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Consul Report

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Clan Report: Volume 2 Report#3 for Week Ending 29/09/07


This is the big one! The launch of the two main restructuring proposals I've been teasing you all with since my arrival. I need to start off by thanking the extraordinary support I have recieved from the current leaders (or at least those that are left!). These changes are all intended to help revitalise Arcona in as many ways as possible. They go beyond any one individual and look to help Arcona. We need to improve our leadership, we need to stir up the stagnation that has been building over the past year, we need to improve our image to the other Clans (purely so we can steal some of their members) and we need to improve the ethos for ourselves. Most importantly we need to get back to having MUCH more fun!!! These latest proposals, coupled with Reverence (click here if you missed it!) from last week, will help to make this happen.

<span class="style23">Project Resurrection: "The Abyss"

[Project Resurrection: "Duality"](#2)  

[The Transition Events ](#3)</span>

Project Resurrection: "The Abyss"<>

<span class="style10">Never before has the Brotherhood seen a "reshuffle" like this. We already have a lot of open positions within the Clan and the rest are BEING opened up by me! I've spoken with the summit leaders and they all back this plan of attack. I'm opening a week long period for applications ina hope to attract some of our skilled members in Arcona along with some talented, ambitious individuals from the other Clans. </span><span class="style10">Every position will be up for grabs except CON/PCON, Clan Envoy and Soulfire Sergeant. I'm keeping CON for a little longer and going to run a competition based upon my actions as CON and how they transpire into these crazed position openings. Mayda just got Envoy and she's on fire and Soulfire are as stable as ever - fictionally they will be assigned as my elite bodyguard unit during the fictional event (not that I need them... :P).</span>

<span class="style10">Read the newspost (by clicking here) to get a better understanding of whats going down and click on the image below to read the official proposal. Once you've done all that, then get your application in if you think you've got what it takes. </span>

<table width="609" border="0" align="center"> <tr> <td width="603"> </td> </tr> <tr> <td>

Heavily inspired by Order 66 and the true path of the Sith, "The Abyss" was an attempt to cleans Arcona and offer Consul Mejas Doto the oppertunity to rebuild a regime of the most powerful Darki jedi from across the Brotherhood. This oppertunity has seldom been provided by any other Clan and now only the most driven and ambitious will amount to anything in Arcona...

You can read this proposal by clicking on the image above.

</td> </tr> </table>

Project Resurrection: "Duality"<>

<span class="style10">This proposal sets to outline and refocus the function and purpose of Arcona's two Houses. The proposal says it better than anything so click on the image below and then make your choice: Galeres or Qel-Droma???</span>

<table width="609" border="0" align="center"> <tr> <td width="603"> </td> </tr> <tr> <td>

The tri-colour Arcona logo represents the principals proposed in the Resurrections Project: "Duality" document.

      This proposal believes in the importance of having multi-order houses but insists on creating centres of excellence to help develop the skills of Arconans in their main activity. Each House will henceforth openly specialise in an Order specific activity.

You can read this proposal by clicking on the image above.

</td> </tr> </table>

The Transition Events <>

With all these changes going on in Arcona I thought I could solidify this time in our history and run some competiutions based on these happenings. They will be simple, easy to participate in and they'll be well rewarded. Read the prologue below and then visit the website HERE for competition details:

Sitting alone in the Hall of Shadows Mejas sat in the Serpentine Throne, at once linked to every Arconan in the galaxy. Their spirit was strong and they were a Clan of truly distinct, powerful Dark Jedi. Yet all this had fallen away, left swirling in a mix of stagnation, lack of direction and in-fighting. It was time to end this.

Retiring to his office, the Dark Jedi Master sent orders for the entire Clan to gather on Selen. There were to be no exceptions to the calling except for Clan Envoy Mayda Ferium who was currently attending a summit of the Envoy’s. Soulfire Squadron were also ordered to report directly to the Consul upon arrival.


The Hall of Shadows was packed with the loyal clansmen of Arcona. All was quiet, the atmosphere was thick with anticipation and every Dark Jedi awaited to hear the first address of their new Consul.

One the main dais sat an empty Serpentine Throne, with Soulfire Squadron surrounding the scene in sentinel formation. To the knowledgeable it would appear that the Consul expected unrest to follow – why else call upon the services of the Arcona elite?

As all light was extinguished the Dark Jedi Master’s presence could be felt by all and as the room waited motionlessly, the main lighting reignited to reveal the sitting Consul.

“My Children of Chaos, our resurrection has begun.” Growled the Zabrak. “Today I enact “Order of the Abyss” whereby all summit leaders gathered here today are stripped of their position.”

Gasps and muttering could be heard throughout the ancient hall. Soulfire squadron stood steadfast but their eyes darted between the various Dark Jedi who had just been removed from their positions. There was no movement, no retorts just shock.

“Never before has a Clan needed to be so brutally cleansed. Never before has a power as mighty as Arcona fallen into such disrepute. We will not fall like Satal Keto. We will not wither and die like those in Plageuis. We will turn the tides now and revert back to our beginnings. We will follow the rules of the Sith and only the darkest, most hate filled and malevolent of you will rise up and take back what I have torn away from you.” Spat Mejas.

Standing up from the Serpentine Throne Mejas ushered Soulfire to step away as he walked between his Arconan brethren.

“Each of you know this is right. It must be done in order for our Clan to have any future, Each of you know as well, that by being cut of from the rest of our Brotherhood so long has caused stagnation and deformation in our Clan. We must seek new life blood, therefore I will be openly inviting our entire Brotherhood to enter the fray for the power I alone can appoint.”

“Some of you may think this is treachery, inviting outsiders to assume positions within our Clan. Those of you who think this are fools. We are all outsiders, we were all brought into this Brotherhood and now we will have the most powerful, skilled and ambitious leading us into the future.”

“Let it be known now, that those of you who oppose my order, will be dealt with by the Doto Doctrine, and I will impose this upon you myself. Arcona must change, must be reborn, must be resurrected – and this is how it will be done.”

“Those of you who wish to regain your positions, or those of you who have coveted your elders position before, I invite you Arconae Primus tomorrow. There the “Rite of Ascension” will begin.”

Turning on his heels, the Zabrak Master walked away from his gathered Clan. There awe struck faces excited him as a sneer slipped across his face. Walking into the shadows at the rear of the dais the consul merged into the darkness and was gone. Arcona had been dealt her orders, it was time for the resurrection.


Across the Antei system consoles flashed and Dark Jedi from every facet of Brotherhood life were made aware of the news. Screens and holo-projectors portrayed the hooded head of a blue skinned male. Only his maw was visible, but the vicious, gravely tones in which he spoke clearly identified him to all as Dark Jedi Master Mejas Doto, Consul of Clan Arcona.

“Dark Jedi of the Brotherhood, not since my days as Head Master have I addressed the Brotherhood in this manner, but the information I have is paramount to all. Arcona has fallen under my watch for a second time and it is time for the Resurrection to begin. I have enacted orders in Arcona which has removed most of my summit leaders from their positions. Arcona has stagnated and it is time to draw new lifeblood from the Brotherhoods arteries. There are many of you out there who are victims of circumstance; locked in a Clan with no hope of advancing or developing as your potential should allow. It is you, the ignored, trapped yet ambitious, power hungry Dark Jedi that I seek out.

We have lost touch with our roots as Sith. Democratic procedures and overlordship from our Dark Council has compounded our problem – yet I am here to restore your rights as Sith! Only the strongest should survive, only those who are prepared to do anything for power should ascend. The rest should fall and be crushed under the feet of the worthy. Within the new Arcona I can offer you these oppertunities.

The “Rite of Ascension” will take place on Arconae Primus tomorrow, the co-ordinates for which have been included in this transmission. If you wish the opportunities you will never be afforded elsewhere, the chance to reaffirm the might of a Clan and earn untold prestige amongst your brethren, now is your time to take them.

There are a lot of changes going on that involve and affect everyone. Your support to date has been greatly appreciated and hopefully by the end of next week we will have a full summit appointed which will allow us all to start moving forward and also alow for me to unveil my final proposal (unfortunately the one I wrote first - so I'm really desperate to share it!). This proposal well help to make some of our summit situations more concrete and help to provide a real sense of Arcona's future over to the members. It will also afford many Arconan's some nice fictional rewards...but we'll deal with that in the next report!!!

As always, if anyone has any problems at all then please don't hesitate to contact [Log in to view e-mail addresses].

<span class="453415720-07012007">Embrace the Darkness,</span>

<div dir="ltr" align="left"><div><div><span class="453415720-07012007"><span class="062133016-03122006"><span class="718113318-05012007" style4> <span class="style12">** DJM Mejas Doto, di Tenebrous Arconae

**"Guardian of Arcona"  

Consul of Clan Arcona</span> </span></span></span>

<span class="style12">DJM Mejas Doto (Krath)/CON/Arcona [ACC: CL:3]

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