Competition: [RoS: Meridian Event Long] Gaming - Jedi Academy Bracket


[RoS: Meridian Event Long] Gaming - Jedi Academy Bracket

In this competition, you will be randomly seeded against other DB members to do battle in Star Wars: Jedi Academy. Seeding will be done randomly utilizing this website.

Once the bracket is set, you may begin setting up your matches Opening Round matches must be complete by the end of week 1. If you advance to the next bracket, you may play your next match if your opponent has also moved on. All match results must be sent to the Fist via email. Results will be checked against the server logs if there are any disputes.

You must follow the rules set forth in the Rites of Combat. As this competition dictates your opponent, please only queue for the Fist Bot when you are ready to play your matches. Manual submissions through the site will not be accepted, with the exception of bot failure. Select the Jedi Academy Bracket competition when queuing.

Each matchup will be played to best three of five rounds. The player who wins three of five will advance to the next round For this competition, only Blade's servers is acceptable for use. Use of any other Jedi Academy Server, public or private is prohibited. Blade’s server settings will be locked prior to the start of the competition. Absolutely no changes to the server will be made after the event begins.

Bin Notes:

This competition is in the Event Long Gaming Bin. Participating in a competition in this bin for the first time awards 2 points from participation to your unit. The Heroes of the Storm Bracket, PvP Battles Ladder, and Diablo 3 Solo Seasonal Greater Rift competitions are also in this bin.

See the parent competition for detailed rules.

This competition is worth a relatively low proportion of placement points for the Event. Cumulatively, the placements in this competition are worth 8% of placement points in the event.

Please note that subscription to this competition is only possible prior to the start date.

Competition Information

Parent Competition
Rite of Supremacy: Meridian
Organized by
Warlord Dracaryis
Running time
2018-10-13 until 2018-11-19 (about 1 month)
Ends in
4 days (2018-11-19 23:59:59 UTC/18:59:59 EST)
Target Unit
Entire DJB
Competition Type
Multiplayer Gaming
0 subscribers, of which 0 have already participated.

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[RoS: Meridian Event Long] Gaming - Jedi Academy Bracket Queue Running 2018-10-13 - 2018-11-19 (about 1 month) Multiplayer Gaming