Proconsul Report


Proconsul Report



Today, the Feud started.

Today, we begin the systematic slaughtering of the CSP dogs.

Today, is a good day.

Today, with the start of the Feud, means that GAMING events are now OPEN. #ARCvsCSP has been made for the duration of the Feud, so go. Play. Fight the CSP dogs.

Also, theres several other events running.

A fiction, short, 1 to 3 pages, and ACC have started.

Also the Graphics event.

All of this is on the website that Strat has been spamming you guys with,

The first 6 events are open.


Selene transferred back to the Clan today, everybody smile, wave, and say 'Hello Selene'.

Good job :P

Now, get out there and kick some tail.

Also, thank you Mejas and Orv for making the Vengeance site.

Now, as I said. GO kick some CSP dogs around.


OPM Koskian 'Psyko' d'Tana Arconae (Obelisk)/PCON/Clan Arcona [GMRG: IND] [ACC: CN:1]

GC / SC / AC-WG / DC-KC-O-CS-D / (SNAg) / (BNAg) / Cr-1A-1S-2E-1T / ECF / CF-BlF-RF-GF-PF-SF / SI / SoL / LSAu / S:-8M-8C-16D

{SA: KS: ToL - AIM - FP - HS1 - HSII - PRH - MED - K: OCORE - MRK} </bow>

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