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Match Reporting Errors

Something that is becoming more prevalent for the Gaming Nights is that people are reporting their matches incorrectly. Fortunately, the last few weeks I’ve bothered to check over the matches closely to make sure everything is right, otherwise a lot of people would be missing out on their hard-earned medals. Now the mistake being made is some people report multiple matches at once. For example: Say you just played and won 3 EaW matches against someone. You go to the reporting page and put a big 3 for your score and a 0 for your opponent’s score. That constitutes a SINGLE match with a SCORE of 3-1. When you’re reporting for RTS or the BF series you need to report each match as a win or loss. A win is reported with a 1 and a loss with a 0.

This information is available on the Rites of Combat wiki page, which I’ll link for you.

RTS Reporting


BF Series Reporting

ICTE Update

Before I get to the actual results I wanted to inform everyone that this coming Saturday will be a DOUBLE CF ICTE. As I stated last week, my plan is to add some incentive to the competition one weekend a month. Hopefully this will draw in some more participants and failing that, give a nice bonus to the regulars who compete.

Just under 300 matches were played last ICTE, with a total of 15 participants. The DB once again fielded the most players with 10, while the GE supplied the rest. Last Saturday saw the rise of a new All-Star by the name of Antillies, who unfortunately belongs to the GE. Second place was taken by Mike Mar, also of the GE, while Third Place went to our own Angelo Dante. I had 45 matches reported, but like with the gaming nights some of these were done incorrectly. The total is somewhere over 50, so not a bad turnout.

February Gaming Competition

A new month a new competition. I decided due to the failureness of the January competition that I would instead focus on drawing out more gamers by offering a tiered rewarding system. If this system works out well it will most likely be used in future competitions. As it was just recently announced and still on the main news page, I will provide a link to the competition for now. Next report I’ll include the details again.

February Comp News Post

Recently Awarded CFs

Just wanted to quickly mention that because of the February competition, I only recc’d the gaming medals from the 28th to January 31st. The rest will be rewarded next Monday, but I wanted to separate this month’s activity from last.

ACC "Gaming"

For those of you interested or possibly interested in the ACC, Halc announced earlier this week that a new Hall has opened that will feature quick-style 2+2 matches that will award Clusters of Fire. For those of you without gaming platforms now is your chance to earn some CFs and possibly a Pendant of Blood, if you have the best win/loss record for the month.

Further details can be found in Halc’s news post.

New ACC Hall

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