Consul Report


Consul Report

Hello everybody! You're staring at CON's Report #06 for 02-28-2005


Krath Rites of Supremacy are over! The Krath office is still working out the participation list and awards, so stay tuned! Again, thanks to everyone who participated! =)

THIS IS A GAMING WEEK! That means we have a Tournament this Sunday! Play in the Tuesday or Thursday gaming days or in the Saturday ICTE to qualify for it! You need to get into IRC for it, check my last reminder (way down there) for info. I'm playable in XWA and JO, so you can get some easy wins =) Do not hesitate to email me if you have any questions about it. Also, check the MP challenge on the next topic

I have some surprises for you. Beginning in March we'll have monthly clan competitions, simple and fun stuff for you kids to do for medals and prestige! The competitions are: a fiction topic, a graphics topic, a multiplayer challenge, aaaaand... two others that I'll keep in suspense for now =P

1) Arcona's Fiction Topic for March: Perseverance. write about an occasion in which everything seemed doomed for your character, but despite all odds and the certainty of failure he refused to surrender and achieved success in the end. Times New Roman 12 or similar, single space, one page mininum. Grading criteria: writing skill, interest. The link for it is

2) Arcona's Graphics Topic for March: Horror. Draw a picture of something your character would consider horrifying. A person, a creature, an event, anything. Grading criteria: interest, quality. The link is

3) Arcona's Multiplayer Challenge: it's simple - get the most matches played every month. The matches must be fought on the DB regular gaming days: Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturday ICTEs and the Sunday Tournaments. If you play and lose the match, you get one participation point; winning the match will give you two points. The top three players with the most points will be the winners for that month. The person who wins three months will get something special... the link is

Send the fiction and the graphics to me, at [Log in to view e-mail addresses]


Love the CON!

We have a new competition going, a nice fiction writing against three other clans. It ends in March, remember the Rites of Supremacy are our priority now. For details check

The DB has new Message Boards! Check them at and register! (No need for panic, our old one will be kept for some time and I'll make sure no Run-ons are lost)

If you're new to the Brotherhood and you'd like to take part in the gaming, you should get into IRC! You can find the basics about it in the Shadow Academy, under General Studies: To get into IRC withoug downloading any programs, go to If you don't do gaming, you should get into IRC anyway. =)




KAP al`Lan Mandragoran (Krath)/CON/Clan Arcona [ACC: SKR]

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