Competition: The Mines of Riquis

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The Mines of Riquis

Riquis, the second moon of Ereboros is an uninhabited rock covered in a crystalline surface. It has a weak atmosphere, low gravity, and a chilling surface.

Recently, a prospecting team drilled deep into the surface of the moon to follow the trail of some tectonic disturbances they had picked up on. After a few months of effort, they finally broke through to a massive underground biome. Black rock, strange plants, lavafalls, and strange white crystal "pools" in the path of previous lava flows were of immense interest to them. However, due to the heat and magnetic anomalies they encountered, they had to return to the surface after collecting a few samples.

These samples have proven to be a potential cause for celebration. If Arcona can reliably pull these crystals from Riquis, they could produce and repair their own heavy weaponry, shields, and similar technologies.

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The first phase will run from November 10th to the 24th. Along side this event will be an rp. The second phase will begin November 25th and will run to the 1st of December.

Each phase will consist of a Fiction, a Media/graphics prompt, and a flash game.

The top five positions in each competition will be rewarded points, starting at 5 for first place and working down to 1 at 5th. Ties will be broken by number of highest placement in the other competitions. Everyone who takes part in this competition and RP that runs alongside it will have a chance to have their character impact the story of the Voidbreaker II

Competition Information
Organized by
Doon Sulvir
Running time
2023-11-10 until 2023-12-01 (22 days)
Target Unit
House Qel-Droma
Competition Type
Third Level Crescents
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