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Gaming Tribune Report

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October Gaming Tournament

That’s right. The Gaming Tournaments will make their return on this Sunday. Instead of running the “gaming nights with crescents” style tournament that we’ve had in the past, we’re going to try a number of different gaming ladders and brackets and see how they go. Sharad is working on a kickass system to incorporate several different types of tournament styles for easy to create competitions, but that will take a bit of work. So for this week we’re going with a somewhat easier event – the King of the Hill.

The King of the Hill tournament will start like this:

Matches will be played on Sunday and reported as normal via your administration option, Submit Gaming Scores. At the end of the day, we’ll declare the top participant (best win/loss record) for the JK Series, (JK, JO, JA) the BF series (BF, BF2) and the Other series (RC, EaW, GB, XWA, XvT) as a King of the Hill. For each gaming night thereafter, the Kings will try to remain on top, but will be handicapped with only half of their matches counting towards their total tally, while everyone else will continue to gain points normally. But, the Kings will be earning double the CFs for all their matches played. This will make remaining the King a lot more difficult, but worthwhile, which is the point of the tournament. A new King will be named at the end of each day of gaming, and the member who becomes/remains King the longest will receive a Pendant of Blood, as well as a Crescent with Diamond Star.

This competition will restart on each Sunday of October, which is a preview of how most of the new Tournaments will run. Due to the time/participation constraints of having a single-day tournament, I’ve decided that a Tournament will run the duration of a month with Sunday’s being the day rounds change, or we start over. You should also note that the Tournaments are no longer the means by which members can earn points for their Clan. The problem with the old style of tournaments/points is that anyone could play anyone else, which effectively meant same Clan matches earned Clans double the points. Tournaments are a measure of skill, not activity. Therefore points will be earned in a different matter, which will be explained at a later time. See my note on the Points/Items below.

Expect a news post about the tournament a bit later.

Rites of Combat - Revised

As I announced earlier this week, I’ve released a revised edition of the Rites of Combat – the Brotherhood’s rules to official gaming. I urge anyone who participates in DB gaming to check out the general rules as well as the rules specific to the platforms you own. This should go a long way in helping resolve the issues that plagued the recent Great Jedi War.

If you find any problems with the new Rites of Combat, or you think something needs to be clarified, or added, or removed email me and we’ll discuss them, or I’ll go ahead and make the changes. Any changes that have been made since the initial revision can be found on the article’s Discussion Page, which I’ve categorized by date. Easy to quickly check the discussion page to see what’s new instead of reading through the entire document again.

-> ## Current Projects <-

Points/Items System

The points and items system are more or less complete, but until we implement the new gaming system we can’t do much more with them. Soon Clans will be able to earn new starfighter squadrons by having their members participate in gaming activities. I’ll release more detailed information on this as we get closer to release.

Website/Gaming Ladder

Work is progressing well on this. Sharad and Jac have been sharing ideas on how to make an amazing MP ladder system for the DB to use. So far it’s all back end coding stuff, so there is nothing really to see yet. When we got some stuff finished I’ll throw up a news post about it.

** JA Servers**

So this is being a bit more problematic than I thought it would be. It seems the JAE and JA+ mods change the default Jedi Academy damage to what they think is a better system… they would be wrong, and all attempts to edit that out haven’t gone over so well. I’m looking into the possibility of creating a DB-made mod that will add the dueling functionality we need without upsetting the base JA gameplay.

-> ## Last Week in Gaming <-

76 matches, 120 CFs, and 18 participants. Seems the Gaming Nights are starting to pick up a bit now that the Great Jedi War is behind us. The Pendant of Blood for this week goes to Itachi Uchiha with a record of 14 wins and 0 losses. Congratulations to Itachi, and to everyone on their Clusters of Fire.

The ICTE saw a bit of a rise in activity after last week. A total of 58 games were played and 96 Clusters of Fire. Two participants qualified for All-Star, but the GE’s Munro Burton took the title with Malidir coming in a close second. For full details on last Saturday’s event check out the ICTE Archive.

Before I forget again, do I get a Crescent with Ruby Star for winning the JO gaming ladder that took place when Lucius and Korras were T:G?

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