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Grand Master Muz Ashen Keibatsu
Sapphire Blade
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Warlord Bentre Sadow
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Grand Master Muz has been a driving force behind House Marka Ragnos for many years. His contributions to this house and Clan Naga Sadow on a whole are legion and too numerous to count, but I shall try. Since his last award, GM Muz has participated heavily in two Great Jedi Wars. First, he created images to hype up the war efforts for CNS. He also participated in all bins and brought home four Gold Novas and 3 Bronze Novas as well as earning himself 25 Seals of Discord (!). Muz participated in 63 competitions and wrote over 11 thousand words of fiction. For this last GJW, Muz earned 14 Seals of Vision and placed in the top ten three times (6, 7, 6). Lastly, GM Muz has been QUA of House Marka Ragnos for 10 months leading HMR through one GJW and also served as M:DGM, also for 10 months. GM Muz has given his all to this house and clan for this past year. He is the soul of the house and a positive role model for everyone inside the clan, and out. I would like to recommend Grand Master Muz for a Sapphire Blade.


Quaestor of House Marka Ragnos

Warlord Bentre Sadow, 2020-08-14 07:42:32 UTC
Additional reasons

As I am reflecting on the performance and contributions of Muz over the last fifteen months, I am a little stuck on how to start this recommendation. That isn't to say that I am at a loss, or that I lack things to point out. Rather, I am trying to recall what of several places where I have seen Muz go above and beyond I wish to speak upon.

During my tenure in the club, Muz has always been a devoted member of our Clan. So more or less, this has been since he stepped down as Grand Master in 2015. Now, obviously my award does not stretch back that far. I do have to point out that he has been consistent. In particular, despite the fact that his work hours have sometimes kicked him in the chops during some big events, the former Grand Master pushed. He has made great efforts to both contribute, and more so compete, at the highest levels when it counts. He might not have the biggest numbers, but where he does act, he makes it count.

Points, Novae, and other club 'tangibles' earned on his personal efforts are not the only thing I feel that you can contribute in at least part to the man. Muz also created a number of hype images for the Clan before, during, and after Great Jedi War XIII. These images, usually with an inspiring or humorous line- sometimes even a bit of both at the same time have been turned into a collection of 'hype stickers'. These said stickers that have been employed by our members to hype each other, to encourage each other in, boost morale and to a large degree to congratulate (such as the infamous 'boom' sticker) one another in both club-wide events and everyday activities. That impact, in particular, helped our Clan to achieve our 2nd place position in that War. The kind of excitement we saw during that event from our membership was humbling. I don't believe it takes away from our Clan members at all, but I don't believe it wouldn't have been the same without the help, guidance and hype images that Muz has given for our group.

During his 10 months (since his last recognition) as Quaestor, Muz was involved in conceptualizing and plotting the launch of the 'Sith Empire' vision for Clan Naga Sadow. Part of this involved a lot of discussion, note comparison, a bit of research and the insight provided by Muz's experience in the club. In terms of club opportunities that I can point to, there are two events that leap to mind. In both, he had a significant hand in the creation and execution of both. One was the Rebels and Ruins event, which saw 18 of our members step up to participate. He also helped in organizing/judging half the events for the Clan's Redemption and Honor event, which saw our Clan return to the Orian system. Redemption and Honor saw 20 members, or roughly half our roster participate. Beyond this rather tangible metric I can point to, Muz has been a continuous sounding board not only to myself, but at least three other Summit members of recent memory. While he is in re-re-retirement, Muz continues to provide wisdom, guidance, and sometimes just a kick in the right direction for those willing to ask for such guidance. He is one of a number of people I consider a bit of a personal advisor and occasional mentor.

Muz is a man who you can cut, and he bleeds Naga Sadow, DJB, and so much alcohol. Looking back from May of 2019 up to current date, I see little reason that we should not recognize Muz Ashen Keibatsu for his contributions to Clan Naga Sadow.

Bentre Sadow


Warlord Bentre Sadow, 2020-08-12 06:23:39 UTC

What can be said about Grand Master Muz that has not already been said before. He is a pillar of Clan Naga Sadow, and the Club. Grand Master Keibatsu's leadership and mentorship is ever present, and has been utilized not only by myself, but by countless others seeking counsel. One of his MANY unyielding qualities is the development of the Clan and his members. His literary adeptness is strikingly versed, which has been utilized from top to bottom within the Club. The Grand Master is always advocating for neoteric fictional development and pushes us all with his artistry in story advancement. It is truly an honor to have a former GM within the Clan, that is a wealth of knowledge, experience and mentorship which carries a undeniably positive affect on us all! I wholeheartedly support the presentation of this medal to Grand Master Muz Keibatsu!

Warlord Takagari "DarkHawk" KogaRyu, 2020-08-09 13:28:39 UTC