Shadow Academy

Sub-faction of Dark Brotherhood
About Shadow Academy

The Shadow Academy Society (S.A.S) — also known as “Sass” depending on who you ask — operate under the leadership of the Headmaster of the Brotherhood. Their primary directive is to discover, track, and then recover artifacts, holocrons, and other items of value that could prove useful to the Brotherhood and return them to the Shadow Academy on Arx. Some choose to remain on Arx to study and analyze the various findings of the acquisition teams. Others rise to the call of adventure to explore the mysteries of the Unknown Regions and to face whatever dangers they might present in the pursuit of knowledge. In the end, the pursuit of knowledge is paramount to any member of the S.A.S, for knowledge was the ultimate form of power.

The Shadow Academy Society is lead and overseen by the Headmaster.

Master Archivist
Adept Deandria Clery
Madame Curator
Eminent Aviana Starstrider
Leader of the Vanguard
Privateer Vance Kordall
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Rank Name
Eminent Aviana Starstrider
Adept Deandria Clery
Privateer Vance Kordall