Consul Report


Consul Report

So, I was out of town last week. I barely had any time to check my e-mail. I was hoping to see comp submissions when I get back, but to no avail; other than the ones I already had received so far.

Well, speaking of the clan competition, you still have until tonight at 11:59 EST to get submissions in. That is about 9 hours away as I write this e-mail. So far, I only have one reported match for the gaming and one fiction submission. Having calculated the potential scores so far, there are a couple people very close, within a couple of points of each other, which will determine placing or not, or it could be the difference between first and second place. Here are the event links one last time:

In other news, I'd like to welcome back DA Telona, former TET, QUA, PCON, and KHP (did I miss anything?) and KP Yukika Kagome. Both have decided to rejoin the clan after their time away, so a big welcome back to both of them.

Yay to everyone who got medals this past week! Welcome to all the new members of the clan.

I would like to add here that I am glad that a few people have taken me up on my offer to send comments about the clan to me, and their perceptions of things. Comments like these really help. Understand that I am not above being approached by anyone; if you think I should be aware of something, or just want to let me know what your thoughts are on the running of the clan, then pass them on up. Just do it privately and constructively: don't be pissy about things, but present them in a logical manner and I will work my hardest to fix the problems, or to explain why something was done a certain way. Every house and clan leader has this open door policy, so make use of it. On a side note, this has been a busy time of year for many of the clan leaders (and I imagine many of you), but understand that we're working to the best of our abilities.

I'm sorry this report is shorter than normal, but I'm still playing catch up on a lot of things, both real life and DB, since I got back from my trip last week. I do have Spring Break in two weeks, so that will help. I hope you have a great week.



DA Anshar Kahn Tarentae

Consul of Clan Tarentum

Praetor to the Headmaster

Knight Commander of the Brotherhood

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