Consul Report


Consul Report


Hey all! I’ll be your friendly neighborhood PCON in this report, giving you all that vital information on the War. This report will be slightly different from my regular reporting…very little talk about general stuff, and almost all focused on the Great Jedi War that’s currently unfolding. They’ll also come out a bit more often to keep all you guys abreast of information you need to know.

The GJW: Overall

Some people say that there are Clans in the Brotherhood that are invincible. Some people say that certain Clans have always been on top and that those Clan always will be on top. They point to strings of victories and say ‘those guys can’t be beaten!’.

Those people, as the past two days of the GJW have shown us, are wrong. There are no invincible Clans, there are no infallible stratagems or unbeatable opponents. In the end, it’s just writing, drawing, and gaming. We were the first to solve the puzzle, and have played remarkably well over the past two days. Two days might not be enough to tell…but I feel cautiously optimistic about our chances. However, there is one thing we must do if we want to compete…and that is keep up the pace, not just at gaming but at all the other events as well.

The GJW: Gaming

Remember what I said about nothing being certain in the GJW…there is nothing that shows this principle as much as the JO/JA ladder. Over the past 48 hours, the top slot has been held by Taldryan, Arcona, Tarentum, and CSP, in many cases multiple times by each. As I’m writing this we’re back in third place, but a few games from all of us would change that right back again to the top.

The Misc. Ladder is doing pretty well at the moment…we’re in second place, but that hasn’t changed much. CSP is in first place and has a pretty solid lead…but with this few games played we could switch that around in no time if we try…as I’m sure we will. ;)

The GJW: Fiction

It’s only the second day, so I haven’t received many fictions yet…but the amount I have received is hopeful. This, and I’m serious about this, might be the lynchpin on which our victory or defeat rests. We’ve come far since the RoS...and with a few more written fictions we can probably pull off a good score. So, if opponents for the games are scarce or you’re just naturally inclined to write, have a go at it. Open words, flex those fingers and start typing.

Remember, also, that you need your fictions to have both you ID Line and your PIN attached. Yeah, it seems nitpicky…but I got disqualified over it last time.

Now, here’s some tips and general ideas….

“Broken Pride” is basically ‘We’re on a spaaacceeeeeeship!’ and ‘when Vong attack’, combined. Write what you’re doing…whether it’s sitting in the loo, watching the sensors, getting drunk in the ship’s bar, chatting up that cute chick or having sex in the bathroom with a boy/girlfriend…pick one and run with it. More importantly, speak about what you’re doing and how you react…do the Vong board your ship? Do they try and blow it up? Do you get blown up? Think of it…and make it happen.

The second fiction is even more basic…the Vong are getting towards Coruscant, and you’re going to have to write about how scary all of that is. Write an article about them…talk of broken bones and horrifying scars and other stuff those oddball Vong do to themselves…and others when they get the chance. Tell of their victories…open Wookieepedia for it if you have to. Just write about them and their foul ways! Finally…don’t forget that there’s no minimum size for this one, so it doesn’t even have to be very long.


Not too much from us in this area…yet. Again, same thing…if you can play, play. We’ll need all the ACCers we can get.


A few things here…first of all, remember that all the Runon events happen in the past…not the present. Also, try and read all the guidelines we established earlier on…thanks a lot, because we’ll need to have a consistent runon for this to work.

Elevations and awards of note:

One…DJK Mayda Ferium has now been granted her lightsaber! Grats May!


The GJW is on…’nuff said. Fight as hard as you possibly can, because right now, every single instant of time you can devote to Arcona is needed.

Cya’ll online,


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