Competition: What's in a name?

What's in a name?

In the upcoming possessions system, you will purchase items from stores. Each store carries a specific type of item, and despite being the only place you can buy many of these items, they are still branded and named like any other store in the Star Wars galaxy. Currently, the stores have generic names for testing, and no theme, but we're looking to change that.

How to submit: For each of the stores listed below, submit 0-3 names for each. Must submit at least 1 name for 1 store and score at least 1 point to be a valid entry.

How it will be graded: Each valid entry will be scored by giving it 10 points, with 30% Star Wars/DJB realism (meaning the name makes sense in the context of Star Wars as well as the DJB version of the Star Wars universe), 30% for creativity/entertainment (original ideas, interesting, grabs your attention), 30% for relevance (you can tell by the name that the store sells what the description lists), 5% for personal preference (points given subjectively by the grader for entries they really like) and 5% for syntax (no spelling errors or mechanical issues in format). 0 points will be given to entries for an entire store if any are found to be inappropriate because they will have no chance of being used publicly in the possessions system. Only the top scoring entry from each of the 10 stores will count. Then points earned added up across all stores for a final score and placement.

How to submit: Submissions should be in any word document format or the submission box, pdf, txt, doc but no google doc links. Any google doc link must be exported or put into a different format to be counted.

There is a possibility of a store name being used in possessions or some variation of. As James and I review everything that was submitted with others on the possessions team. Each store is setup to sell to either members or Clans as noted below.

Store list:

  1. Accessories Store: [Member] Come here to purchase items that are of the Accessory Item Type, and equipped into an Accessory Slot.

  2. Armor Store: [Member] Come here to purchase items that are of the Armor or Back Item Type, and equipped into an appropriate Armor or Back Slot.

  3. Equipment Store: [Member] Come here to purchase items that are of the Equipment Item Type, and equipped into an Equipment Slot.

  4. Land Vehicle Store: [Member] Come here to purchase items that are of the Land Vehicle Item Type, and equipped into a Land Vehicle Slot.

  5. Loyalist Academy: [Unit] Come here to purchase Command Elements and Infantry for Unit Ground Forces.

  6. Space Vehicle Store: [Member] Come here to purchase items that are of the Space Vehicle Item Type, and equipped into a Space Vehicle Slot.

  7. Technology: [Member] Come here to purchase items that are of the Cybernetic, Droid or Technology Item Type, and equipped into an appropriate Cybernetic, Droid or Technology Slot.

  8. Unit Fleet Store: [Unit] Come here to purchase Space Vehicle Elements for a Unit Fleet.

  9. Unit Land Vehicle Store: [Unit] Come here to purchase Land Vehicle Elements for Unit Ground Forces.

  10. Weapons Store: [Member] Come here to purchase items that are of one of many Weapon Item Types based on Character Sheet Skill used to effectively wield; Bladed, Blasters, Blunt, Explosives, Lightsaber, Miscellaneous and Slugthrower, and equipped into an appropriate Weapons Slot.

Competition Information
Organized by
Grand Master Darth Nehalem, Prophet James Lucius Entar, Master V'yr Vorsa
Running time
2016-08-13 until 2016-08-27 (15 days)
Target Unit
Entire DJB
Competition Type
Second Level Crescents
34 subscribers, of which 17 have participated.
Warlord Archangel Palpatine
Textual submission

Competition: What's in a name?

1) Accessories Store
Uncle Ben's Cantrips, Baubles and Holocrons
Coruscant Goodwill Store

2) Armor Store
Nash-Bycos Defensive Systems Inc
All Things Armor!

3) Equipment Store
Saul's Adventurers Depot
Tekk-Bonn Equipment Surplus

4) Land Vehicles
Uncle Owen's Gently Used Land Speeders

5) Loyalist Academy
Carida II Imperial Military Academy
Fo-Phon's Little Gentleman's Academy

6) Space Vehicle
Azzaamen/Viraxo Shipyards
Mon Calamari Salacious Space Shuttle Surplus
Slayn & Korpil's Letter Shaped Fighter Emporium

7) Technology Store
Intergalactic Proton-Powered Electrical Tentacled Advertising Droids

8) Unit Fleet Store
Kuat Drive Yards Surplus Star Destroyer Depot (KDYSSDD!)
Sienar Fleet Systems Special Appropriations Division

9) Unit Land Vehicles
Rothana Heavy Engineering Clandestine Operations Unit
Tion Industries Heavy Weaponry Division

10) Weapons
Weapons, Weapons, Weapons!!!
Blade's Battleaxe and Blade Battery and Gift Shop

1st place
Savant Aul Celsus
Textual submission

Accessories Store:
Access Granted
Shiny Things
Dongles and Danglers

Armor Store:
Blast It!
Heavy Duty
Armors for Charmers

Equipment Store:
The General Store
The Pantry
The Cargo Bay

Land Vehicle Store:
Not Your Momma’s Speeders
The Speeder Stop
The Garage

Loyalist Academy:
Clones & More
The Barracks
Beyond the Bunker

Space Vehicle Store:
Hangars and Bangers
Zip’s Zoomers
Hangar 41

Beyond You
Lloyd’s Droids
Bleep Bloop

Unit Fleet Store:
Fleet on Fleek
The Emperor’s Hammer Surplus Lot

Unit Land Vehicle Store:
The Lot
Land Rovers
Movers and Shakers

Weapons Store:
Sharp Things & More
The Boom Box
The Vault

2nd place
Battlelord Dek Iron'yikut
Textual submission

Accessories Store:
(Misc)tical Offerings and Trinkets
Antei's Accessible Accessories
Centrifuge of Accessories

Armor Store:
Autocratic Armor
The Snake's Scales
Hammer to the Mettle

Equipment Store:
Necessities and Deeds
Ranger Antilles' Emporium
Center for Recreation and Supplies

Land Vehicle Store:
Crystal Speeders Unlimited
Eclectic Lightning Corporation
Starfighters of the Land

Loyalist Academy:
Royal Academy of Arx
Soldier Substation Zero
Grand Recruitment Center of the Mid Rim

Space Vehicle Store:
Spaced Out Ships
Ludicrous Speeds

Pixels and Power
Electric Machinations and Automations

Unit Fleet Store:
Carcass Fleet Systems
Ronin's Destiny Fleet Design
Great Rift Shipyards

Unit Land Vehicle Store:
Battalion's Crux
AT-Vehicle Design Inc.
Forensic Land Design Yards

Weapons Store:
The Hunter's Cavern
Remnants of the Coliseum
Hidden Blades and Dead-Mades

3rd place
Neophyte Tol Kersha
Textual submission

Armor store: Mandalore Core
Weapon store: Bounty Hunters Market

No placement
Mystic Kor Vaal
Textual submission

*Accessory Store: *
Odds and Ends

*Land Vehicle Store:*
Hot Rides
The Speeder Shack

*Loyalist Academy (ground troops):*
Ground Pounders

*Space Vehicle Store:*
The Tie Rack
Zero G's Fighters and Freighters

*Technology Store:*
Jawa's Paradise
The Droids You're Looking For
Seneschal's Outlet Emporium

*Unit Fleet Store:*
Iron Throne Shipyards

*Weapons Store:*
Blasters and Blades
Imperial Armament Surplus

No placement
Savant Edema R'uh-Kalinor
Textual submission

Store list:

Accessories Store: Gadgets R Us

Armor Store: The Beskar'gam, Professional Armoursmiths, quality guaranteed.

Equipment Store: The Dark Mall

Land Vehicle Store: The Iron Garage, the best place for all your military vehicles

Loyalist Academy: The Iron Core

Space Vehicle Store: Black Fleet Supplies

Technology: Cyber-tech Industries

Unit Fleet Store: Fleet Quartermasters Office

Unit Land Vehicle Store: Army Quartermasters Office

Weapons Store: The Black Armoury, Quality Weaponsmiths

No placement
Prophet Howlader Taldrya
Prophet Howlader Taldrya opted out of publishing his submission.
No placement
A deleted dossier
Textual submission

1. Accessories Store:

* Sheev's Shinies and Accessories
* Neimodian Commercial Attachments and Components Inc.
* Karn's Counter: Accessories and Extensions (named after Arden Karn)

2. Armour Store:

* Anzat's Bane, Registered Personal Armoury

* GalactiCorp Armourers

* Star Chamber Standard Armoury

3. Equipment Store:

* Silver Station Equipment Merchants

* Eden City Discount Dispensary

4. Land Vehicle Store (Member)

* Howie's Discount Speeders and Speedy Vehicles

* Galactic-Modern Vehicle Manufacturing Ltd.

* Nar Shaddaa Vehicular Auctioneers

5. Loyalist Academy (Unit):

* Anteian Sentinel Development Co.

* Malestrom Training & Procurement Ltd.

* Seven Stars Specialized Training

6. Space Vehicle Store (Member):

* Mantellan Manufacturing: Quality Starships

* Kuat Driveyards: Liquidation Sales Division

* Giletta's Starship Scavengery and Sales (taken from

7. Technology Store

* Telemark Galactic Technologies

* Outer Rim R&D (ORR&D)

* SoChi's Gadgets and Gizmos

8. Unit Fleet Store (Unit):

* * Hyperdyne Industries: Starship Development Division (taken from:

* Correl-Kuat Shipyards Ltd.

* Trade Federation Fleet Services and Starship Trading Inc.

9. Land Vehicle Store: (Unit)

* Rothana Heavy Engineering (RHE, taken from Wookiepedia)

* Maverick-Ziost: Mobile Weaponry

* Beregeian Production: Mobile Light and Heavy Weaponry

10. Weapons Store:

* Trusty Sullustan

* Corsicana Mercantile

* Nexus Weaponry Corp.

No placement
Privateer Keiji Suoh
Privateer Keiji Suoh opted out of publishing his submission.
No placement
Augur Locke Sonjie
Textual submission

Equipment store: "Ewok's Equipment"
Weapons Store: "Imperial Outfitters"
Loyalist Academy: "Iron Will Recruiters"

No placement
Master Marick Tyris Arconae
Textual submission

Accessories Store: "Bling-Bling"

Armor Store: "Tiff's Armory"

Equipment Store: "Gadgets and Gear and Gizmo's, Oh My"

Land Vehicle Store: "Front Lines"

Loyalist Academy: "The Dying End"

Space Vehicle Store: "Pew-Pew's R Us" / "Casual Flying"

Technology: "Dez' Nut's N' Bolts"

Unit Fleet Store -> "Fleet Control"

Unit Land Vehicle Store -> "AT-AT's Anonymous"

Weapons Store -> "Galaxy Lords" / "Sword Chucks N More Swords"

No placement
Savant Scarlet Agna
Textual submission

1.Accessories Store: Nochocury,Vushabos,Cosmosfire

2.Armor Store: Dupraoturn,Reeripr,Masspob

3.Equipment Store: Noscerth,Sepluezuno,Asterope

4.Land Vehicle Store: Wavespeeder,Hyperburn,Rainflight

5.Loyalist Academy: Drore,Rastaban,Amuthar

6.Space Vehicle Store: Mastrides,Gaetov,Hyperblast

7.Technology: Tuatis,Novashock,Byodisc

8.Unit Fleet Store: Slepapra,Vela,Nornwa

9.Unit Land Vehicle Store: Desertfire,Pulsardown,Lightningflight

10.Weapons Store: Cuchen,Craterblast,Duskwrecker

No placement
Battlemaster Armad
Textual submission

1. Oh Look, Shiny Object!
2. Protection Plus
3. Everything Else You Might Need
4. I Can Drive Anything
5. You and What Army?
6. Looking For A Ship Captain?
7. Gadgets and More
Gadgets, Gadgets, Gadgets!
8. An Admiral's Pleasure
9. The General's Cavalry
10. Death's Choice
Death Bringers

No placement
Colonel Alethia Archenksova
Textual submission

Armor Store: Kanjiklub Couture

Space Vehicle Store: Stan's Previously Used Vessels

Unit Fleet Store: Kuat Drive Yards

Unit Land Vehicle Store: Balmorran Arms

Weapons Store: Cad Bane's House of Pain

No placement
Savant Kylex Sanguris
File submission
Textual submission

I hope i did this right

No placement
Battlemaster Ryuu Suoh
Textual submission

2. Herald's Armory
7. Star Forge Industries
8. Kuat Drive Yards
10. Synergy Weapon Emporuem

No placement
Ranger Benn Nevis
File submission
No placement
Adept Braecen Kaeth
Adept Braecen Kaeth opted out of publishing his submission.
No placement