Consul Report


Consul Report

Well, what can I say? The conclusion to a good weekend is upon us, and it's time for more memorable words from... oh, yeah, from me. Well, maybe they'll be memorable, but hopefully, at least they'll be interesting to read. I hope everyone who has celebrated it this week has had a good Thanksgiving. To people who don't celebrate Thanksgiving, or (as in Canada, I believe) who celebrated it last month, I hope this last week has been peaceful, and calm. I would like to say, should they be reading this, to Zig, and to Ad-war, whom I recently found out was in Iraq as well, I wish you both well, I hope things find you good, and come home safe guys. You're always in our prayers.

The Clan continues to improve. I would like to mention something in particular. I received another submission to my Keepers competition, this one a submission from Ad-war. I was grateful to receive it, considering his current state of being in the Middle East. I appreciate his dedication to being active, as well as to all of you who continue to participate, and are active. it just goes to show, even 5 minutes a day, or 10 minutes a day, it can still be enough to show dedication, and activity. That's all we can hope for, because we can't always give hours on end. Just give what you can, that's all I ask. And believe me, I appreciate everything that everyone gives.

Quaestors and Aediles, I'd ask for help in keeping the Clan site, and the mailing list updated. I've also asked Dranik to help us with keeping the Clan Site updated, but even then, you all (the House Summits) will usually hear about stuff before I can work with Dranik, so just let's all work together, and work on keeping the both up-to-date. I appreciate all the hard work the Summits do, because, as even I know, it's not always easy. We try to make sure that we stand as the example of activity, but even leaders falter. We dedicate ourselves to the Clan, though, and we will continue to try and provide better leadership and activity as an example to everyone.

The Keepers comp has about one month left, all. I've gotten a good number of submissions so far, but let's get more! There's a good number of competitions, and I know everyone here in the Clan is extremely talented. Take five or ten minutes, look the events over, and find one or two that really interest you. House Summits, this includes you. Let's make sure we're providing a good example. I expect full participation from the Hosue Summits, so pick one or two that you want to do, and do them. The Keepers are a project that I've been working with Oberst on, and will continue to work on for a long time to come, so this is something that you can all put your own piece into, that will become a great part of the Clan for time to come. Keepers comp info can be found at: or

I've also recently had an idea to go along with the system info and welcome letter (yep, had a set back with family coming for Thanksgiving, I apologize for it). I will continue to work on the system info and welcome letter, and I'll finish it as quickly as possible. However, my idea is this: I think I'm going to start doing a member spotlight each week, or every other week, probably. What it'll involve is basically what people want everyone else to know. It will mainly involve "in-character" info (about your character), but can also include any personal info you want people to know, like what your favorite games are, things you like doing, favorite cars, etc. I'm going to work on a type of questionaire for it, and will begin sending it to people at a random basis, so that we can begin doing it. More info on that as I finish the questionaire, also.

Info you should know... I'd like everyone to start using IRC more often. There's a java applet on the DB site, but there's also free, easy-to-use programs out there, such as mIRC. If we can get people on IRC more often, we can arrange more improptu games, and trivia meetings, etc. It'll just be ways to keep people active and around on a more minor basis, but that can also be fun, and work towards promotions and medals, etc. The channels that we use are (mainly) the DB's channel, #db, and the Clan channel, #tarentum, which are both located on the IRC Undernet. The DB java applet and mIRC can be found at the following URLs, respectively:

Anyways, I think I'll leave this report there. You guys continue to impress me, and I'm glad that everyone of you is here. Let's continue to strive for excellence, and work on kicking some ass. We're the best Clan out there, and I know it. I hope all of you realize it, too. Let's rock this place, Tarentum.

-KPN Sith Bloodfyre(Krath)/LHoJ-P:DGM-CON/Clan Tarentum

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