Aedile Report


Aedile Report

-> ### AED Report #11 <-

The Halls of Taruma were quite these days. The sunlight was shorter, yet no less sweltering than usual. The usual bustle of going to and forth had quieted as many members took off to various distant destinations and planets to take time to visit old friends, family, and take care of loose business. This left very little for the Aedile to do. He spent his time in the Training Arena, honing his skills and keeping that delicate combat instinct sharp.

At times, Vodo got the impression his Quaestor was just as bored as he. At times, they would duel for lack of better training material. The superficial burns of Training Saber scraps, and the bumps and bruises of overly aggressive attacks would all heal in time, but in the mean while, granted some form of activity to break the monotonous day to day grind.

Things had been changed around in the house, but that too was more from lack of anything better to do, than any real need…



I hope all of you had a great Festivus, or if you didn’t celebrate anything, I hope you at least enjoyed some time off from work and/or school. I personally received a lot of shirts, but that is just my Mom worried that I won’t have a big enough wardrobe for College next fall…

On the DB front, we’ve had some interesting events.

-The Grandmaster was shipped out to Iraq this week, and will be out of touch for a short period. Good luck to him, and hope he doesn’t come to any harm (although he has informed me that the Green Zone in Baghdad is safer than Atlanta, Georgia).

-Muz is holding the fort down, and is refraining from picking a new Head Master for the Shadow Academy until Sarin is back in contact.

-The Herald has issued a challenge to write a short fiction (5 pages) about something silly or serious. The reward? Top three get custom robes! I’d say its worth it, so lets see some participation!

-New Star Wars books are out, like the new Darth Bane: Rule of Two, or Legacy of the Force: Fury. If you’re into those sort of reads, get to it!

In House News, The Summit recently decided to change a few things up, to see how they would work out and to give these two members some fresh experience in a different area. Alanna’s Assistant Envoy, Vardar, was switched out for Tetrarch DarkAmiz. Vardar took over DarmAmiz’s job as the Battleteam Leader of Hex in return. So good luck to the both of you, and Hex, you will be receiving an email from him shortly!



Shadow Academy

Nothing to Report this Week!

-> #### Medals: <-

Hel-Pa Sklib:

6 x Cluster of Fire

1 x Crescent with Topaz


7 x Cluster of Fire

1 x Legion of the Scholar

Lokasena Corvinus:

1 x Crescent with Emerald

-> #### _Promotions and Achievements: _ <-

Dark Jedi Knight DarkAmiz’s ACC Rank was elevated to Sentinel! Congratulations Amiz!

If I missed anything at all, feel free to email me and inform me. I will amend my report on the DB Site, and make a note of it on the mailing list.


Dark Jedi Brotherhood :

Clan Taldryan :

House Ektrosis :

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