Competition: [RoS: Meridian Phase I] Fiction/Graphics - Fiction I

Being Judged

[RoS: Meridian Phase I] Fiction/Graphics - Fiction I

This competition is in the Phase 1 Fiction/Graphics Bin. Participating in a competition in this bin awards 4 points from participation to your unit. [RoS: Meridian Phase I] Graphics - Item of Intelligence is also in this bin. Placement in this competition is worth a relatively high amount of placement points in Phase I, accounting for 30% of total placement points in this phase.


"We believe there is a unique opportunity to land a decisive blow against one of the Collective's core pillars of strength: Capital Enterprises. The Inquisitorius has identified three primary objectives that we believe will lead us to one of their bases of operation, which could contain invaluable data and clues to landing a decisive blow to the Collective." — Morgan Sorenn, Deputy Grand Master

Choose Your Adventure

Your entry has the chance to shape the direction of the Vendetta storyline. Your task is to choose 1 of 3 separate objectives to write about for your entry. The objective that garners the most entries will be used to steer the Vendetta storyline into a related course of events.


Entries must use one of the following three prompts:

Objective 1: Pursuit

One of the Brotherhood's own agents working with the Shadow Academy Society, Vance Kordall, has been captured by the Collective. Reports indicate that the Shikari Huntresses, lead by Kendra Icasta, are responsible. In their haste to escape with a captive, however, another Brotherhood agent named Grot was able to place a tracking device on the captured agent.

The trackers signal code has been uploaded and redistributed across the Advanced Inquisitor Network (AIN) and leads towards the boundary between the Outer Rim and Wild space. Initial analysis places the Shikari's destination somewhere in the Kessel sector, halfway between Eadu system and the boundary itself.

Your objective is to follow the signal and find Vance Kordall. Beware of the Shikari Huntresses and their leader: Kendra Icasta. Godspeed.

Objective 2: Investigation

Two agents of the Brotherhood were sent to investigate reports of an ancient artifact of power on the planet Ulmatra in Hutt Space. While Vance Kordall was taken prisoner by the Collective, an Inquisitorius hunter named Grot was able to relay what information he had back to the AIN.

According to the field report, the artifact was also taken by the Shikari. However, one of the Shadow Academy's advanced scouts observed an exchange hand off to Ghaffa Ordam herself on a space station orbiting Ulmatra. We believe that Odram is now in possessions of the artifact, but have no further information on the item itself.

Ordam’s location is unknown, however, her hyperspace trajectory leads us to believe she is heading for the Kessel sector. This information coincides with the approximate last tracked location of Vance Kordall.

Your objective is to find Ghaffa Ordam in any way you can, investigate the nature of this artifact, and to learn as much as possible about where Odram might be taking it. Caution is advised: Ordam is a professional killer with a large network of agents and information at her disposal. Do not engage if at all avoidable.

Objective 3: Recovery
While the destruction of the Psi Terminus I looked to be a loss for the Inquisitorius, it actually served as a means of garnering previously elusive information on one of Capital Enterprises bases of operation. Several data-packets were relayed from the ship before it was destroyed, the fragment steams holding critical but scrambled intelligence on the exact whereabouts of the potential enemy base. These data sources have been gathered by Inquisitorius field agents, and handed over to the Operators back on Arx. This data has now been redistributed across the AIN and made accessible for all members of the Inquisitorius.

Your objective is to reach the last known location of the Psi Terminus I in Wild Space, find its modified black box and return it to the Inquisitorius Operators for analysis. The data inside could lead us to the coordinates of the rumored enemy base of operations in the sector. Caution is advised: Scouting reports detect multiple Collective starfighters patrolling the area, including the infamous Rose Squadron.


In order to have your fiction count as a vote for your objective of choice, your entry must contain a [Objective X] tag in the submissions file name, or the document itself. Any entry that does not include an Objective tag will not count towards voting, but is still eligible for participation/placement.

Example: [Objective 1]BestFictionEver.pdf

  • Entries must be a minimum of 500 words. Any entries that are under 500 words will be marked as Disqualified.
  • There is no maximum word cap.
  • Your story should be centered on your Main or Alternative character. Slotted NPCs, Wikipedia NPCs, or other characters that you create or invent to tell your story are not only allowed, but encouraged. However, your narrative should focus around either your Main or Alternative character.
  • A snapshot of your Main or Alternative character loadout must be selected and submitted with your entry.


Grading will be done utilizing the Fiction Rubric.


Competition Information

Parent Competition
Rite of Supremacy: Meridian
Organized by
Master Marick Tyris, Adept Dacien Victae
Running time
2018-10-13 until 2018-10-22 (10 days)
Target Unit
Entire DJB
Competition Type
Novae and Clusters of Ice as per VOICE guidelines
70 subscribers, of which 41 have already participated.