Consul Report


Consul Report

CNS Consul Report #44 - May 19th, 2007

Damn, I did not apply for General Leadership. Some guy I've never heard of got it. I really wanted to grade that one. Meh. There'll be other opportunities later I guess.

I'd also like to say that our very own Muz has been appointed Deputy Grand Master. This might be the first post-Exodus member to rise to DGM. This is also the second DGM to have come from Clan Naga Sadow. It is excellent news. Here's the kicker. I was Muz's original Quaestor in HLK and I think I promoted him up to Guardian. And look at him now. I was also Goatham's first and only QUA, and I promoted him up to Dark Jedi Knight (he was promoted to SW while I was QUA but technically QUAs can't promote to SW so Trev probably did that one).

Total CON Emails: 36

  1. Introduction

Alright. Remember when I was talking about behavior in the last report? Just remember that I, your Consul, am a human being. I do not like having everything I say misinterpreted. When I make broad generalizations, I am doing just that. I am not attempting to single out people. If you think I'm talking to you directly I'm probably not. Trust me, if I were, I'd let you know I was.

I wanted to talk about the resignation of the previous Deputy Grand Master. I wanted to talk about organizational cohesion. One of the aspects of a club like this is that it's a volunteer club. Mixed with the fact that we're an internet club full of dorks, and we're just asking for a group of antisocial people. In a real workplace, people are forced to get along because if they didn't, they'd get fired, and people need money and stuff. It's why people put up with so much crap in their jobs, in practicality they probably don't have a choice. However, the DB is voluntary, and people tend to not have any "moral" boundaries when they're online. I've been online for a long time now, and I have noticed that.

But when everyone's acting like an ass to each other, how is an organization supposed to maintain cohesion? It can't. An organization can usually only maintain cohesion when we act like humans towards each other, when we are respective of the fact that this is a community. I'm not saying that it's the only way to run an organization, but it's the one that I think is the best.

There's this guy, real asshole at work. He's a contractor, and goes around saying awful things and provoking political conversation with people. Like, when I go to work, I talk about slurpees and whatever was on TV the previous night, like normal people. Politics is usually taboo in the workplace because it gets people emotional sometimes and it distracts from the job if the guy's all fussed up. But this guy is essentially a force that disrupts the cohesiveness of the people I work with. I don't work in his group, but he's next to me, so I have to pump up my headphones and blast the heavy metal just to drown him out, and yet somehow he manages to get through with his awful voice. Not that I'm complaining. :P

What I'm saying is that it seems pointless to be a disruptive force in an organization that depends on volunteerism. What's the point of being in an organization if you're going to be like that. And like I said in the first paragraph, I'm not talking about any of you guys. However, it's one of the reasons why we had to get a new Deputy Grand Master.

Why come to class if you're just going to be disruptive?

  1. Attacking the Clones

A few hours left Saturday for Round Two. Round Three events have been approved and we're waiting for Malisane to announce them formally.

Event Descriptions (scroll to the bottom for the latest events)

Scoring (btw, nobody has gamed yet):


  1. New Envoys

This was a fairly hard decision to make since two candidates were very well qualified.

SBL Quejo Bandon is the new CNS Clan Envoy.

SW Horus Blackheart is the new HLK House Envoy.

I know what some of you are thinking. "Why didn't you pick younger members for the positions?" Well, at this point I really need good experienced people in the positions. We'll try to find positions for the others who applied.

  1. Manesh's SA Challenge

Well, this week I was supposed to take Advanced Poetry. Well, I took regular Poetry instead. Sorry. I will take Advanced Poetry in a few days though. I passed Poetry with a 100. I mostly wrote poems about fruits and vegetables. I thought they were quite genius, and makes me wish I kept my responses somewhere so that I could share my poems. Oh well. I must say that the Poetry course wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

I do want to mention that my Leadership Fundamentals exam was graded slightly after I wrote my last report. I also scored a 100% on that exam. Sarin is the grader of that exam, and he wrote the following: "This was excellent work and probably the best Leadership Fundamentals test graded. Well done." I rock.

In the last poll, the Chamber of Justice course got 3 votes (mine included) and the rest of the courses got one vote, so my vote didn't even matter. So, that is the course that I will be taking.

9 SA courses were passed this week. Excellent.

The newest poll can be found at:

  1. Medals

Tyren was awarded a Steel Cross. Hooray! Tyren should be close to getting Dark Jedi Knight once he informs me of his progress on his trials.

Raist was awarded an Anteian Cross for playing so many goddamned ACC matches during the Rite of Supremacy. Yay!

  1. Gaming

Yay, I have gaming to report!

In last weekend's Sunday Tournament, I was awarded 2 CFs, Nik-Qui-Kux earned 1 CF, and Saradomin was awarded 1 CF.

  1. Conclusion

This new Megadeth album is really growing on me. It's so catchy. Say what you will about sophisticated 14 minute songs, once in a while I like a simple and catchy song. Mustaine is just so overtly political though. People should be more subtle about such things.

IRC seems a bit more active lately. That puts a smile on my face.

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