Proconsul Report


Proconsul Report

I really must apologize for my lack of being in touch recently. Part of it is school, but some of it is also just me forgetting to do things sometimes. But, that should change.

Obelisk Right of Supremacy

This starts tomorrow. Anything you can do to help Tarentum kick ass is awesome. Last I heard, there will be ACC matches allowed, so you don't even have to have an MP game. By the way, I will play anyone in Tarentum in JA. I got mine to work, so if you want to beat up on me, just catch me when I'm on IRC. I should be available to play any time I'm on IRC.

This is the most important thing in the DB right now. Tarentum has great players and good members. Be a good sportsman, but take no prisoners. Or, if you lose, don't let yourself be a prisoner. Take as many of them with you as you can! :P

Clan Competitions

For the record, Rekio and I have the final say on ALL clan competitions. Rekio and I enjoy seeing members create competitions and offer them to the whole clan, but we need to approve it first. This is just so we know what is going on so events don't overlap. All you have to do is write up a brief intro about the competition: I want to run this writing event. Here are the requirements for the competition....

The new Test of Wisdom grader is Sato. There is now an Advanced Test of Wisdom.

Congratulations to the recipients of medals, promos, and those who passed SA courses.

Finally, some non-DB things:

I urge everyone to help in any way they can in the clean up effort after Hurricane Katrina. The Red Cross is always good, but other organizations exist. Americares is a good one because it has one of the lowest overhead costs (that is, more money goes towards helping people than paying for administration): money, food, whatever. Donate if you can and I'm sure the organizations will find a use for anything you can send them.

In darkness,



DA Anshar Kahn Tarentae

Praetor to the Headmaster

Proconsul of Clan Tarentum

Knight Commander of the Brotherhood

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