Competition: Blackguard's Business: To Steal a Cloak

Blackguard's Business: To Steal a Cloak

Tasha’Vel, the Twi’lek Blackguard Captain, sat at her desk thumbing through various reports that lay scattered across the table. She propped her feet up as she skimmed each file, yet she couldn’t quite find the right one she needed. “Where in the nine hells is all the action? All I am seeing is just basic reports and nothing out of the ordinary. Surely they had some excitement while guarding.” She shook her head and laughed a bit. “I know in my day as a young blackguard, we made excitement if there wasn’t any. I still remember Sang’s liquor cabinet heist. The look on his face when Muz walked in holding one of his prized liquor possessions that was stolen. Thankfully, he only gave me a lecture, but hey it was a lot of fun. I need to have another one of these heists. Since Sang is back again, I think it’s high time we sneak in and grab one of his cloaks.”

Tasha’Vel grinned as she started up her communicator. “I need to find some sneaky blackguards and this entertains me.”

Fiction Prompt: I want you to write a 500 minimum word or more fiction about how you are summoned to steal one of Sanguinius’s prized cloaks from his room. Whether you escape or get caught is up to you, but I am looking forward to reading some hilarious and entertaining fiction. Now there is no maximum, so write to your heart’s content. It will be graded based on the Voice's Fiction Grading Rubric.

Grading Rubric

Competition Information
Organized by
Battlelord Tasha'Vel Versea
Running time
2019-01-21 until 2019-03-04 (about 1 month)
Target Unit
Clan Naga Sadow
Competition Type
Third Level Crescents and Clusters of Ice as per VOICE guidelines
7 subscribers, of which 2 have participated.
Knight Xuner Holst
File submission
1st place
Warlord Kojiro Keibatsu
File submission
2nd place