Competition: When Tomorrow Never Comes

When Tomorrow Never Comes

You have what seems to be a fairly normal day (just make whatever happen). Then you go to bed.

You wake up in the morning, but you quickly realise something is very wrong. You quickly realise that yesterday seems to be repeating itself, and what's more, nobody else realises. It's a little more than just a feeling of deja vu.

In 750 words or more, write how your character copes with this situation. You may repeat the day as many times as you like, and you may end with either your character escaping from the repeating day, or even trapping them in the same day forever.

Competition Information
Organized by
Warlord Andrelious J. Inahj
Running time
2014-05-30 until 2014-07-30 (2 months)
Target Unit
Clan Arcona
Competition Type
Third Level Crescents
5 subscribers, of which 2 have participated.
Seer Lexiconus Qor
Textual submission

Dreary from the countless hours he has spent the night before, the fatigued Togruta slowly tried to raise his head to account the time on the table nearby. His temples her pulsing to a point where it hurt, and his eyes felt sore to open. He had not left this for awhile, but he may have eaten too many Dulonian sea-sponge. The pain had enveloped his head, but it was comfortable for now. However as he slowly sat up on what used to be his bed, to gaze around the scrap yard that used to be his sleeping quarters and office, he felt a pin prick in the back of his mind. It was irritable to concentrate on, but he felt it was important to research. As he looked around to check the time, Lexiconus noticed that there was no clock anywhere. He remembered that he had one, and it was a recently bought one because of the irreparable state his previous time-holder was in. He enjoyed using the ancient analogue clocks, as it reminded him that not everything is digital. With a sense of time rushing by on his mind, the newly appointed Knight stood and dressed for the new day, but then the unexpected whoosh of his rusty door surprised his legs and he collapsed on the floor, caught pants down.

“Hurry up Lexic, I found a great arena for us!” The Battle Team Leader, Adam Bolera rushed his training companion as he strides into the room. “Yes I know Adam, it was the Ancient Quarry of Begeren you were talking about with the Dark Council.” With a slight surprised and confusing look slowly melting into Adam’s face, he leaned against the rusty door as it cracked out sparks. “Yes, that was my plan. How did you…” “You already told me yesterday, remember?” Lexiconus finished his Leader’s sentence for him and a more surprised look was splattered against the Human’s face. “Oh yes, I guess I did. Should we go take a look?” “Sure, you’re driving the TIE.” Adam smiled, knowing he loved to grasp the mechanics of the new TIE Interceptor that they received. “Yes, I almost forgot that we were gifted our toy today.” Lex felt the strangest feeling that he was contradicting everything Adam said. “No, we got it yesterday sir. Honestly, am I the only one apart from Echo who can collectively catalogue our schedules?” As Lexiconus finally dressed himself, he stormed past Adam, shaking his head in disbelief to the Human’s confused but amused look, and continued to the hangar bay.

As Adam and Lexiconus continued onto the stormy sands and crystals of the Begeren Quarry, he looked around and scratched his head in confusion. “Wait, didn’t we place our cargo crates around the lip of the Quarry?” The pale complexion upon Adam’s Corellian face was now obviously dazed in deep confusion, as if some professor was promising him more clarity by adding difficult questions. “Well, that’s what I came here to do with you. If you had another arena in mind…” He let the questioning statement hang for Lex to fathom on. “Oh no, not at all. It’s just we planned this for awhile and now I remember the maps.” The cunning Togruta quickly brought the suspicion away from the conversation. With a soft sigh, the Human slowly approached the lip of the Quarry. “Maybe you should take water samples, it’s the only source and yet no plants dare to…” Lex then again got the pin prick in the back of his mind, of something dreadful close to happening to Adam. With a quick sprint towards him, Lex reached out his hand to the unsuspecting Human. As Adam turned to see what the noise of crunching crystal was, a sudden kick of paranoia made his legs jump back to evade Lex. The body of Adam grimly plummeted down the Ancient Quarry before the Togruta could grab hold. The harsh thump and crunch of flesh and bone ringed around Lex’s ears and mind, along with the pin prick, and as a very large white orb in the sky began to increase in luminosity and size, Lex could not see anymore.

Lex began to slowly open his eyes once more, feeling his temples pulsing uncontrollably and with pain, his eyes began to hurt when he opened them and saw the wreck of a room that was his. “Oh dear, not again. Where’s the clock?” He whispered to himself, trying to sit up once more, fighting through the pain. Again, the clock was missing, and the room was a mess. Lexiconus stood quicker this time, and dressed quickly too. As Adam stormed through the door, Lex stood with his lightsaber in hand and stormed past him. “Let’s go to Begeren.” With an even more confused look than the previous time they met, Lexiconus grabs his robe and drags him to the hangar bay.

Once at Begeren, Lex stood with arms crossed in concentration. “What is the matter Lex? You seem tense.” “Just looking around for vantage points of crate positions, not to worry.” The Togruta replied to Adam, still waiting for the right time. As Adam walked closer to the lip of the Quarry, Lex readied his hand with the Force, amplifying himself. “Maybe we should take water samples…” From hearing the quick sentence, the Krath reached out to Adam’s cloth with the Force, then tugged him back towards the TIE, forcing him onto his rear. As Adam slid and bumped, Lex’s face shone with relief and faded from desperation. “Oh, finally!” He exclaimed. Slightly sore from the ordeal, and quite stunned at his officer’s power, Adam stood and prodded at the Togruta’s shoulder. “Hey! The match hasn’t started yet.” With a soft smile, and a pat on Adam’s back, Lex walked back to the pile of crates. He was quite pleased to not go through this trauma again.

2nd place