Consul Report


Consul Report

Hey Clan

Well as you can see we now have a new PCON, the Dark Angel of Tarentum herself! As she has already said this is more of a welcome back to a position she occupied all too briefly before ascending to Krath High Preistess and transforming that Order into the thing it is now. Now I know many of you are wondering why I didn't select someone new, someone who hasn't held the post before and the other multitude of questions you have. Well the simple answer is this, I, and everyone I have consulted with, feels that Tarentum would benefit enormously from having a member of some experience sharing the burden of leadership. Those who witnessed her tenure as Krath High Priestess know the qualities she'll bring to this Clan and we're lucky to have her serving us in such a capacity as PCON.

So what now? We have a kick-ass PCON and a CON with a fondness for all things four-legged and woolly. It's time to start working in earnest on Tarentum's future. You've heard this speech before so I'll spare it to you. One thing I would like to encourage everyone to do is visit our Clan Website ( and read it so you can get a hint of what things have been like in Tarentum and get a feel for our spirit. If you're interested, then you can drop me a line and I can give you a link to a forum thread some Tarentum members are holding which is helping to beef up our History. Your help should go some way to helping us out.

Another little addition to our roster you may have noticed is Tridens has a new Aedile. One Sith Bloodfyre ex-Sith High Warrior and Consul of this Clan. I know JKast and Sith will be an excellent team, working together for the betterment of their House so that it can be a fun environment to all the members. Congrats Sith : )

As you are probably no doubt aware the Feud is nearing the end of its first week out of three. From gaming points alone Tarentum are a close second to Clan Plageuis from what I can make out. Whilst second place in a major feud isn't to be sniffed at I know you all have it in you to pull out all the stops and really push away for the gold and win this, sure it's the results at the end of the feud that count but wouldn't it be cool to win every single week of the Feud? Regardless you have some time to submit a few entries and rest assured, I will personally reward everyone who contributes points to Tarentum's effort to win this regardless of placing or awards already won. So go have some fun and win yourself some shinies!

If you need some light-relief from freuding and your ideal light relief comes from answering questions based on the Yuuzhan Vong then please remember my April trivia which can be found here:

Submission numbers have been light so the chance of winning is pretty good.

Also just thought I'd let you know, from May 12th my end of year exams are on so expect my mIRC presence to be zilch and email turn around times to increase slightly. If it's anything urgent Telona is fully qualified to make a decision so don't hesitate to ask her and bypass myself.

Take care and have a good week.


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