Consul Report


Consul Report

CNS Consul Report #14 - October 21st, 2006

I'm so tired. I should not have eaten so many donuts, but I did, so bleh.

Total CON Emails: 52

  1. Introduction

Wow, I don't have anything to talk about. Duga asked me about naming our fighter squadrons, and I didn't think about doing that, so I guess I'll have to think about that. And do things.

  1. CNS Historical Campaign 2

I already released the results of the trivia, but don't forget there are two more events in the CNS Historical Campaign. I have only gotten one submission for one of the events and no submissions for the other event. One of the events is the "Ode to Slurpee" How can you not do an event like that? It's unthinkable!

I must say the BTLs in both houses have submitted a ton of competitions. So many crescents, I'm almost tempted to do some of those competitions myself.

  1. Promotion

PRT Sai Alabaster Na'Ashar has been promoted to Guardian. Yay!

  1. Crescents

I wanted to say that 14 Crescents were awarded this week. That's a lot of Crescents.

  1. Gaming

In last weekend's ICTE, Xayun got 31 CFs, Raven got 11 CFs, and Talon Jade got 2 CFs. Xayun got 2nd place in the ICTE, and it's a shame because the only reason he got 2nd was because Malidir was playing Battlefront 2 and BF2 is worth double the CFs.

However, in today's ICTE, xayun undoubtedly crossed the 500 CF barrier. At the start of the day, I was 131 CFs away from my goal of 1000. I think I got 18 CFs today, so that'll bring me down to 113. Can I get 113 CFs in the little over two months remaining in the year? Oh, this is going to be close.

  1. Medals

Vladek (who also got a BTL position and a promotion) also got a Dark Cross. A good week for him.

Ashia Kagan got a Steel Cross! Hooray!

Godo Nurok got a Steel Cross! Yayayay!

  1. Conclusion

My mind is shutting down as I type this. bzzt Bleep. Blorp. bzzt

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