Consul Report


Consul Report

CNS Consul Report #10 - September 23rd, 2006

Well, this week, I've had to deal with ambiguity about where my authority is relative to other people's authority, who gets one position and who doesn't, and of course, people telling me that they're going to laugh at me when CNS fails under my command.

Total CON Emails: 25

  1. My Competition

I don't normally talk about running competitions, but this is my competition so of course I want it to be successful.

CNS Historical Campaign:

Of course, I expect a handful of people to participate in these competitions. Trust me, two years ago I was doing all of these little competitions, and look at how many Crescents I have. Seriously, go to my dossier and notice that I have the 3rd highest number of Amethyst Crescents in the DB. I'd say half of my crescents came from participating in competitions where nobody participated and I got an automatic crescent. Whether or not that's a good or a bad thing, I don't know. Getting a crescent is nice I guess. It's really philosophical or something.

  1. Gaming

Until this weekend, it was pretty quiet in the clan, so I thought I'd go back to doing what I did before I got this job: Gaming. Because you know, that's what I find fun. I honestly think if you want to continue having fun in this club, you shouldn't take a position like mine. :P

Things like ICTE and Sunday Tournament are great because there's no pressure to succeed and stuff. So anyways, I participated in the ICTE, and I missed placing and getting a crescent by 1.5 CFs. Meh. I'm telling you guys, I wasn't around much today to participate in today's ICTE, and with my luck, few enough people participated meaning it would have been an easy crescent. Peh to that. Oh yeah:

In last weekend's ICTE, I got a glorious 23 CFs, Lucius got 8 CFs, Dessan got 5 CFs, Corin Falgron got 5 CFs, and Ruluk Okoth got 2 CFs.

I do want to remind people that tomorrow is the SUNDAY TOURNAMENT, and it's double the points and double the CFs, and bonuses to clans that get the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd most points. And this means participation, so I'm not concerned about sucking. Of course, you'd have to have qualified, but we got 7 qualifiers to my knowledge.

I also want people to know that I make up these silly little goals for myself in this club. One of those goals that I created late last year (before I was even PCON) was to get to 1000 CFs by the end of 2006. I now have 840. That gives me a little over 3 months to get 160 CFs, or about 11 CFs a week on average. So umm, root me on.

  1. Conclusion

Yeah I know, not much of a report. It was a quiet week. In order to make it up to you guys, I'll tell you what's been on my mind lately. Last year, because I have this obsession with doing things to keep myself busy (I'm the kind of guy who feels bad doing nothing), I enrolled in what my local police department calls a "Citizens Police Academy." It basically parallels the actual police academy, but with a definite civilian slant. So they basically explain how a police department works, and people from various departments come in and tell us what they do. However, in order to "graduate" from this CPA, you have to attend so many sessions and you have to do a shooting and driving exercise. The shooting was fun, but I'll talk about the driving.

So I'm looking at the driving course, and they basically want you to navigate the cones in a certain layout. They say that people in the actual academy have to do the course going at least 55 mph without hitting any cones to pass, but we were driving at around 35-40. But I was looking at the course and thinking, "Dear god, I'm not going to be able to do this...but if I hit the cones, oh well, might as well just do it and make an ass of myself." However, I actually navigated the course at 40 easily.

Except for the last part. They simulated a chase with another car and some hard turns denoted by cones. I completely bombed those. I have a bad habit of heading into turns at fast speeds, and so I'd crash into the cones a lot. Not only that, but I broke two cars doing so. Meh.


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