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Adept Malik Sadow
Sapphire Blade
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Warlord Bentre Sadow
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Malik Sadow. The tree man. Master of puzzles. Former Consul. Though he has been in the club for some nineteen years (and approaching 20) Malik has remained a part of our community, and our Clan. Though he remains our Clans singular Jedi, Malik has been a welcome presence in our little corner of the DJB. Though he has not serenaded the clan with his weekly renditions of Rebecca Black's Friday recently, Malik continues to work in the background.

Since being recognized by the Quaestor of Shar Dakhan in 2017, Malik has managed to keep more than a bit busy.

Malik has been partaking in steady diet of timed competitions, with most of those 100 being jigsaw puzzles, other puzzles and the occasional trivia. He has participated in Clan events like Sands of Time or DJB events like the last Great Jedi War. More than just chewing through puzzle after puzzle, he has participated in a small variety of other competitions, including a single fiction competition, 4 graphics comps, 3 manual comps, 10 regular comps and 3 gaming competitions. Over 4 PVP events, he has seized 8 Clusters of Fire, etched out 1 Cluster of Ice for writing in Run-ons for both Abomination and Veiled Origins. Quite infamous for his stick figure masterpieces, Malik has drawn up no less than 13 Clusters of Graphite. Malik is not all about fun and games, however, having taken a Legion of the Scholar for a round of trivia in the Clan Naga Sadow Telegram channel, in which he took second place! Despite his rank, Malik has still not shied away from more mundane activities such as the Shadow Academy, where he has completed 4 courses since his last recognition over two years ago.

Now, you could argue I just spit off a bunch of numbers, right? Well, let me see if I can give those numbers a little more context. Since 2017, Malik has been no slouch when it comes to placing in competitions. Winning a couple of Lizard-Toad-Snake comps and the Winter Puzzle series in April 29 won Malik 3 Crescents with Diamond Star. 23 of his 30 Crescents with Ruby Star he has scored have been earned since his last recognition, with the bulk being cashed in on the back of his wicked puzzle-solving abilities. Not convinced of his prowess? Well, if you look at the 36 Crescents with Amethyst Star he has earned, you will see just about each one was earned by placing in another puzzle competition. Looking down his shinies, you find that with his 17 Crescents with Sapphire Star, again he earned them pretty much exclusively by solving puzzles. 2 Crescents with Emerald Star: puzzles again. Finally, even when it comes to his Crescent with Amethyst Star, you find he got it by quickly and accurately solving a puzzle.

Malik also brings his skill and acumen to the front when it counts during Vendettas and Wars. Well, at least he has for the last two that Clan Naga Sadow were involved in. During Rite of Supremacy: Meridian, Malik brought in Seals of Fury (7 of them) for two puzzles, a Hunt the Collective event, not one but two games (one flash, one mobile), taking part in the Heroes of the Storm bracket, and by taking part in the Jedi Academy bracket.

During the 13th Great Jedi War, Malik supported Clan Naga Sadow once again, this time taking part in 10 competitions including: playing a Star Wars Rebels flash game, fighting in the Jedi Academy bracket, competing in the Heroes of the Storm bracket for the War, completing another of his infamous stick figure drawing in Hearts and Minds, completing not just one "Sudooku" puzzle but two, showing off his skills in paint for Divine Wind, engaging in even yet MORE puzzle play via Laser Overload, helped to track down a fellow Jedi and tested his knowledge in an event-specific Shadow Academy course better known as "The Story So Far". While Malik did not take any Novae in the War, he did make some placements as well as the participation which contributed points to help Clan Naga Sadow place as Second Clan in the last War! He also has 10 Seals of Discord to show for his efforts.

For all these things that Malik has done, for the ways both great and small that he has supported the club, we the summit of Clan Naga Sadow wish to recognize Malik Sadow with this Sapphire Blade. It is well overdue.

Bentre Sadow

Overlord of Naga Sadow

Warlord Bentre Sadow, 2020-03-14 21:58:38 UTC