Aedile Report


Aedile Report

<Div align="center"### AED Report #4

With the Clan’s new fleet about to be awarded, Quaestor Hel-pa Sklib was preparing for a Journey to view the new warships up close, along with the Consul and the Clan Summit. This left Vodo in an awkward position, managing an entire house, whilst in the aftermath of the most devastating war in the Brotherhood’s recent history. Members were scattered far and wide, and participation seemed down, but it was to be understood, everyone had fought tooth and nail, and given their 100%, and needed a break. But there was no rest for the Aedile.

There were the usual reports and check ups that were required for the day to day management of the House, but it was the construction of the new Library that dominated his attention. The announcement of it’s construction had been announced the previous week, and it was this weekend that Vodo was proud to announce that the foundations had been laid, paving the way for the actual construction.

The Quaestor and the Aedile had worked very hard to locate a position that would give the ambitious project a demanding view, but also maintain a level of tranquility that would be needed for a Library. They had decided on the cliffs over looking the Sea of Dralzen on the southern portion of the Continent of Shilah. Deisgned specifically to not look like any other building in the Kr’Tal System, or the Brotherhood at large, Vodo had taken painstaking steps to ensure this Library would not only look magnificent, but remain true to the teachings of the Dark Side. Put simply, it was going to impress a great number of people as they entered and began their studies.

As I hinted above, activity has fallen a touch, but it’s alright, because you all did put a lot of effort into that GJW. But let’s see some participation in Amiz’s caption comp. You can easily find it on the message boards under the Ektrosis board. If you don’t know where the message board is, or haven’t signed up for it, DO IT.

There are many competitions available at the moment for your playing pleasure, and only need look at the DB News page, or read Duga’s up coming report. Also, from the number of SA courses passed by Anubis this past week, it leads me to ask, what have the rest of you been doing?

In other news, Expect to see the big Ekky competition in the next month. Sklib and I promise to not let you down, so we expect a great number of you to participate, got it?


_Shadow Academy _

Anubis Kahn:

ACC Initiates Course

Brotherhood Basics

Conflict Mediation

Pre-Republic History

History of the Sith Empire I

Training Light Saber Course

HTML Basics

Chamber of Justice Course

Krath Core <- WOO!!

Advanced HTML

IRC Basics



Hel-pa Sklib:

Sith Core <- WOO!!


Krath Core <- WOO!!

Conflict Mediation

_Medals: _

Lokasena ‘Sena’ Corvis:

1 x Anteian Cross

1 x Scroll of Foundation


2 x Cluster of Fire

1 x Legion of the Scholar

Alanna Taldrya:

2 x Bronze Nova

Dark Sabre Taldrya:

1 x Bronze Nova

1 x Silver Nova

2 x Gold Nova <- /me thrusts

Vardar Fen’Amar Ordo:

1 x Bronze Nova

3 x Gold Nova <- /me Thrusts twice


1 x Scroll of Indoctrination

Anga Salinas:

1 x Crescent with Emerald

_Promotions and Achievements: _

APP Anubis Kahn was promoted to Novice!! Keep it up!

NOV Anubis Khan was promoted to Acolyte!! Great Work!

ACO Anubis Kahn was promoted to Protector!! This is getting silly…

ACO Tirano was promoted to Protector!! Keep it up!

Shadow = Tribune of Gaming (T:B)

If I missed anything at all, feel free to email me and inform me. I will amend my report on the DB Site, and make a note of it on the mailing list.


Dark Jedi Brotherhood :

Clan Taldryan :

House Ektrosis :

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