Proconsul Report


Proconsul Report

Wheeee! New modem! Me back! =D

Again, I apologize for any incoveniences my absence may have caused. =)

Without any further delay, lemme jump to the addendum:

Thank you Ktulu, Halc and Raid for your reports! You guys are doing a great job. =)

Phase 2 has ended! Results will be out soon, please be patient as they are compiled.

Fun Makeup #01 results!

1st place: Hunter Ma'ar-Tyrius Ga-Tir! He made the Consul look like a "demented troll" (in the CON's words), very nice! Find his submission attached.

2nd place: Priestess Cymbre Solana Aquillarum Kall

3rd place: Knight Isalka Tyoun Rokir

Quejo and Elessar (Wolvie) also participated with very funny pieces! Congratulations to all, and thank you for participating! Your medals are in the mail. If anyone would like to see the other submissions, poke me. =)

I'm very pleased to see the enthusiasm of some of our younger members in taking the Shadow Academy courses. I've also seen a fair ammount of multiplayer activity this week, very nice! Most active people I've noticed this week are Ma'ar-Tyrius, Quejo, Dalthid and Draven. Well done! =)

My classes ended today (if nothing goes seriously wrong), I'll have a lot of free time through December and January to push some projects forward. They are: Master/Student guidelines for the Clan and the Clan Head Quarters. Regarding the Clan HQ I'll be closing that poll in the MB tomorrow, so if you'd like to vote you better do it today ( If you can't post, vote through this list.

That would be all for now, kids. Hope you're having a good week.


KAP al`Lan Mandragoran (Krath)/PCON/Clan Arcona [ACC: SKR]



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