Competition: Rebels and Ruins: A Clan Naga Sadow Event

Rebels and Ruins: A Clan Naga Sadow Event

Rebels and Ruins: A Clan Naga Sadow Event

Adrift in the void of space, Clan Naga Sadow has sought allies and information to prepare themselves for their return home. Stacking the deck for their plans to work, and to honor their legendary namesake, the clan's summit has devised myriad plans, the last of which leads them to the Forest Moon of Endor.

The ancient temple on Endor has a long history, and legends say that the Dark Lord Naga Sadow had built it himself with his Massassi slaves. Rebels notably recycled the site as a base, where it became the site of the Galactic Empire's final loss. Yet something more looms in those dark corners, as the Clan's probes have all vanished without a trace.

Making planetfall, the members of the ancient clan seek answers...

Each individual will earn five points per event they participate in. Participation is defined a valid submission for an event. Simply signing up for an event or uploading an unqualified submission will not count. You have to put in the effort in order to receive the reward. Participation will earn 5 points.

Additionally, the top three individuals in each event will earn placement modifier points. First place will earn 4 points, second place will earn 3 points, and third place will earn 2 points, and all other entries will earn 1 point. Events themselves will have modifiers based off their perceived difficulty/level of effort required. For example: the modifier for fiction will be 3, the modifier for gaming/graphics/poetry will be 2, and no modifier will be added to puzzle/trivia/flash events.

The top three placements overall for the event will win 2nd level Crescents. Ties will be broken by the comparing the number of placements between members in a tie- so if one member has three 1sts and a third, and another has equal points, but less 1st placements, the tie would break in the first person's favor.

Competition Information
Organized by
Grand Master Muz Ashen Keibatsu, Augur Ashia Kagan Keibatsu , Warlord Bentre Kairn'tel Sadow
Running time
2019-06-08 until 2019-06-22 (15 days)
Ends in
5 days (2019-06-22 23:59:59 UTC/18:59:59 EST)
Target Unit
Clan Naga Sadow
Competition Type
Second Level Crescents
15 subscribers, of which 15 have already participated.
Rebels and Ruins: A Clan Naga Sadow Event has 7 sub-competitions
Title Status Running time Competition Type
[Rebels and Ruins] I've Got Your Back (cooperative) Running 2019-06-08 - 2019-06-22 (14 days) Fiction
[Rebels and Ruins] Scouting It Out Running 2019-06-08 - 2019-06-22 (14 days) Graphics/Multimedia
[Rebels and Ruins] Where It All Went Wrong Running 2019-06-08 - 2019-06-22 (14 days) Fiction
[Rebels and Ruins] Calm Yourself Running 2019-06-08 - 2019-06-22 (14 days) Poetry
Rebels and Ruins - Week 1 Puzzle Being Judged 2019-06-08 - 2019-06-15 (7 days) Flash Gaming/Puzzles
[Rebels and Ruins] Raiders of the Lost Temple Being Judged 2019-06-09 - 2019-06-16 (7 days) Flash Gaming/Puzzles
Ruins and Rebels - Week 2 Puzzle Running 2019-06-15 - 2019-06-22 (7 days) Flash Gaming/Puzzles