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Gaming Tribune Report

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King of the Hill Tournament

The second round of the Tournament will be starting this Sunday after the ICTE ends at midnight. Remember your matches played and reported as regular gaming nights will earn you points. On Monday the first trio of Kings will be named and then they will suffer a penalty to their points earned, while anyone who plays them will get double the points.

A few changes have been made to the rules. First of all, it’s been decided that the top Crescents I can award will now by Ruby rather than Diamond. It sucks, I know. But there weren’t really enough participants to justify the Diamon Crescents. Winners still take home a crapload of CFs, as well as a Pendant of Blood and now a Ruby Crescent as well.

The other rule change will only affect the people who managed to hold onto King for consecutive terms. For each consecutive term you hold the title you will suffer a greater handicap than the standard 50%. It’ll move to 60% on your second term and 75% on your third, which should help get a few more people named as King. That should be it, so have fun and go game a lot. Let’s see if we can’t have more CFs awarded this week.

Halo 3 Competition

The Halo 3 Comp ended last weekend, though it took me a few days to get the results out. Congratulations to Derev and Cipher who tied for first place and earned themselves some cool Mjolnir-style armor and the sweet Covenant energy swords. Also, congratulations to Quejo who took second and earned himself an energy sword. If you want to check out their winnings just search for one of their dossiers.

Overall the competition went very well. Hopefully we’ll be able to run something similar for future non-Star Wars games. If you ever feel there’s a game we should run a fun competition for just email me and I’ll look into it. A couple of factors will be that more than a handful of DBers would have to own/play it, and it would need some way of verifying match records. If you think your game can manage let me know.

Clusters of Fire will be awarded on Saturday for this competition. Sorry about the delay.

Bryar Bowl With a Vengeance

The Bryar Bowl is back… with a vengeance! Round one of the brackets have begun and we’re hoping that a week per round will be enough time to get all the matches played. If you signed up for the Bryar Bowl check out the Brackets to see who your opponent is, then try to find them on IRC or set up a match time over email.

ICTE on Saturday

Just thought I’d quickly mention that the ICTE will be held in #outerrim on Saturday from about noon EST til midnight. I’ll be hosting so you can report matches to me in the format Platform: PIN1, Name1, Score1, Club1 vs PIN2, Name2, Score2, Club2. Come on out to get some quality multi-club gaming in and see if you can’t earn the title All-Star and grab a Crescent.

-> ## Last Week in Gaming <-

115 matches played this week, and 142 CFs earned. But, this last week I decided to run a Double CF week, which brings the total of CFs I’ll be awarding (expect them tomorrow) to 285. Not too shabby. Congratulations to everyone, but especially Malidir who is this week’s Pendant of Blood earner with a record of 35/11.

The ICTE had 35 matches played and 130 Clusters of Fire awarded. Once again the GE’s Munro Burton took the All-Star title making this his third consecutive win. Let’s get out there and take the crown back from those GE bastards. The full results can be found at the ICTE Archive.

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Munro Burton is an undercover Agent for Arcona :P

Three matches and I still placed in first. You losers are making it too easy to take Venquis' crown away from him. :P

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