Proconsul Report


Proconsul Report

Clan Naga Sadow Proconsul Report

Korras’ Crazy Life

I took Wednesday to go over to Amsterdam, and met up with Cybey and Jam3z. we watched a movie, had some beer, and talked DJB. Lots of DJB. We came up with some new ideas, one of which will make summit life a bit easier. It’s pretty simple, but it saves a lot of time.

That’s about the only exiting thing I did last week. Pretty boring, eh? :P


Seems like my impression of this was wrong, too. I, too, thought it was over. But I understood from a well-informed source, that the Conclusion has a couple of events, too. What these are, I don’t know. But it seems we’re not yet done. Don’t pin me down of it, though..


The final promotion guidelines are attached. The only thing that has changed, is that fictions now only generate two points per page, instead of 4. you’re already working towards your next rank while keeping the 4 ppp’s in mind? Don’t worry, that will still be 4 points for one more month, since malik and me don’t like to effect others with something we did wrong. Summits, please save a copy of the attached guidelines.


Jack Ordo got DJK! YAY!  (have fun with the saber-script. :P )

His sister is also on a fast track for promotions. I’m looking forward to seeing more from you, Taliana. 


It came to my attention that qualification fights are taking way too long. It has a simple cause: not enough trainers. I’ve passed this up to the Powers That Be, and am awaiting response on this. I have no clue if it is possible for me to accept qualification-challenges, but either way, I am not allowed to. I am a judge, not a trainer. Arion is Magistrate to Combat Master, and as such, capable of accepting qualification fights. I will leave it up to him to let us know if he has the time to do so at the moment. Arion?

Otherwise, please hang on with qualification matches. The chance is too high you spend weeks waiting for a response. I do have something else in mind, but I will let you know about that later, if the idea is agreed upon.


My email address will change, since it is currently provided by Kaiann ( is hosted at his location, as is my email address), and he is moving. For the duration of that, please use [Log in to view e-mail addresses]. I hear you gasp. Yup, no, I have no plans to join the Entars. But, well, the email address suits my needs. As soon as Kaiann’s server is up and running again, I will switch back to

Oh, and wish me luck. I got some final tests for the army on Monday… mostly, stamina and strength. Considering the fact I couldn’t train for three months, up until 4 weeks ago, I’m going to be needing a lot of luck.

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