Competition: [Tension in the Empire] Boots on the Ground

[Tension in the Empire] Boots on the Ground


The troop movements on Sepros have brought the strength of the Warhost and Clan to the surface. Support the clan's military as they answer the presence of the militia squatting in the jungles of the Clan's home planet.

You will game alongside fellow Naga Sadow members to claim as many clusters as possible in any supported Brotherhood gaming platform in PVE modes. You must play with at least one other member from Clan Naga Sadow.

Make sure to follow the Rites of Combat and that your gaming contact information is up to date, and gather as many Clusters of Earth as possible.

Competition Information
Parent Competition
Tensions in the Orian Empire
Organized by
Warlord Bentre Sadow
Running time
2020-10-21 until 2020-11-18 (29 days)
Target Unit
Clan Naga Sadow
Competition Type
Multiplayer Gaming
Third Level Crescents
5 subscribers, of which 4 have participated.
Place Name Score
1st Augur Locke Sonjie Submitted activity worth 68.0 points
2nd Augur Sanguinius Tsucyra Entar Submitted activity worth 56.0 points
3rd Battlelord Tasha'Vel Versea Submitted activity worth 4.0 points
Warlord Bentre Sadow Submitted activity worth 16.0 points - Organizer