Consul Report


Consul Report

CNS Consul Report #28 - January 27th, 2006

Total CON Emails: 38

  1. The January Promotion Blitz

This has been a big month for promotions, particularly at the Journeyman level where it's most important. It's honestly my favorite thing about being Consul, seeing the newer members get promoted. The Equite promotions I don't enjoy so much, and the Elder promotions? Those suck. :P

Kinilus was promoted to Guardian. Yay!

Tyron Havik was promoted to Guardian. Yay!

Sai Alabaster was promoted to Jedi Hunter. Hooray!

Lex Darkfire was promoted to Jedi Hunter. Hooray!

There were also a number of lower promotions, but my policy isn't to dicuss promotions in my reports unless they are to Guardian or higher. But there were a whole bunch of those.

There are also a couple of DJK promotions that are almost there.

  1. Transfers

I also got a few transfers into the clan. Haven't had those in a while.

  1. Gaming

In last Saturday's ICTE, Vladek got a whopping 35 CFs and Mordaki got 2 CFs.

In the Sunday Tournament, Vladek got 7 CFs and Dragaff got 6 CFs.

In Tuesday Gaming, Aticus got 4 CFs, and I got 1 CF.

I actually participated in Lucius's elimination ladder thing, particularly the JO and BF2 events. I lost my BF2 match for two reasons: I happened to be paired up with Malidir who's played more BF2 than most DB members and is better than me, and because I had just come from work after a bad day at work. But yeah, even if I had had a good day at work, I probably would have still lost, because Malidir's better than me.

Now, in the JO ladder, I did beat my 1st round match, although barely. I'm kinda hoping that a few good players don't play their ladder matches so I won't have to deal with them in the first round. All of the good JO players are scattered throughout the ladder so I'm undoubtedly going to have to deal with them soon.

Speaking of gaming, the Outer Rim War 3 is starting up. Take a look at the news post for the details:

This is one of those opportunities where you can participate in a major-ish competition without the stress of having to deal with the other clans. Because for once, you can actually play with those great players you hate playing against.

  1. DV News Blurb

Telona is looking for submissions for the DV. Getting DSSes is one of the many requirements you can satisfy to get promoted.

I am, in particular, looking for someone who could write the CNS News Blurb for the next DV. Email me if you're interested. If you get the gig (which should only take 10 minutes but longer if you're really new), it is imperative that you forget or slack off on this. It has to be done. Well, it doesn't HAVE to be done, but it really means a lot to me. If multiple people want to do it (which hasn't been a problem so far), I will be biased towards Journeymen who actually need a DSS to get promoted.

  1. CNS Historical Campaign #4

I've been meaning to do one of these since the House Feud ended, but I've been obviously distracted. I've done three HCs so far:

#1 was about Tron during the founding of House Naga Sadow

#2 was about Tron during the creation of Clan Naga Sadow a year later

#3 was about Goatham (Xanos/Darth Vexatus for you newer members)

So, #4 will be about me. This competition will run a little bit longer than others, because I feel that 2 weeks isn't long enough. So, this one will run two and a half weeks, that way I could do CNS Historical Campaign #5 in the CON report after that.

Here's the link:,%20Queue_Comp.EndDate&sort=desc&ID=2357

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