in my rather dull life is sitting down at the pub, smoking my pipe, eating good food, playing darts and singing rousing songs as I get drunker and drunker.
8. [*Irish Tavern Music*](* - **Gaelic Storm** -- MORE music to drink by. Good solid music that keeps your toes tapping and drink flowing...and eventually really bad dancing.
7. [*Halcyon Memories*](* - ** Peter Samuels** -- Songs to smoke my pipe to, watch the sunset, relax, cuddle with Lilith, etc. A CD of 10 songs that are "New Age" Celtic meditation type songs. Songs that allow this crusty old heart and stressed out brain to relax and be calm.

No placement
Savant Aul Celsus
Textual submission

**[Aul Celsus]**(

1. [*Don't Stop Me Now*](* - **Queen** -- Aul is a newcomer to the Brotherhood but has hit the ground running, already demonstrating his capabilities. He is excited for the future opportunities he will have because of his connections to Naga Sadow and the Brotherhood.
2. [*Weird Science*](* - **Oingo Boingo** -- Aul is a scientist at his core, delving into the Force on a question for Truth, with a capital T. His experiments are sometimes simple, sometimes weird, but always illuminating.
3. [*The RUnning Free*](* - **Coheed and Cambria** -- Aul was never really an outsider, but he also never felt more like he belonged, or rather, more like he was on the right track than now, as he delves into exploring the Force.
4. [*A Curse of Cynicism*](* - **The Dear Hunter** -- As a scientist, Aul finds himself always approaching the Universe with a cynical and skeptical view. It wasn't until he was identified as Force-sensitive did he realize perhaps there is more to what the eye beholds.
5. [*Electioneering*](* - **Radiohead** -- Aul seeks answers, but they are always moving targets. Just when he thinks he has found it, it disappears. He holds hope that somewhere he and his answer "will meet."
8. [*Windmills*](* - **Toad the Wet Sprocket** -- Again, Aul often feels that he is "raiding windmills" while he searches for the Truth he seeks. He yearns to "take the darkest hour" and "break it open" to find his answers.
7. [*Can't Stop*](* - **Ozomatli** -- Aul is deeply motivation in his search. His love for discovery, exploration and experimentation drive his every waking hour, and even in his sleep.

No placement
Warrior Alishu
Textual submission


1. [*Procedural*](* - **DJDureagon & phosphorusprocedure** -- Call me a Jedi, but while some people like to use really intense music for writing combat, I prefer to use more calming music. This song really fits the calm, calculated approach of the "Duelist" combat aspect.
2. [*Yoda Vs. Dooku*](* - **John Williams** -- I think we all imagine this music when it comes to the "Tiny, But Fierce" combat aspect. Even if Alishu isn't as short as Yoda.
3. [*The Dune Sea of Tatooine/Jawa Sandcrawler*](* - **John Williams** -- Perfect for Alishu's "What Do You Think You'll See If I Do" personality aspect. He's a Sullustan that dresses exactly like a Jawa, and this song, with its mischieviousness and dark undertones, reflects that.
4. [*A Gilded Masquerade*](* - **Alesana** -- All of Alesana's songs work with the "Lost In The Darkness" personality aspect. They're good because each song by the band contains a lot of inner conflict, which the aspect is all about. Even better, the character in these songs is a pretty insane dude, which also reflects the nature of the aspect.
5. [*A Heartbeat Away*](* - **Jack Wall** -- While the Alesana songs focus on betrayal and anger, a song like this focus more on Lost In The Darkness' other negative emotions, such as fear and anxiety.
6. [*Enter Inquisitor*](* - **Kevin Kiner** -- "For I Am Obelisk". The Obelisk have just as varied a history as the Sith and Krath, I feel like this song is a good representation of their combat and war-based philosophies.
7. [*HOW CAN I FEEL IT*](* - **Tipsy & Tipsy** -- This is my jam for any starfighter stuff. Someday my friends! Someday this Obelisk will get into a ship.

No placement
Eminent Giyana Jurro
Eminent Giyana Jurro opted out of publishing her submission.
No placement
Warlord Silent
File submission
No placement
Reaver Mauro Wynter
Textual submission

**[Zagro Fenn]**( 1. [*Gods and Monsters*](* - **Lana del Rey** 2. [*Machine Head*](* - **Bush** 3. [*Wicked Game*](* - **Lana Del Rey** 4. [*Stolen Car*](* - **Bruce Springsteen** 5. [*Shakin*](* - **Eddie Money** 6. [*Twisted*](* - **Keith Sweat** 7. [*I Love The Dough*](* - **Biggie Smalls** 8. [*Dark Paradise*](* - **Lana Del Rey**

No placement
Warrior Malice
Textual submission

**[Lady Malice]**(

1. [*People Disappear all the Time*](* - **Bear McCreary** -- When she was younger and on Cholganna, a fire ravaged through the forest one night. The next morning, Malice surveyed the loss of her home and Nexu pack before leaving everything behind.

2. [*Illuminate*](* - **ImmediateMusic** -- Though she comes across most often as cold and unconcerned, Malice has a deep appreciation for night skies, and their ever changing colors and stars.

3. [*Dance of the Druids*](* - **Bear McCreary** -- Nothing made Malice's heart race faster than leaping through the forests of Cholganna with her Nexu pack.

4. [*The Cave Ceremony*](* - **Lee Holdridge** -- Specializing in the Martial Art form of K'thri, Malice often practiced with the help of a drum circle to provide a steady or more complicated beat for her to perform the moves to.

5. [*When You're Alone*](* - **Karliene** -- More insight into Malice's love of stars. Turns out it actually took tiny bab Malice awhile to adjust to being alone.

6. [*I Stand Alone*](* - **Bryan White** -- Save a select few, Malice generally prefers to be left alone, and doesn't particularly enjoy the company of others.

7. [*GDFR*](* - **Flo Rida** -- Malice occasionally partakes in the drink with one of the few people she enjoys being around. Drunk Malice is a LOT different than Sober Malice. Hopefully this song conveys that.

No placement
Warlord Wuntila Zratis Entar Arconae
Textual submission

[**Wuntila Arconae**]('s Playlist

1. [*Hail To The King*]( - **Avenged Sevenfold**

> *Watch your tongue or have it cut from your head*

This line embodies Wuntila Arconae's spirit. He is unforgiving, quick to rise and commands respect, most notably during his time as Consul of Clan Arcona. This was a quote he was often known to use during his tenure as Consul.

> *Hail to the king, hail to the one, kneel to the crown, stand in the sun*

Wuntila's demand for respect is not unfounded. He led the clan to victory in the [Tenth Great Jedi War](, the clan basking in the 'sun' of this achievement.

> *Blood is spilt while holding keys to the throne
Born again, but it's too late to atone
No mercy from the edge of the blade
Dare escape and learn the price to be paid*

The price of leadership is known. And Wuntila knew many foes. During the [Arconan Family Fued](, Wuntila learned first hand that there would always be challenges and that leadership was both a gift and a curse.

2. [*Self vs. Self*]( - **Pendulum ft. In Flames**

Wuntila fights a constant battle. Both with himself, and with those around. This song embodies both of these struggles brilliantly. It is energetic, dark, fast-paced. If Wuntila could wage war to a soundtrack, this would be it.

3. [*Holier Than Thou*]( - **Metallica**

> *Judge not lest ye be judged yourself*

Whilst Wuntila is a minister of war, a bringer of destruction, he has respect for his peers. This dedication to his comrades and his reluctance to judge others until such time as they have either earned or lost Wuntila's respect is a core principle of his being.

The deeper meaning within this song also rings true: Wuntila is not one for *hokey* religions. He is a stoical being. He believes in firmly entrenched scientific methods. He therefore has very little time for those who are pious, 'holier than thou' religious-types.

4. [*Night On Fire*]( - **Reckless Love**

> *We got no grace,
no we got no shame,
we follow the fate,
of the wild and the dirty*

Wuntila is the Dragon. He is seasoned in battle and unafraid to get his hands dirty. He has no shame. Graceless in battle, he does what he must to secure victory.

> *The night is on fire,
the world's a bit brighter*

Wuntila is known as the Dragon. Much like dragons, Wuntila breathes fire. His battles cries are legendary, his speeches rousing, and his words as penetrating as a red-hot poker (*giggity*).

5. [*X Gon' Give It To Ya*]( - **DMX**

Have you seen Deadpool? If you haven't, put down your laptop and go out. See it. You're still here? **GO!**

If you've seen it, you will know the scene I'm talking about. Wuntila is not even close to cool enough to be Deadpool. **But**, he is cool enough to big the big metal guy. And that's Wuntila through. Big, hard, and a bit of a strange one.

6. [*Party Like Tomorrow Is The End Of The World*]( - **Steel Panther**

**Viewer discretion is advised, elements of nudity and explicit language on this YouTube video!**

If the universe was to end tomorrow, I think Wuntila would appreciate this song. And he loves Steve-O, who features in this song.

... Seriously, **Steve-O** is his *idol*.

7. [*A Song*]( - **A Man**

Just because.

You know you love it really...

8. [*Careless Whisper*]( - **Wham!**

Seriously. Deadpool. See it.

This was the song that earned Wham! the exclamation mark! Wun deserves an exclamation mark. **Wun!**

No placement
A deleted dossier
File submission
No placement
Battlelord Rrogon Skar Agrona
Battlelord Rrogon Skar Agrona opted out of publishing his submission.
No placement
Eminent Occultan Iacul
Textual submission

**[Mako Henymory]**(

[Youtube Playlist](

1. [*Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Deadspace Version*](*
2. [*It Has Begun*](* - **Starset**
3. [*Murder Train*](* - **The Foreskins(HIMYM)**
4. [*Carnivore*](* - **Starset**
5. [*Shadows*](* - **A Skylit Drive**
6. [*Wretched and Divine*](* - **Black Veil Brides**
7. [*I See Fire*](* - **Ed Sheeran**
8. [*The Last Goodbye*](* - **Billy Boyd**
9. [*Alone Together*](* - **Fall Out Boy**
10. [*She's Killing Me*](* - **A Rocket To The Moon**

No placement
Warlord Brimstone aka Seabr'imsto'nedansr
Textual submission


1. [Call of the Ktulu]( - **Metallica** -- Contemplation into Combat.
2. [Master of Puppets]( - **Metallica** -- Brimstone manipulates his apprentices and controls the strings of everything they do.
3. [Du Hast]( - **Rammstein** -- Brimstone knows he has many enemies he has made over the years and they hate him, really, really hate him.
4. [Brimstone]( - **WWE 2K14 Music** -- What better for the Chiss by the name Brimstone
5. [Ride the Lightning]( - **Metallica** -- Brimstone's favorite attack is with Force Lightning.
6. [Without Me]( - **Eminem** -- Most competitions don't happen without me involved in them one way or another
7. [Colors]( - **Ice-T** -- Old school that I listen to

No placement
Adept Bentre Stahoes
Textual submission

**[Bentre Kairn'tel Stahoes (character sheet)]**(
**[Bentre Kairn'tel Stahoes (wiki)]**(

1. [*Warrior*](* - **Disturbed** --
At his core, Bentre considers himself a warrior, and Obelisk. His own pride drives him on, and in his own deluded way he believes he will both fight and drive his enemies from before him in a bloodbath. In the end, even if he is slain, he believes that his legacy will live on as an instrument of destruction.

2. [*Night After Night*](* - **Primal Fear** --
Bentre has been dealing with the struggles that accompany his descent into the Dark Side, and the accompanying madness he has experienced. He knows he keeps slipping deeper into the madness that threatens to overtake him at his weakest points, but he continues to slog on regardless.

3. [*This Animal I Have Become*](* - **Three Days Grace** --
Despite embracing certain elements of the predator mindset, Bentre does not like being out of control. The madness robs him of the control and deliberation that he prides himself in as a Warrior. The madness takes the very thing he prides himself and threatens to twist his actions into a fascade of what they used to be. If he can't control the madness he believes he allows himself to become a tool.

4. [*Resist and Bite*](* - **Sabaton** --
Looking around himself, Stahoes sees elements within the Brotherhood he cannot and will not agree with. While he is Sith in name, he still completely considers himself an Obelisk. If faced by the Inquisitorius as an Obelisk, as an *Undesirable* he would throw himself headlong into the fight- despite his virtually-zero chances of survival. He takes a great pride in who he is, what he fights for, and would throw himself into a Sarlaac pit if that is what it took to fight for or protect what he believes in.

5. [*Monster*](* - **Skillet** --
Bentre has regrets that extend beyond the simple madness he experiences. He gave in completely once to it, and it carried him to assist in the slaughter of Obelisk at the Temple of Boyna. Nightmares plague him from that night, the voices of the slaughtered joining those in his head at times. As much as he would hate to admit it, he fears what might happen if he gave over completely to the madness.

6. [*Mindtraveler*](* - **Falconer** --
He keeps seeking something in his life to fulfill his purpose. Despite his warrior's pride, Bentre knows there are greater heights, and grander depths of wisdom to be gleaned from the galaxy. He keeps working, keeps hunting, keep fighting to achieve higher peaks and new horizons. His part on Dentaavi was a part of these pursuits.

7. [*If I Die In Battle*](* - **Van Canto** --
This ties into both Bentre's pride as Obelisk and less directly to his protective nature concerning his Clan. In the back of his mind, he is prepared to throw his life on the line to protect his House and Clan.

No placement
Adept Takota Okami
Adept Takota Okami opted out of publishing his submission.
No placement
Adept A'lora Kituri
Textual submission

**[A'lora Kituri]**(

1. [*Eye of the Beholder*](* - **Metallica**

A'lora has an affinity to seeing into the future, which determines the path she makes for herself and Clan Odan-Urr. Without hesitating to act on these visions, she has no patience for those who question her resolve, or the accuracy of her farsight. The Brotherhood at large—revolving around the Dark Council and Grand Master—is the target of her ire and she will spare nothing to see it crumble at the foundations.

2. [*As I Am*](* - **Dream Theater**

To those who understand, I extend my hand
To the doubtful I demand, take me as I am
Not under your command, I know where I stand
I won't change to fit your plan, take me as I am, as I am

Determined by visions, her goals, path and focus are set in stone. As a tribal warrior, she does not seek or wish to integrate into normal society. She does not identify as a true Jedi; despite leading them, she does not follow their teachings. Impossible to convince her to stray from a preordained path or change her ways, the Jedi must take their leader as she is. Under her guidance, the Brotherhood has risen with her from being the underdogs of the Brotherhood to a formidable force of light.

3. [*Song of the Sword-dancer*](* - **Percival**

A'lora fights with absolute ferocity, seeming to dance across the battlefield, lightsaber or staff in hand. This would confuse most, being the High Councillor over the light-sided Clan; however, those who know the Consul are well aware that in her ferocity, she is as focused as she would be while at peace—perhaps even moreso. Literally, the character's fictional 'voice' is based from Slavic accents, such as Bulgarian, and thus it is in the same style as one might find while visiting her tribe, or if someone is so lucky as to hear her sing.

4. [*Tangled Earth*](* - **Audiomachine**

A'lora sees things as being entwined in nature, from the relation between Harakoans and their land to the threat imposed on New Tython if Pravus ever succeeds in uniting the Clans against the risen light in their midst. Thus, everything is tangled in the Living Force.

5. [*Just Watch Me*](* - **James LaBrie**

No promises broken that's for sure
No wishin' and hopin' I find a magic cure
This time I'll do things differently
This time I will do it, just watch me

A'lora isn't a natural-born leader. Rather, she lacks in talent for calling on the aid of those not bound to her by loyalty. Some doubt the paths that she has chosen for the Clan, but there is one thing that she knows can unite them—a common vision. She breaks no promises, knowing what will come to pass long before it occurs. She bears no allegiance to someone higher in rank, for her training as a Fallanassi has taught her that authority is an illusion. With her as Consul and Odan-Urr risen, she knows that things will be different now. She will do all she can to see her goals realized as others watch on.

8. [*Steel for Humans*](* - **Percival**

A'lora is against Pravus in all he represents—including the prosecution of those deemed "undesirable." She is ruthless in fulfilling a grand vision of his downfall as Grand Master, and has sought to ensure that he never recovers the Brotherhood from its fractured state since the loss of Grand Master Muz Ashen, leading only a fraction of its former potential.

7. [*Lost in the Fire*](* - **James LaBrie**

By the skin of our teeth
We'll survive in one piece
If you hold on tight
We can get through this
If you'll believe

Where some see A'lora's path as a road to martyrdom, so promises that the light will one day prevail, and the Brotherhood will crumble once again. Her ferocity is bent on seeing it burn down in flames, so long as all that she cares for survives the ripples.

No placement
Savant Sa Ool
Textual submission

My Character sheet:
1. [*Kibou Ni Tsuite*](* - **AKB48**
2. [*Monster*](* - **Skillet**
3. [*Hero*](* - **Skillet**
4. [*45*](* - **Shinedown**
5. [*Call Me*](* - **Shinedown**
6. [*I Dare You*](* - **Shinedown**
7. [*Crystallize*](* - **Lindsey Stirling**
8. [*Shatter Me*](* - **Lindsey Stirling**
9. [*Elements*](* - **Lindsey Stirling**
10. [*Stars Align*](* - **Lindsey Stirling**
11. [*By No Means*](* - **Eppic feat. Lindsey Stirling**
12. [*More Than a Feeling*](* - **Boston**

No placement
Adept Sanguinius Tsucyra Entar
Textual submission

**[Sanguinius Tsucyra Entar]**(

[Sang’s Youtube Playlist](

1. [*Easier to Run*](* - **Linkin Park** -- Sanguinius fled his former Clan, Arcona, due to the guilt of countless deaths of Arconan personnel during his time as Quaestor being laid upon his conscience. He fled the darkness and embraced the light, finding it easier to run away from his problems and try and forget them.
2. [*Broken*](* - **Seether ft: Amy Lee** -- During his time away from Arcona and clanless, Sang wandered the Galaxy. During his travels, he was a broken man, distraught and seeking redemption, a purpose, something to push towards. This depicts how he felt during that time.
3. [*The Suffering*](* - **Coheed & Cambria** -- Sang is a Jedi amongst Sith. He experiences their suffering, their anger, their hatred, their fear. He takes it upon himself to act as a sponge to draw it in and neutralise it with peace, kindness and forgiveness. It doesn’t always work and Sang often suffers for his actions.
4. [*Drive*](* - **Incubus** -- While wallowing in despair, Sanguinius found the answer he was looking for, the drive to make something of himself, to redeem himself and prove that no one is beyond redemption if they seek it. He chose to become the architect of his own fate.
5. [*Underdog*](* - **Mudd** -- For a long time, Sang has seen himself as the underdog, the weaker party in the fight against darkness. Despite this, he refuses to give up and stays staunch on the battlefield, never taking one step back.
8. [*Build an Army*](* - **Fightstar** -- Since coming to Naga Sadow, Sang has built up a following of Grey Jedi who believe that darkness is not always the way to power. He has several Sadowans who have sided with him against the more vicious elements of the Clan. Sang will continue to strengthen his side against the encroaching shadows.
7. [*Daddy*](* - **PSY ft: CL of 2NE1** -- Because Sang likes to party, plus he’s daddy to all of the burgeoning lightsiders or wannabe lightsabers in Naga Sadow that won’t be allowed by Mav because I’m special /trollface :D

No placement
Warlord Saitou Tarentae
Textual submission

**[Saitou Tarentae]**(

1. [*500 Miles*](* - **The Proclaimers** -- Due Diligence
2. [*Boulevard of Broken Dreams*](* - **Green Day** -- Lone Wolf
3. [*Metal Gear Solid 3 Japanese Advert*](* - **Konami Marketing Team** -- Outside The Box
4. [*The Chicken Yodel*](* - **Kerry Christensen** -- Easy Going 'Till The Fight Starts
5. [*The Trooper*](* - **Iron Maiden** -- Tiny, But Fierce
6. [*Dueling Banjos*](* - **Arthur Guitar Boogie Smith** -- Duelist
7. [*I Won't Back Down*](* - **Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers** -- Resolve plus 4
8. [*Get To The Choppa*](* - **Austrian Death Machine** -- Rage plus 4

No placement
Master Selika Roh di Plagia
Textual submission

**[Selika Roh]**('s playlist

[Youtube Playlist](

1. [*The World Is Not Enough*](* - **Garbage**
2. [*Mother Earth*](* - **Within Temptation**
3. [*Maneater*](* - **Hall & Oates**
4. [*Head Games*](* - **Foreigner**
5. [*Why Don't You See Me*](* - **Concrete Blonde**
6. [*Witchy Woman*](* - **Eagles**
7. [*Darkside*](* - **Nitocris**

No placement
Battlelord Maenaki Delavi'in
Textual submission


1. [*Young God-Explicit*](* - **Halsey** --A song about arrogance, ego and a manipulative man who takes advantage of a naive younger woman. I frequently think of this as K’tana’s theme song.
2. [*Savages*](* - **Marina and the Diamonds** -- This song can be interpreted as either an accusation or a glorification of the savagery of human beings. Although K’tana is not human, this song would be on her playlist for its upbeat sound and darker lyrics. “Are you killing for yourself or killing for your saviour” would really hit home with her.
3. [*Is Your Love Strong Enough*](* - **How To Destroy Angels** -- Whenever K’tana recalls just how damaged she is would take this song and apply it to her Goddess, Kika’lekki. I can picture her dancing to this song, tears streaming down her face as she sings “Just one beat of your heart!”.
4. [*Hello B!tches*](* - **CL** -- If you thought you were gonna get out of this playlist without being tormented by K-Pop, welp...Sorry not sorry. K’tana would love this song. Her ego + this song playing in her room as she gets ready to go clubbing = Perfect Fit. This would be her hype song.
5. [*Hurricane Drunk*](* - **Florence and the Machine** -- Another song that I can picture K’tana listening to as she gets ready to go out as she’s filled with spite and liquor on her lips.
6. [*Shatter Me*](* - **Lindsey Stirling and Lzzy Hale** -- 50% because I’m sure Wally would dock points if I didn’t have this here and 50% because this is K’tana’s fight song. I can almost hear her lightsaber spinning to the tempo of the violin as she murders her way through a crowd.
7. [*Get Jinxed*](* - **LoL And Djerv** -- Honestly, if I have to explain don’t know my character at all. Reasons to NOT have this on her playlist would be shorter. This song is a perfect descriptor of K’tana.

Additional songs that would reference people she cares for:
8. [*Queen of Peace*](* - **Florence and the Machine** -- Since the war, K’tana has seen - from a distance - the subtle changes that have affected both Consul and Consul Emeritus. She sees them as the Queen of Peace and the King of Grief. As one of the few people that gets away with tormenting Marick with the person he loves, K’tana (although she’ll never admit it) holds a deep fondness for the couple. She secretly envies the light they’ve found in the darkness of the Brotherhood.
9. [*Hiding*](* - ** Florence and the Machine** -- If K’tana ever made a playlist...this song would be hidden in the bottom and labeled simply as “For Timeros”.
10. [Can’t Control the Kids](* - **Kerli** -- One day, K’tana will throw a rave and invite all of Shadow Gate. This will be the first song that plays when everyone arrives.

Bonus song: [*Hope for Morning*](* - ** Icon for Hire -- Unlike most insane people, K'tana has been questioning her sanity for as long as she can remember. She has no remorse for killing, never second guesses it...until it's all over and she's alone with her thoughts. "Fool the whole world, just until I get better. I'm terrified I'll be faking forever."

No placement
Augur Alara Deathbane
Textual submission

**[Alara Deathbane]**(

(Alara Deathbane’s) [Youtube Playlist](Link-to-youtube-playlist)

1. [*Control*](* - **Halsey** -- Pitch fix to be Kylo Ren singing. Alara battles with her inner self in this song, mostly because of the horrible life she was forced to endure due to her betraying parents.
2. [*Animal I have Become*](* - **3 Days Grace** -- I realize that Alara is mostly like my teenage self when it comes to taste in music. She realizes that her rage goes out of control, and she’s worried she will hurt those around her because of it.
3. [*Timber Mix*](* - **Koala Kontrol** -- Her ultimate favorite song on this mix starts at 9:00. She mostly listens to this mix to calm herself down. As for the song at 9:00, it inspires her to keep pushing no matter what. She’s a true fighter for her life, as her past depicts so well. This reminds her of the battles she’s already won and gives her the gumption to keep going.
4. [*S.O.B*](* - **Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats** --This is Alara’s drinking song. She listens to this song every time she grabs a bottle/keg of rum, and jams out. It expresses her tendencies to lean on drinking when she’s troubled.
5. [*Come With Me Now*](* - **KONGOS** -- This is Alara’s murder anthem. She listens to this, and it enables her to tap into her rage and let lose. This song usually ends with a body dropping dead and hitting the floor.
6. [*Brick by Boring Brick*](* - **Paramore** -- This song helps Alara relate and cope with the trauma her parents put her through as a child when they threw her over the threshold to the mercenaries.
7. [*Monster*](* - **Paramore** -- This song depicts Alara’s Dark Jedi side rather perfectly. Despite some of her actions, she still tries to cling to what is good. This song encourages her to keep going down the Dark Jedi path.

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Warlord Ranarr Kul-Tarentae
File submission
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Mystic Arryn Caverns
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Adept Ood Bnar
Textual submission

**[Ood Bnar]**(

1. [*The Death of the Cog*](* - **The Cog is Dead** -- Ood is old, really old. I mean extremely old! Well, in all fairness, ancient works too. As such, he tends to be nostalgic. He hates certain innovations. This song, just somehow, fits with that nostalgia.
2. [*Poisoning Pigeons In The Park *](* - **Tom Lehrer** -- See text with 3
3. [*Tiptoe Through The Tulips*](* - **Tiny Tim** -- He’s also insane, completely mad as a hatter. Well he probably scared the hatter into calling the dudes from the place with the padded walls and asked them to come collect Ood.
4. [*Like a Surgeon*](* - **Weird Al Yankovic** -- See text with 5
5. [*Gary Gilmore’s Eyes*](* - **The Adverts** -- Ood considers himself a healer. Well in the same way Dr. Frankenstein did. His stitching needs work but overall, people don’t complain (in some cases because he doesn’t really understand vocal cords and can’t translate angry grunts). These songs fit this part of him. The first because he enjoys his work slightly too much. The second because of the backstory behind the song fits his waste-not-want-not philosophy.
6. [*Water Drop Sound*](* - **Unknown tbh** -- Refers to something from a House Runon. Trust me, Ood – in fact – hears this sound at all times – so it’s a favourite. If questions, ask Atty or Kordath.
7. [*Eggplant That Ate Chicago *](* - ** Dr. West's Medicine Show & Junk Band** -- See text with 8
8. [*The Trees*](* - **Rush** -- Well, as a Neti…enough said.

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Privateer Xeipha
Textual submission

1. Krwlng - Linkin Park
2. Animal I've Become - Three Days Grace
3. Fear Not This Night - GW2 Soundtrack
4. Till It Happens To You - Lady Gaga
5. Piece By Piece - Feeder
6. Ichirin No Hana - High and Mighty Color
7. Icicle - Tori Amos

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Vanguard Korroth
File submission
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Adept Telona Murrage
Textual submission

**[Telona Murrage]**(
1. [*Strife*](* - **Trivium** -- Telona has learned that arguing does not make things better. She did a lot of arguing in her past and now as a Grey Jedi she seeks a balance all the while feeling like she is burning within.
2. [*Orion*](* - **Metallica** -- When she doesn't want to listen to the voices in her head, Telona listens to this song to space out. It speaks its own language to her.
3. [*Fiction*](* - **Orgy** -- Just a song Telona likes to listen to when she thinks of her past and how she felt then.
4. [*Blue Monday*](* - **Orgy** -- This song holds much depth beyond explanation for Telona. It applies to the recent events on her homeworld, to her past with the DC, and to those telling her how she should be verses how she feels.
5. [*Wrong Side of Heaven*](* - **Five Finger Death Punch** -- Telona's struggle with trying to do the right thing for her homeworld and the pull of the DB.
8. [*Wherever I May Roam*](* - **Metallica** -- Telona roamed the galaxy for years disguised as a vagabond. It really was how she felt. Clean of anything tying her down. Free to learn and change any place she ended up.
7. [*Am I Evil*](* - **Diamond Head** -- Always a question Telona has asked herself and so she turns to this old song for the answer. She enjoys the musical riff plus she can be pretty evil when it comes to killing others.
8. [*So What*](* - **Anti Nowhere League** -- Note that this has explicit language. Telona likes to listen to this version and other versions of this song when someone starts in on how they’ve done this and that. She’s been there and done that already.
9. [*Do You Know Who You Are*](* - **Atreyu** -- Telona often asks herself this when she feels she has failed or one of her students has failed. She also asks this of those who seek her teachings.

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Seer Morax Darkblade
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Battlemaster Abadeer Taasii
Textual submission

**[Abadeer Taasii]** (

1. [*Born to be Wild*](* - **Steppenwolf**
2. [*Welcome to the Jungle*](* - **Guns N' Roses**
3. [*Strength to Endure*](* - **Ramones**
4. [*Power*](* - **Kanye West**
5. [*Stronger*](* - **Kanye West**
6. [*Iron*](* - **Woodkid**
7. [*Lux Aeterna*](* - **Clint Mansel**

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Grand Master Muz Ashen Keibatsu
Textual submission

**[Muz Ashen Keibatsu]**(

1. [*Coma*]( - **Buckethead featuring Azam Ali and Serj Tankian** -- Melodic and haunting, this track and its somewhat damaged lyrics capture well the essence of Zanshin, a meditative state where one turns their mind off and just reacts, living in the moment. Flowing along the Force without hubris has allowed Muz to act with discipline and strength, pushing past the imbalance inherent in himself in his early years among the Jedi. This skill has been used in the Brotherhood as well, when dealing with foes who try to goad him into becoming overly emotional.

2. [*Plague Burial*]( - **Teargas & Plateglass** -- Another melodic and dark theme, reminiscent of Palpatine's Teachings from the RotS soundtrack. The chanting in the background has a very darksider feel to it. The heavy sub-bass hits slightly below where we recognize it as sound (if you have good headphones anyway) giving a contradicting sense of peace and impending doom that calls to mind Muz's fall to and seduction by the Dark Side.

3. [*Epicentre*]( - **VNV Nation** -- This track and its lyrics are almost an anthem for Muz, covering and appropriate many different points in his career. The driving beat and melodies make this a little bit of an earworm for me.
*"I will not stand nor utter words against this tide of hate.
Losing sight of what and who I was again.
I'm so sorry if these seething words I say impress on you
that I've become the anathema of my soul"*
The encroaching madness of that much power has surfaced at many times in Muz's life, threatening to swallow him whole and convert him into something else entirely. It was only memory and tradition that served as the lifeline for him to pull himself back from that brink.
This song was actually in heavy rotation on my playlist when I was writing the Muz vs Jac ACC battle.

4. [*Battlefield*]( - **Panzer AG** -- Unflinchingly aggressive and loud to the point of almost intentional distortion, this track also includes choral singing background to the rough and brutal singer, playing up the dichotomy of the Force used in battle.
*"A fallen nation of angels
an army of shadows to blame"*
This goes with the thinking that evil men do not think that they are evil, because they have their reasons for doing what they do, and they are not always wrong. Muz sees the dark side not as dark, save for the indoctrination of the Jedi, but as the true path to life. Emotion is life, and to restrict or restrain feelings and emotion is to discard all that is important to life. He sees the brotherhood as 'a fallen nation of angels', and their constant internecine conflict and clan versus clan skirmishes as due to manipulative hands, the 'army of shadows'.

5. [*Blindhammer*]( - **Assemblage 23** -- There is almost a melancholic feel to this song, despite the driving beat. The lyrics and the singer's delivery of them seem very restrained, pushing the contradiction of joy and sorrow of combat.
*"And like a blind hammer
That destroys what it can't see
Tear down the walls of progress
And spit on our ancestry
And full of empty rage
Gunning down the fields of fear
We're unable to assuage"*
The lyrics get right to the core of how Muz views some of the political machinations of the Brotherhood, the demand for war within their own borders rather than focus on external conquest. He sees this as critically damaged, 'tearing down the walls of progress and spit on our ancestry'. Movement without purpose, declared as progress when it is only movement is wasteful in extremes, and disrespectful to those who have come before and built the things taken for granted.
6. [*Honour*]( - **VNV Nation** -- This track has two versions, a studio and a more recent live version. The link supplied is for the live version, due to my preference for the raw vocal qualities of the singer on that recording. Another song that gets the heart pounding, it is a call to action, with lyrics that inspire.
*"Stand your ground, this is what we are fighting for,
Our spirit and laws and ways.
Cry Havoc and let slip the dogs of war,
For heaven or hell, we shall not wait."*
This is a great war song. It calls to mind that while there are myriad reasons to avoid conflict, there are few very good reasons to put your life on the line, to push forward and defend the things you hold dear. Traditions, family, and knowledge have been the things that Muz has never once failed to defend, and these are brought to the front with this song.
This song played heavily in the playlists of all of the Keibatsu during the writing of the Reclamation of Kyataru runon.

8. [*Kvervandi*]( - **Skuggsja** -- This mixture of ancient viking instrumentation and modern heavy metal guitars plays well with each other, celebrating the ties between the Nordic countries and heavy metal.
The droning chant and ascendant violin pushing through the strain of electric guitars remind me of the internal struggles of Muz, fighting against his own madness, as he struggles to have himself heard over the constant intrigues of the Brotherhood and the pleading voices of the Force vying for his attention. It is only in quiet moments that the true voice of Einar comes through clearly, and it sounds somehow frail, in comparison to the strength of the powerfully delivered lyrics of the rest of the song. It represents how Muz feels that he is losing himself to what he has been fighting for and against for so long. The title, Kvervandi translates into ‘turning’ as in a whirling change, which ties very nicely into Muz’s chosen lightsaber forms of Sokan and Ataru.

8. [*Exhale*]( - **Front Line Assembly** -- Another industrial track, with heavy reliance on bass, drums and synths.
*"So clear, so frail, try to exhale
Despise the moment, to no avail.
The noise, the noise and fear.
Where, where do we go from here?
Too much sin and tears,
drawing us to this naked paradise."*
As Grand Master, Muz was constantly being drawn into things that he had no real interest in, but were nonetheless necessary for the situation, the position. Watching firsthand as the path to ruin is repeatedly chosen, despite his own attempts to redirect inspires a frustration closer to rage than was probably appropriate. This hatred grew within him to the point where desperate measures seemed more and more acceptable, so long as the goal of a unified brotherhood was the end result. This aggression and emotion is captured well in this abrasive track.

9. [*The Great Below*]( - **Nine Inch Nails** -- Downbeat and relaxed for a Nine Inch Nails song, the melodies are subdued and drums all but non-existent. String pads and synths push a rather recalcitrant emotive quality.
*"Ocean pulls me close
And whispers in my ear
The destiny I've chose
All becoming clear
The currents have their say
The time is drawing near
Washes me away
Makes me disappear
And I descend from grace"*
This song ties closely into the events of the eleventh Great Jedi War, where Muz's desire to unify the clans at any cost came to a head with the destruction of Antei and his absorption of that power. Moments of clarity came throughout, as he recognized how far he was willing to go, how much of himself he was willing to sacrifice to achieve a goal that the Brotherhood itself never wanted. On the threshold of unrestrained power, with half the brotherhood in open revolt against him, he found himself dueling the mentor that he had planned to heal and recognized how far astray his plans had led him, and decided to leave it behind.

10. [*NaudiR*]( - **Wardruna** -- This is a song done with traditional viking instruments, written to pay homage to and celebrate the runes that Odin was given through his sacrifice on Yggdrassil. NaudiR is translated roughly as need but can also mean suffering or misery, with some saying it is the passion that comes with needing something so deeply. The drone of the song provides an almost mystical current over which is laid antique melodies and emotionally charged vocals.
*"Vel er komen/I welcome
Svelt ikkje meir/Need no more
I svolt er funne/In need is found
Naud min eld/NaudiR my fire"*
This song correlates to the post-GM term for Muz in that he finds himself released from many of the constraints that come with being a more public figure. Free from the Cursed Throne, he recognizes that he has spent so much time being in that role that he has forgotten what drives he had before. Slowly rekindling the fires of his own desires, he finds new purpose, but relishes in the fact that they are his alone, no longer living for others.

11. [*Achilles Last Stand*]( - **Led Zeppelin** -- A classic rock tune, blues infused, but with a driving bass line and inspired lyrics as the norm for this great band. Nevertheless, it might seem a little out of place on this playlist, until you see why.
*"Oh the sweet refrain, soothes the soul and calms the pain.
Oh Albion remains, sleeping now to rise again.
Wandering and wandering, what place to rest the search.
The mighty arms of Atlas hold the heavens from the earth."*
This is another post-reign song for Muz, linked into how Muz is searching to find himself and some semblance of life. It was and continues to be a healing process, rediscovering things left buried for almost a decade and a half of his lifetime, and deciding as he comes across them, if they are still important or relevant to him any more.

12. [*Warrior*]( - **Anilah with Einar Selvik** -- Almost ambient, this track is mellow and calm, a cool-down from the fervent and driving beats of the middle part of the playlist. None the less, the melodies and lyrics provide some meaning for writing the character of Muz.
*“Can we Lay down our weapons
and the tired intellect
rise above
Bring me Grace.”*
Pacifism never really defined Muz. But violence always required a reason, for him to get involved. This is even more the case after Korriban, given the depth of power at his fingertips. Driving toward his own goals, safeguarding his family and clan in ways that others may not be willing or able to, his hunt is a personal and inherently emotional one. As his seeking into the Force continues, what may be seen by bystanders as tendencies toward the Light Side tenets of peaceful surrender to the will and whims of the Force are actually methods to drive the currents of fate and force to his own will. With this, the understanding that it is all just a work is slowly becoming more and more visible to him.

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