Consul Report


Consul Report

CNS Consul Report #11 - September 30th, 2006

Well alright. Crappy week for me IRL, and some DB confusion. I'll go into that in the introduction.

Total CON Emails: 55 (much better)

  1. Introduction

So the question that posed me last weekend was something like, "What is my job exactly?" Well, you could look at the Consul job in many ways. I submit higher level promotions and medals and administrative things like that. However, to be honest, I think the single most important job any leader in the DB has, is to help nurture a sense of community, to make sure the members are happy. This is an online Star Wars club, and this is a community, and this is volunteer, so it is not the business world. To some this job might be about policies, and honestly I wish it weren't. I don't like creating programs and policies. I didn't do that when I was Quaestor of HLK many years ago. However, it is a necessary part of the job.

Alright. It has come to my attention that the biggest doomsayer in this clan is probably me. I tend to be overly open about my feelings and my concerns, and when I am feeling down everybody knows it. I tend to write reports like this despite the fact that there are people from outside (and perhaps from within) who will look at this report and use it to say, "Look at CNS, there's a clan with emotional baggage." But, to be honest, CNS is doing just fine. It is me, as the figurehead of CNS, that is giving this portrayal. Things are better than I think they are, and I need to reevaluate how I'm viewing things.

  1. CNS Conclave Suggestion Box

If you guys don't know, every month or so the clan has its Conclave, a committee of relatively important CNS members. They basically comb the roster to make sure everybody's getting the recognition they deserve, and to discuss and/or vote on possible policy changes within the clan. However, a few people suggested to me that we have the members submit suggestions. Things like, "I think Slurpees should be banned in CNS." You email that to me and/or Kat Pridemore, and then we'll discuss it in the conclave.

  1. CNS Historical Campaign

This is the competition that I am running. Unfortunately, nobody has submitted. It's three fiction events, you are welcome to participate in only one of the events. Or, you can participate in two of the events. Or, if you're feeling rather dashing, you can participate in all three events. All of the information is here:

You can say to yourself, "Oh, I don't know anything about CNS History. I don't know anything about Tron!" That doesn't really matter. This is designed to be a historical learning experience. You can look things up on the DB Wiki. I just want something well written.

At this point the competition ends in about 5 days, and I have zero submissions. This means that if you participate there's a good chance you'll get a Crescent. And, if you have any questions, ask away.

  1. Gaming

Alas, CNS did not place in the Sunday Tournament bonus spectacular thing. It's also sad to see Smoke leave the Gaming Tribune position. Big shoes to fill. However..

In last week's gaming nights, Raven got 3 CFs and Xayun got 3 CFs.

In last weekend's ICTE, Xayun got 6 CFs and Vladek got 1 CF (yay Vladek).

In this week's gaming nights, Xayun got 3 CFs and Raven got 2 CFs and Ruluk got 4 CFs.

In the Sunday Tournament I mentioned a bit earlier, Raven got 4 CFs, Xayun got 26 CFs (whoa!), Ruluk got 4 CFs. By the way, Xayun tied for 2nd in that Sunday Tournament.

  1. Medals

Strangely enough, I got an email showing that Godo Nurok got a Gold Nova for the Great Jedi War, like, 4 weeks after it ended.

Oh, and I got an Amethyst Kukri.

  1. Conclusion

I would have liked to have talked about our Great Jedi War reward (you know, the ship), but that hasn't been awarded yet! Meh.


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