Consul Report


Consul Report

Sorry the report is late. I've been a bit busy with various things (school is hectic right now; won't die down until after February) and the internet went down last night when I had intended to send this report out. So, another day of classes went by and I finally got to it.

First off, the clan competition is still going on. Fiction round 2 and poetry round 3 end this Saturday night. Other round 3 events will last two weeks. Details can be found on the competitions page. Look for "Yridia Revolt (gaming/fiction/poetry/screenshots)- it'll be one of those three. The number after the type of event indicates the round, so "Yridian Revolt (fiction 2)" indicates the clan comp, 2nd round. Thanks to those who have already participated in various events so far. Its great to see interest and participation from some of the newer people in the clan. I hope to see a lot more.

I want to take a moment and emphasize the Master-Student program. This is a great program and its open to anyone. To be a master, you need to be at least a Dark Jedi Knight. To be a student, you have to be at Jedi Hunter or below. If you are interested in assuming one of these roles, e-mail Welshman ([Log in to view e-mail addresses]) and let him know. Potential masters, tell Welshman what you are best at (writing, JA, leadership, etc). Potential students, tell Welshman what you want to work on. If you already have a master or student, please make certain Welshman knows. But, the master student program is a great way to learn about the Brotherhood, the clan, and to improve your skills. The one on one contact is great and you can make friends this way. And, it helps keep people active, and get them involved.

Next thing I want to come to is mostly a reminder, as I have said it before, but it does bear some repeating. I want this clan to run well, to be a place where we can have fun. Now, some of you are probably already thinking I'm referring to specific incidents or people. Well, I'm not. They're on my mind as I write this, but this is a general statement to the clan on everything.

I want and need your feedback. I don't care if you've been here 1 day or 10 years. If you think I'm doing good, bad, or somewhere in between, I want to know (send it to me privately, of course). If I don't hear anything back from anyone, then I can only assume that I'm doing things right, and that its all going well. The same thing applies for comments made about the clan or about specific people in the clan when I'm not around. If I'm ignorant of something, then there is nothing I can do. If something bothers you, then let me know about it. Now, I'm not asking you to jump to conclusions on things- look for context and emoticons to see if someone is joking.

Have a good rest of the week, do the clan competition, and make certain to welcome all the new members of the clan!



DA Anshar Kahn Tarentae

Consul of Clan Tarentum

Praetor to the Headmaster

Knight Commander of the Brotherhood

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