Aedile Report


Aedile Report

AED Report #8

Things had cooled down since the events at the Library, and it was pleasing the Aedile. His paperwork had decreased in recent weeks as well, so life was good. Daily training regiments with the Quaestor were keeping them both sharp, and their skills honed, but the same could not be said for the rest of the house. Though a few did practice regularly, and even competed in the Antei Combat Centre (which had been relocated to the Dark Council’s roving fleet somewhere), the majority were slacking.

They had brainstormed for a few days, and a decision had been made. In the near future, the Quaestor would lead a training mission to some far planet and perform some drills, to bring everyone’s focus back to reality.

Activity is regular, and I can understand the mid-fall slump, but for those of you who actually read my Reports (Sklib, Sarin, Vardar, and Amiz) (ok, I was actually kidding…), I would like to see you try to hit up some the smaller competitions below. In other news, Vardar won last Week’s Challenge, with Amiz in a very close second. Congrads to you both.

The House Summit has recently stepped up it’s efforts to get you all the Promotion you want and deserve. The Jedi Hunters were recently tasked with a project that will contribute heavily to their promotions to Dark Jedi Knight. If you are at the rank of GRD or above, and believe you have a good idea that would take some work, research, and revision (meaning some dedication), then shoot an email to Sklib and I, and we’ll consider making it into a project for your Promotion Trials!

On that same note, Amiz and Sena were recently awarded Dark Crosses for their involvement in a project with Alanna. The project unfortunately turned up fruitless, but it was decided that their effort was commendable, and that they were deserving of recognition any how.

As the snow begins to fall (it hasn’t here yet… odd for the mountains…), remember that your obligations to this club still exist. If you have finals for a semester grade, new snow fall and an intense need to snow board/ski/sled/play, or just can’t find the time, make sure you tell us. We’re still here, and working hard for you guys to have fun, so it helps us to know how much to expect to happen.


If you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, move to America. It’s a free day off work, super cheep bulk food in stores, and a time to eat to your heart’s content without worrying about that nasty diet!


_Shadow Academy _

*Vodo Biask: *

Dark Maven – Philosophy

Lycen Kranos:

Pre-Republic History

History of the Sith Empire I

History of the Sith Empire II

ACC Initiates Course

_Medals: _


Cluster of Fire x 9

Dark Cross x 1

Crescent with Quartz x 2

Crescent with Topaz x 1

Vardar Fen’Amar:

Crescent with Quartz x 1

Crescent with Topaz x 1

Cluster of Fire x 2


Crescent with Topaz x 1 <-- HE LIVES!!

Crescent with Quartz


Crescent with Quartz x 1


Crescent with Topaz x 1

Bubbles Taldrya:

Crescent with Emerald x 1

Lokasena ‘Sena’ Corvinus:

Dark Cross x 1

Alanna Taldrya:

Crescent with Topaz x 1


Crescent with Topaz x 1

Tiberius Serpentum:

Crescent with Emerald x 1

Hel-Pa Sklib:

Seal of Loyalty x 1

_Promotions and Achievements: _

APP Lycen Kranos was promoted to the rank of Novice!! Congratulations, and keep it up!

If I missed anything at all, feel free to email me and inform me. I will amend my report on the DB Site, and make a note of it on the mailing list.


**Dark Jedi Brotherhood : **

**Clan Taldryan : **

House Ektrosis :

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