Consul Report


Consul Report

And for the first time in roughly five centuries, a new report magically appears from the CON-man's office. Could this be happening? Could it really be that the famed Strategos T. Entar has overcome his loathing for writing reports, and has finally graced the Clan with another one of his rare literary masterpieces?

You'd better believe it.

The Bad News:

First off, it seems that some of our members felt the need to transfer to CSP after the Feud ended and the transfer block had been removed. While our spectacular recent performance in the Feud has shown that CSP really does need all the help it can get, this wasn't exactly my idea of it. I regret losing good, active members, and this is no different. However, I'm certain that even with this slight setback, we can keep and build on the excellent work ethic you guys have shown during the Feud, and continue it to blow the inferior Clans away in the upcoming RoS and GJW. You will all have to do your part, naturally, and maybe even more than in the Feud, but on our part, the Summit of Arcona will do its utmost to provide you all with the best possible conditions for further pwnage.

The Good News:

Now we move on to the good news, and don't worry, that's much more plentiful. Firstly, the question that's been on many people's minds lately is "do you have any more results?" I'm happy to say that I do, and I'm positively exuberant at the following announcement... we have won the Feud! Indeed, Vengeance is ours. Not all the results are out yet, but I do have events 6 and 8 (GFX and Caption) judged and ready for revealing. Here goes:

The Feud Results:

Event 6 (Graphics):

1st: Orv Dessrx, 50 pts

2nd: Xander Drax, 45 pts

3rd: Mejas Doto, 42 pts

4th: Desdemonea, 39 pts

5th: Kandos Katarn, 35 pts

6th: Nathaniel, 30 pts

Arcona: 321 with 15 participants

CSP: 199 with 13 participants

Arcona wins, we're 5-0 ahead!

Event 8 (Captions):

1st (tied): Earnest, 120 pts

1st (tied): Phoenix, 120 pts

3rd (tied): Timeros, 96 pts

3rd (tied): Valnir, 96 pts

3rd (tied): Orv, 96 pts

6th (tied): Malaki, 64 pts

6th (tied): Nathaniel, 64 pts

6th (tied): Rasilvenaira, 64 pts

6th (tied): Xander Drax, 64 pts

6th (tied): Ood Bnar, 64 pts

6th (tied): Kant Lavar, 64 pts

6th (tied): Zandro, 64 pts

6th (tied): Kosk, 64 pts

6th (tied): Drodik, 64 pts

Arcona: 1188 with 24 participants

CSP: 716 with 17 participants

Arcona wins, we're 6-0 ahead!

Obviously, this is great news. Not only have we won the Feud already, we have yet to lose a single event to CSP! And since they have only three events left where they could theoretically beat us, time is running short for the squirrel-mongers. :P

Clan Envoy Needed

Exactly what it says here... we're in need of a good KCE, and fast. If you think you've got what it takes, or if you have any questions regarding the position, mail Kosk and me with your question/application. Apps are due this Sunday, but we reserve the right to appoint a Clan Envoy as soon as we've found a good one.

Clan Training

This project will hopefully kick off very soon, and will provide Arcona with a structured platform for training on many areas of the DB. Several people will be appointed to a position of Clan Trainer in a particular platform (things such as JO/JA, fiction, ACC, EaW, BF2) and they will be the go-to guys if you need anything by way of improvement or training. More details will be forthcoming shortly. Also, if you're interested in being a Clan Trainer, please contact Kosk, Timeros and me. Timmy is the one largely responsible for this initiative, and has agreed to take charge of the entire project. Goooo Tim!


Now that the Feud is over, and most of the events have been graded (more importantly, all the participation numbers are out), it's high time for Arcona's leaders to reward their members for their great work. So, those of you who have been active (you know who you are) can look forward to getting something nice in your mailbox in the next few days.

Fictional Development

One of our many plans, back in the day, was to create a team of people overseeing Arcona's fictional background, the state of it, and how it might be altered or improved. Today, we've decided to make that group. If you like the fictional side of things, have a good knowledge of Arcona, and consider yourself a good (well, at least competent :P) writer, there's a good chance you'll enjoy this. Interested? As usual, mail me and Kosk. With any questions as well.


Both Rho and Timeros have brand new competitions out for Galeres, starting today.,%20Queue_Comp.EndDate&sort=desc&ID=2419 and,%20Queue_Comp.EndDate&sort=desc&ID=2420 are the links. Also, I'm sure Oriens will have some brand new competitions up and running soon. :)

AWOL Check

If all is well, you have by now received an e-mail from your friendly neighbourhood Aedile telling you that there's a Clan-wide AWOL check going on. This will run for two weeks, but please reply to them ASAP - oh, and don't use the mailing list!

In Closing...

Let me just say once again that I'm extremely proud of the way you guys performed during the Feud. We really had the upper hand in quality as well as quantity - and believe me when I say that CSP is one of the stronger Clans out there. If we keep this up, truly great things might happen in the RoS and the GJW. I will, of course, keep you all posted on any new developments, but for now, it's enough report-writing for one day.

Until next time, and take care,

  • Strat, CON-man


His Excellency, Krath Pontifex Strategos Thanatos

Acuithar Khmarh Entharyi, di Tenebrous Arconae

Consul of Clan Arcona

KPN Strategos Thanatos Entar Arconae (Krath)/CON/Clan Arcona [GMRG: CRU] [ACC: CL:3]

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