Consul Report


Consul Report



Yes, the report is late…dreadfully late. There are reasons for this, but I cannot adequately express my apologies. I have a vacation to go to, and this conflicted with DJB work…

And as such, I had to regrettably inform several companions that the vacation is now off. I’ll be staying with you, GJW-wise, for the rest of its duration.

The GJW: Overall

The Great Jedi War, as it stands, is not going too well. We are not sucking, but we aren’t doing brilliantly either. However, I just know that we can shine in this, if we put in just that little bit of extra effort. :)

The GJW: Gaming

We’re in fourth place here, and it seems mostly stable. The main onus is now on us to try and get that spot back properly. How to do this? Several things. The most important of these is perseverance. People get weary of gaming after a while (unless they’re called Malidir). They get so weary, eventually, that they stop playing. The trick for us is to not do that. If we keep going the way we are, never stopping that…we stand a good chance of winning this thing.

The GJW: Fiction

I’m glad to have the amount of submissions we’ve had. On the whole we did pretty well…but there’s nothing that can’t be improved. We need to get more writing…even if you think the story sucks, just send it in. Doing something is ALWAYS better than doing nothing.

Dazed isn’t too hard to perform, and neither is poetry or graphics. All can be done, if needed, within the space of perhaps three hours if you’re in a hurry. Again…just do something. Arcona needs you at this moment.


This seems to be, by far, our weakest point in this. I’m the only one who’s doing high-level participation…and so, I must ask the following:

If you have a valid Character Sheet, and have not participated yet…do it. I’m serious. We need to do better in the ACC if we are to do well in all of this. It’s the easiest place to gain points at the moment, especially as battles take so short.


Best to follow the Message Board thread, here. Check it, try to grab Kieran (‘Towelie’ online) to get info from him.

Elevations and awards of note:

Juda’s a DJK now! W00t!


The GJW is on…’nuff said. Fight as hard as you possibly can, because right now, every single instant of time you can devote to Arcona is needed.

Cya’ll online,


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