Proconsul Report


Proconsul Report

Well my husband has been sick here recently. He gets really clingy when he’s sick so I’ve not had too much time online. I visited my grandparents over the weekend. Found out my grandpa isn’t absorbing anything into his memory, sucks. Gets me down seeing him like that.

Clan Stars

Yemmer is our star this week! She’s had some computer problems but those are past and she’s out there kicking tail! You go girl!! Show those boys who’s boss. Hehehe. Keep up the good work and grab up those medals. We all look forward to seeing you grow strong here in Tarentum.

Think someone deserves some recognition? Well send your opinions to me at [Log in to view e-mail addresses]

Clan Gossip

For all those who don’t know, I’ll be on vacation starting Fed. 26th and running through Mar. 6th. I’ll have limited access to the internet so I don’t expect I’ll be putting out a report next week. I’ll think of you all as I’m soaking up the Florida sun. :)

In other news, we were stomped into the ground. Next Rite of Supremacy, we’ll be the ones doing the stomping. For everyone who’s not so good with the games, I suggest you get out there and start playing with your fellow clan mates. The gaming nights have plenty of opportunities for that. Soon as I get back from vacation expect to see me doing more gaming.

Ok for those who don’t do gaming but write instead, I suggest you get with Oberst and take his writing course. I also encourage everyone to become involved in the ACC. Since I’m a trainer now you are all more than welcome to challenge me to a training match. I’ll be happy to help you all get adjusted to the ACC and start kicking butt.


Some nice little competitions for those of you who just need something to do. ;)

Gladius events

None at the moment.

Triden events

None at the moment.

Clan events

Got some trivia floating around but it’s not in the competitions center so no link. Just

                         watch your emails.  If you want to submit some questions of your own please do send   

                         those in for a nice LSS.  

DB events

                        There’s going to be an ACC ladder.  If you want to participate you must sign up!  Log   

into the ACC then click

Ladders and then the Subscribe link there under the Championship Ladder 1.

ACC: Capture and Deliver –

                        Gaming nights are Tuesday, Thursday, and tournament on Sunday. In  #GMRG  

ICTE is always on Saturday. In #Outerrim No links for these two, sorry.

                         The Sith Lords Reborn –  


           February MT: Coruscant Walkways–  


           February MT: It's a hard life...–  


Funny Junk

Alright this competition is over. I had some great stuff come in that you all got to see. I’ll be going over those submissions and choosing the top three that just tickle my funny bone.

Since this space will now be open, what would you all like to see put here? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Send to [Log in to view e-mail addresses] Yay!

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