Consul Report


Consul Report

Clan Naga Sadow Report#11-12

Monday the 31st of May 2004


The Great Jedi War has begun, info can be found at, so go participate, so far we have had 21 submissions, all by the following people:











Just figured I'd mention the good little boys and girls who's been doing GJW stuff so far :Þ

And if you're wondering why my name isn't on the list then here's the answer... because I haven't done anything yet but I'll be flying at least one of the battles after this report and then some other stuff tomorrow, you should do the same because if you think about it, we only have 21 submissions out of a possible 400.

Speaking of the GJW, the JO mission has been updated to the correct working version.

Manesh should actually be on that list as well since he began the GJW run on at

And another thing, thanks to Miack our clan now has their own JA & JO server, the IP is and the password is: cnspwnz.

OT Ric Gravin and OT Pheniox was removed from their positions as HPG QUA and HPG AED.

SWM Robert Daragon is the new Quaestor of Primus Goluud and he has chosen DJK Zacfer as his Aedile.

House Marka Ragnos now have a new webpage thanks to KP StarLion, it can be found at


Nekura Manji Keibatsu was promoted to Dark Jedi Knight.


SWM Ropert Daragon was awarded a Grand Cross of the Darkside.

KP Korras Aquillarum was awarded a Steel Cross.

JH Miackus Amducious was awarded a Steel Cross.

All the IG medals should have been awarded.

News from the houses

Ludo Kressh:

Marka Ragnos:

Primus Goluud:


Well first of all, a little before the GJW began, every CON/PCON was sent a riddle for them to solve and I'm proud to announce that Tiss and I were the first one to send in the correct answer which increased our clans favor with the Star Chamber by 200 points, I suppose it's a sort of bonus points for the GJW altho I'm not sure at all.

On a lesser note, I passed Krath CORE with a score of 70% today :Þ


Well this has been an exciting week for me at least, if you have any questions just send me a mail at [Log in to view e-mail addresses], or find me on IRC in #naga_sadow where I usually go by the name `Malik, pretty simple right?

SO Malik Sadow (Sith)/CON/Clan Naga Sadow [PA: CT] [ACC: INI]



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