Consul Report


Consul Report

CNS Consul Report #8 - September 9th, 2006

It's been a quiet week for me at least. I haven't done much...consider it a pseudo-LoA. Honestly, the only thing I've really had to deal with are "issues" among various members, but even that's dying down a bit.

Oh, somebody said on IRC that CNS is considered by the DB as the worst clan, that even CP (which I think is a decent clan) looks down on us. We know better.

Total PCON Emails: 71

  1. Great Jedi War Medals

Since so many of you got significant medals, I'm not really going to take the time to go over each one and give it the time it probably deserves in my report. However, I will note some highlights.

Stars of Antei were awarded to Acerbus, Acara Rayden, Ashia Kagan, and Sledge.

Steel Crosses were awarded to Scithe, Shin'ichi, Lanius Sin, Horus Blackheart, and Ruluk Okoth.

Grand Crosses (and there were many of them) were awarded to:

Xayun (you've got the TOUCH!)






Mifune (Mi-fu-neeeeeeeeee, he's the most wonderful man in the world...)

Macron (who I believe has a theme song but I don't remember what it is)

Godo Nurok

Kat Pridemore (runner of RPGs)

You can thank Kat Pridemore for doing those recs (except her own, since it'd be weird to recommend herself for a medal, so I did it).

  1. Two Sapphire Blades

Both Thorin and Lucius got Sapphire Blades for their work during the Great Jedi War. Thorin would have gotten a Grand Cross for his work, but it was upgraded for his constant emails and leadership and for moderating the run-on (which is also why Malisane's SC was upgraded to a GC).

Lucius got a Sapphire Blade because well, he was the Great Jedi War MVP. I mean, that kinda speaks for itself.

  1. Other Medals

Dessan got a Grand Cross for his work on the DB Wiki project.

  1. Promotions

Two biggies this week.

Sharmin was finally promoted to Krath Priestess.

Syrus was finally promoted to Dark Jedi Knight.

  1. Gaming

Wow...this is odd. The only CFs I know about are from Xayun, who participated in both gaming nights this week. RINGS OF REXXOR!

  1. Conclusion

Slow week. That's okay. There are umm, competitions going on. I actually just did Thorin's trivia thing, because this weekend's topic is computers and I know a few things about that.

Be excellent to one another.


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