Consul Report


Consul Report

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Clan Tarentum Consul Report for Monday, February 23rd, 2005

What am I up to? Been busy, have you? I'm trying to keep a good balance between work/school/DB but sometimes one just wants to be more demanding than the other. I didn't get any big projects done this week but I'm still whittling away at my list that seems to grow longer the more I get done. Outsourcing anyone? Heh. I don't think I have any tests next week so I'm going to try and finish the site up this weekend.

- Grand Master Chi Long took charge of Clan Exar Kun
- Corran Force resigns from Master At Arms after over 3 years
- Anshar Kahn Tarentae appointed as Knight Commander of the Brotherhood
- Jasru Lakca appointed as Commander of the Guard
- Khan Kunar appointed as new Master At Arms; Syn Kaek replaces Khan as P:MAA

_KRoS Final Results
_The finals results have been posted. As soon as I can get the individual information I'll be rewarding for participation and effort. There isn't much to say about Tarentum's performance. I suppose I can only blame myself for not promoting it was much as I should have, so I apologize to the clan for that.

However, it was one competition of many. The chance for retribution will come soon enough as there are other competitions on the horizon. Just remember the results, remember the disappointment, remember thinking "I wish I would have done more" and let that burning desire to smash the other clans into oblivion during the next competition. I know I will.

New Scroll of Indoctrination Request Form
Spears has created a request form for the SI. You can now submit your own request for the SI based on the following entries:

  1. Recruitment of a member who has contributed in some way to the DB (IE, participated, got promoted or something)
  2. Mentoring of a member with provable success
  3. Recruitment activity, including creating websites for the DB and posting advertisements and banners in different places. Please note that just making banners will not get you an SI. You must give links to prove that you have posted the banners in places that will draw recruits.

Sunday Tournament
9 Members of Tarentum were eligible for to play in this tournament: Pyralis, Frosty, Dox, Yemmer, Vardar, Blazer, X-Pilot, Smoke and Nit'Chu. Tarentum's total point value has grown to 721. Unfortunately, we still don't have anyone placing in the top three. I'm sure anyone that could find their way into the top three would find themselves generously rewarded … oops, did I say that out loud? HINT*HINT

Lots 'o Transfers
We've have a huge influx of people recently, 9 new members and the return of two honored veterans. Welcome Jeden, Damern, Xanath, Ferrik Drakken, DJK Blazer Mortis, Nym, Drykk, Duriel and Xenol Nin to Clan Tarentum. And welcome back OPM Ziguarath and SWM Cannabisia Tarentae. To the Ale Pond!

Yes, it's still under construction. The design I'm planning to implement is actually done. You can see a picture of it. It's a pretty cool layout, and it'll be really easy to work with. The only problem with it right now is that it doesn't look right in Firefox. So, since its being a bitch about that, I more or less need to sit down and rewrite the thing.

SysMan Update
I've moved the System Manual from its temporary perch on my CSEE account to So you can now find the System Manual at

_Land Grants
_Its been a while since I've given one of these out, so I imagine some of you might wonder what the hell I'm talking about. One of the many unique ways Tarentum rewards its members is by giving them possession of land with the Yridia System. Today, I get to announce three such rewards.

The first two are, in all honesty, back-due rewards. For their contributions in helping me to produce the System Manual and countless other things they've helped me with, Pyralis and Spears are both awarded land grants on Yridia IV. The third land grant on goes to DJM Mejas Doto, as Tarentum's part of a pact with Consul Sith Bloodfyre.

As is customary, each individual gets to write the initial description of their grant. I'll let you updates on those as they come in.

In closing, ff you get a chance, you should really check out the Episode 3 spoof from Sequential Pictures at And checkout their other films too. They've been amusing my coworkers and I for the past week. Also, regardless of the bitching some others have given it, I'm enjoying KotOR2 thus far. So :P


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