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Warden Aurora "Aura" Ta'var
Old Rank
Savant (Equite 2)
New Rank
Seer (Equite 3)
Requested by
Colonel Alethia Archenksova
Primary reason

It's hard to fully capture the scale of Blade's activity during her time as EQ2, but the numbers should provide a start. To begin with, she's participated in 161 competitions, including 25 during GJW XII. For her efforts, she's earned 2 Gold Novae, 3 Silver Novae, and 31 crescents ranging from topaz up to diamond, and 1 Legion of the Scholar. In writing, Blade's earned 93 Clusters of Ice for just shy of 32,000 words of fiction, plus an additional 10 ACC matches. In gaming, she's earned 825 Clusters of Fire, 17 Clusters of Earth, and 20 Pendants of Blood. For art, she's earned 27 Clusters of Graphite, and in the Shadow Academy Blade's earned three degrees, including a dark sage in warfare.

That by itself is impressive enough, but to my mind her phenomenal activity is secondary to how much she's contributed as a leader. Atra will detail her year of service to the ACC staff below, but for my part, I've had the pleasure of working with Blade in her capacity as Rollmistress and now Proconsul. In that time, she's organized 27 competitions. Her RM reports have been, and her PCON reports continue to be, the best showcase of Odanite art and fiction around.

She's also worked to build out the world that our characters inhabit. She was the project lead and primary contributor to the Jedi Praxeum, which had been on the to-do list since the loss of Arca Praxeum and New Tython. Blade also contributed to the supplemental article for the Velastari Temple, which she then adapted to an ACC venue with only minimal edits from Atra and me. On top of this, she received a Scroll of the Master for mentoring Tyraal Bitshiver to the rank of Knight.

Blade completely redefined the roll of Rollmaster for COU, mentoring all members as well as providing impressive levels of support for our Novitiates and Journeymen. Beyond that, she ran a series of character development fiction competitions, art competitions to try to develop our art community, and frequent character development questions in Telegram. As Proconsul, she proved herself almost immediately to be invaluable. The pair of us have to care for 80 other members, which means the workload is constant. Since moving up to second-in-command, Blade's been by turns project leader, counselor, planner, event coordinator, and visionary. All that in less than two months! For her efforts, she's been awarded a Seal of Loyalty, a Grand Cross, and a Sapphire Blade. Now it is time to promote her to EQ3 and recognize her for what she is: a senior leader whose contributions have proven critical to the health and growth of the clan.

Alethia Archenksova
Consul, Odan-Urr

Colonel Alethia Archenksova, 2018-02-06 19:14:55 UTC
Additional reasons

Blade has been a rock solid leader in her time in COU. Even after her last merit which was her first sacramental, she has continued to be that support system both the members and the summit leaders below her need. I cannot speak enough to the small things she does outside of the numbers and projects many above me have spoke to. What hits me most is her ability to not only try to understand the members, but also reach out over and over again if needed until she understands what makes her summit members tick and trys to mediate and guide us where needed. She truly has the pulse of the Clan and when she starts to feel it's on the edge she steps in to understand, help, and be the rock we need, instead of having the it's my way, or the highway attitude. I do truly appreciate everything you have done and will continue to do in order to support your members and summit leaders. Congrats Blade!

Vanguard Maximus Alvinius, 2018-02-06 17:57:05 UTC

I will try not to repeat what I wrote in the Grand Cross and Sapphire Blade she earned since her last promotion. The impressive statistics of her time as a leader and an ACC judge will be covered by others.

Blade is a consummate leader in COU, she set a high bar for Rollmaster in taking care of all the members in the clan, not just the JMs. She poured her heart into not only taking care of members administratively but in making sure they were integrated into our community and were having fun. When I think of all that the Rollmaster position is capable of and should be, I think of Blade. She also lead by the front, coming in first place in our event with Taldryan, becoming our highest scoring member in the GJW ACC prelim, winning the ACC GJW bracket, winning the JA bracket and becoming third hero overall in the war, all while integrating and motivating members and performing her summit duties at a high level.

It's leaders like Blade who make COU what it is. I couldn't ask for a better member of my clan summit as a Consul or a leader as a regular member to carry the Clan into the future. Thank you Blade for all you do.

Turel Sorenn
Red Panda Enthusiast

Warden Turel Sorenn, 2018-02-06 01:32:18 UTC

During Blade’s time here in COU she has been Rollmistress and now our Pcon and in my estimation she has rewritten the book on how a RM should work within their Clans. She had been an integral part of the everyday life of the new members and a thorn in the sides of the us House Leaders for quite some time now.

I don’t say this as a bad thing at all it’s just the way she is and she takes the job of caring for the new members quite seriously. Her elevation to PCon has not slowed that down at all she is rapidly becoming a great leader within COU and in her own right. I know the few times Blade and I have not seen eye to eye was on in the scope of how best to award our members and in what order they should be best treated.

“Arguments” for the benefit of the members is never a bad thing and ones we didn’t mind having cause at the end of the day it was the members that would wina better Clan experience. Blade has always done wonders as Role Mistress and I only seeing her topping her feats as Pcon.

So I’m more than honored to add my recommendation to Blade’s EQ3 Promotion!

Congratulations, Blade this is truly well deserved!!

Edgar Drachen, Quaestor of House Hoth

Augur Edgar Drachen, 2018-02-05 00:53:38 UTC

Since coming onto my staff, Aura (or Blade, as she was known at the time of hire) has been a whirlwind of logic and queries. From the beginning she wanted to understand the system from an algorithmic point of view. Everything needed a rule and consistency that could be applied to all situations. Now, this would be found to be an unattainable goal, but it was a spirit and drive that was nice to see. It also brought consistency to a system that can be varied. This almost computer-like perspective to all discussions was the driving force we needed to have more than just two sides to any back-and-forth. It gave us the logical point of view to balance out the devil's advocates and the defenders.

It was this mindset that Aura brought to bear in the completion of 15 Combat Center judgements, a multi-hour affair, on top of participating in 10 matches of her own. It would be easy to just sit back and judge, but then you often lose sight of the member perspective. You need to be actively engaged in the system to know that it is working.

At the same time, her drive to help members grow found her actively engaged in bettering her judgements. When it came time to discuss a new per-post commenting system, she jumped in to not only understand it but to see how it would save judging time and benefit the members. Her insight proved valuable, and it helped define our current system. She also took this point of view into the qualification exams and helped in the completion of 2 entries.

It was a pleasure to have worked with Aura and seen her drive towards bettering the experience and membership of the Brotherhood. I look forward to seeing what she does next, now that she has made yet another achievement.

Adept Thane "Atra" Skotos, 2018-02-04 14:57:25 UTC