Proconsul Report


Proconsul Report

Heh, I got a total of 15 inches of snow last week. I’m so tired of shoveling snow. So sorry I’ve not really been around but I’ve just been so dog-tired as of late.

Clan Updates

Holidays are over with for the most part. Last fling of the year is of course New Years Eve. After that look for some projects to start getting done and out for you all to enjoy. All because we love you all :)

Clan Gossip

The clan comp is chugging along. I am encouraged by the number of participants in the last phase despite the holidays. Now this second phase is the last installment so make sure you participate and grab yourself a nice medal.

Oh yeah, for those who get on mIRC and are use to having ops in the channel this note is for you. Well to be honest we did get a little lax with giving out ops so we cracked down after an incident and now only leaders, Tarentae, and old old members get ops. Everyone else is entitled to voice and should get it. Hopefully everyone will follow this and get along with one another. Our channel is laid back but if you joke, make sure you are not offending anyone and if you are one of those who are offended by what is said, speak up. Oh the fun that comes with a public chat channel.


Here are some competitions going on right now besides Sword and Trident if you’ve done that one and need something else to do. Speaking of the competition, there seems to be a little bit of confusion with the JK/JO/JA part. That’s either a create a mission or write up a plan of attack, not actually playing MP. I know some people have been doing the MP thing and I’m sorry for the misunderstanding. I do thank you for being active and I’ll remember your activity when it comes time for promos and big awards.

Gladius events

None at the moment.

Triden events

None at the moment.

Clan events

Funny Junk –

Sword and Trident!!! -

DB events

Gaming nights are Tuesday, Thursday, and tournament on Sunday. In #GMRG

ICTE is always on Saturday. In #Outerrim No links for these two, sorry.

                          December MT: Ecstasy –  


                          December MT: The moment of peace –  


Funny Junk

Once again I didn’t get a single submission for this section. Now I know you guys aren’t all that. Awards will be sent out soon for those who did bother to send in something this month. I wish I could have given out more :P Oh and no I’m not going to fill this section in this time around.

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