Competition: [Taldryan] Caelus Chronicles - A Taldryan Story


[Taldryan] Caelus Chronicles - A Taldryan Story


Caelus Chronicles - A Taldryan Story is a long term Clan event focusing on the Caelus System and the event of how Clan Taldryan will get ahold of it as its new Dominion.

Divided into chapters running between three (3) and four (4) weeks events from each chapter will focus on one of the planets/moons within the Caelus System and will feature three competitions per chapter as well as a short fiction published along the Consul reports.

The overall goal of the event is to determine the rise to power of Clan Taldryan within the Caelus System displayed through the level of Influence the Clan achieves through participation until the end of the event.



  • Chapter I: Chyron - A Rising Shadow
  • Chapter II: Iosan - In the Trenches
  • Chapter III: Orth - The Bastion
  • Chapter IV: Kasiya - Broken Chains
  • Chapter V: Perune - Wrath and Revenge
  • Chapter VI: Elysia - The Hunting Games
  • Chapter VII: Ostara - Ancient Stones
  • Chapter VIII: Chyron - Endgame


Scoring Sheet for Member Rewards / Alignment / Influence Points

For the time of the event, each individual competition will provide multiple forms of rewards:

Individual Member Rewards

  • Third Level Crescents will be awarded for all Standard Competitions.
  • Fourth Level Crescents will be awarded for Flash game and Puzzle Competitions.

As per definition there will also be Second Level Crescents to the overall Top 3 Participants in each chapter as well as to the overall champions of the Clan event. To determine this, I will apply the following scoring system:

  • Crescent with Amethyst Star: 4 Points
  • Crescent with Sapphire Star: 3 Points
  • Crescent with Emerald Star: 2 Points
  • Crescent with Topaz Star: 1 Point

In case of a tie in the overall scoring, the member with the higher participation ratio will be granted the higher placement.

Alignment Points

For some chapters of the event there will be Fiction Competition that will provide members with the choice between different options as how to approach the mission prompt. These prompts will be clearly marked with [Light], [Dark] or [Balanced] and will, depending on the option, determine as to how the citizens of the Caelus systems react to the members of the Clan. For example, with a tendency toward the dark side decisions the Clan will appear as decisive and straightforward in the public eye but will also be seen with a tendency to be aggressive and brutal. Whereas with a tendency toward light side decisions, the public will like that we are actually caring for their needs and that we are still respectful to their laws though some of people might feel we lack the strength to make calls that require a certain type of actions. However, the choice is up you and no matter how you decide it will only define how the general public will view the clan while having no impact on our popularity among the citizens since in the end the help the Clan offers them value that is more than our alignment.

To determine the Alignment Points gained were applicable, the winning three Fiction submissions will provide their Alignment Decisions and will be added to the Alignment:

  • First Place: 3 Points
  • Second Place: 2 Points
  • Third Place: 1 Point

An update on the current Alignment Standing will be provided after each chapter has been graded by the Taldryan Summit and before the next chapters’ beginning.

Influence Points

Each Submission for the Event will provide the Clan with Influence Points that will determine our Influence on the leading Ky'Lian Family with additional Bonus Points available to all who participate in all competitions of each chapter. On top of that the member grading a competition will be granted the regular amount of Influence Points that would be given to a participating member.

There will be a total of 1000 Points to gain and will unlock at certain levels perks for the Clan depending on the amount of Points we will have at the end of each chapter, and once the Event is completed will display how much control we will have over the system:

  • 0-99 Points: We are seen like any other visitor to the system, we come and go which won't leave an impact on them unless they have been in contact with us.
  • 100-224 Points: Our actions have caused minor impact and we are beginning to stand out as visitors. Those regularly reading the news and are interested in politics will have at least heard the names of our most prominent members.
  • 225-374 Points: Our actions have not only swayed public opinion from the citizens but from the Ky'Lian Family as well, resulting in the Clan receiving additional bragging rights along with access to the both public and restricted areas of the system.
  • 375- 549 Points: Our Clan has drawn a great amount of popularity among both the citizens of the Caelus System as well as their leaders for which we were granted additional rights within the System including the ability to establish our own base of operation on one of the other moons within the system.
  • 550-749 Points: The Ky’Lian Family highly values our opinion up to a point where they follow our suggestions on any decision that has an important impact on the Caelus System and its citizens (i.e. we are the informal rulers of the system).
  • 750-1000 Points: The popularity of the Clan within the Caelus-System has gone far beyond being highly valued advisors of the Ky’Lian family and the citizens see us as the official rulers of the system.

Influence Scoring system for the individual competitions:

  • Dedicated Fiction/Sandbox Competitions: 5 Points
  • Graphic Competitions: 3 Points
  • Dedicated Gaming Competitions: 4 Points
  • Flash-game/Puzzle Competitions: 2 Points
  • Bonus Points for doing all Comps: 3 Points


Heroes of Caelus

Additionally the overall Top 3 Participants will be granted the title Hero of Caelus. This title is not an official title (in other words it will never appear on a dossier), it is merely granted to award bragging rights to Taldryan's most prolific and dedicated members in the Caelus Chronicles - A Taldryan Story Clan event.


Competition Information

Organized by
Augur Rian Taldrya
Running time
2018-02-10 until 2018-12-30 (11 months)
Ends in
5 months (2018-12-30 23:59:59 UTC/18:59:59 EST)
Target Unit
Clan Taldryan
Competition Type
Second Level Crescents
0 subscribers, of which 0 have already participated.

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