Consul Report


Consul Report

Bridge: RSD Final Way

"Now entering the Orian System. What are your orders?" Ariac Simonetti stood with his arms behind him, watching the viewscreen aboard the newly commissioned modern ship. Around them, the entire new CNS fleet swarmed in a mighty show of force. Twin VSD vessels grouped with the ISD II Harbinger, and the various other ships that supported them.

"Make your course for Sepros orbit, and inform the Clan and Dlarit groups that we have arrived," ordered the Consul. "No more will we have to worry about stray dogs stealing our holdings."

Hi folks. Welcome to the latest edition of the report. Things are winding down a bit after the Orian Invasion competition, which is good. This gives us time to clean up other projects.

Things in the works:

Xanos has done a remarkable job with our wiki pages, especially the DSOG parts. Too cool. Joseem did an outstanding image of the DSOG fleet and our new RSD destroyer. I expect they will be up on the wiki shortly. The image is totally cool- very much so. Fine job. His cartoon is pretty damn funny too.

Various comps are coming up, so check the competitions pages and your Summit reports for details. I understand one in particular is in the works about stealing my diary...scary. Just ignore the doodles, beer, blood, and pizza stains. Heh.

We've seen a bit of shifting in the lineups of House summits and battleteams, which has brought new energy and ideas. This is a good thing. Always remember that leadership positions are a job, and not a reward.

Ideas have been floated for an inter-clan competition with another Clan sometime next year.

Lots of cool training ideas are floating about as well. Several message threads are open on the forums, both for general chatter and for people to train. Specifically, Tyren has opened a cool forum for people to train in the art of the runon, and I drop by occasionally to post. The forums are useful to avoid lots of spam in your inbox, and some folks can't get on IRC or don't like it, etc. I highly encourage you to try this. I personally love runons.

Couple of pointers: There is a cleanup going on in the wiki, especially as related to personal items like starships. Remember to be realistic and keep your stuff "doable" for your character. We are Dark Jedi- if you had a really cool ship and were a journeyman for example, who is to say fictionally that someone like myself wouldn't drop by and take it from you. Anyhow, if the wiki staff flags you, just fix the problem. Posting nasty messages on someone's talk page will only get you sent to the court of justice. As well, there are lots of folks willing to help you fix things, so just ask. I'd be glad to myself.

Another fictional update: We are now officially in 28 aby. That means- our new fleet is in operation. Woot!


SWL Mononoke "Macron" Keibatsu Sadow

CNS Consul

Fourth Caste of the Inner Order

Governor-General, Orian System

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