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Gaming Tribune Report

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King of the Hill Tournament Results

A nice return for the King of the Hill Tournament. A lot of matches played, and a bit closer fight for King each round. But, the big winner’s are JScumm and Malidir. JSCumm took the Misc Series, while Malidir took both the JK Series and BF Series. Congratulations go to them and all the shiny medals have now been awarded and probably approved.

The final round of the King of the Hill competition starts now… so get out there and get your matches in to see if you can take the throne. Same rules as I last listed them, which means playing a King earns you double the points, while their points are halved (or more). Kings earn double CFs for all matches they play (as Kings) and can earn Pendants of Blood and Crescents with Ruby Stars.

Bryar Bowl With a Vengeance

The Bryar Bowl is now in full swing with most of the first round matches played. If you have yet to complete your matches try to do so as soon as possible so we can move on to the next round.. If you signed up for the Bryar Bowl check out the Brackets to see who your opponent is, then try to find them on IRC or set up a match time over email.

-> ## Last Week in Gaming <-

181 matches played this week, and 448.5 CFs earned. A nice increase over last week, and hopefully the final week of the King of the Hill competition will be as successful.

Last Saturday’s ICTE had a grand total of 3 matches played… impressive, I know. Thanfully this Saturday was a bit more active, but you’ll all hear about that next week. The full results can be found at the ICTE Archive. And you’ll want October 13, 2007 not the 20th.

-> ## Random Stuff <-

A shorter report this week, but should have more information for everyone on future events and whatnot soon. Hopefully I’ve also have an update on how the new site stuff is progressing, but as we all know website things tend to take forever. As always, if you have questions about the gaming nights, ICTE, or gaming in general just get a hold of me on IRC or via email and I’ll see if I can’t help you out.

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Gaming Nights Information

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